Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Francisco... that's fun to say!!!
Anyway (that's from Elf, one of the best Christmas movies ever!) and I'm here so that you all have something else to comment on *hint hint*.
Well, nothin much is going on except that I'm jolly peachy and dandy... so yeah. You could say that peachy jolly and dandy... or dandy peachy and jolly... yeah, I'll stop now ;)!
So, I want to thank Amanda for the great time last night... she spontaneously called me to see if I wanted to go to AppleBee's for dinner (of course I said yes). Thank you Amanda for the encouragments and for the nice time we had!! I'm gonna miss you :-(, but hey, we've still got you for a few weeks so I'll be happy :-)!!

FRANSICO(this is Adam).

Okay, so that was random, but hey, I'm all about that (randomness). I want to give a shout out to my adopted brother who posted a post on his blog about me. Thanks Michael my adopted brother!! Well, no more things to say tonight!

See you later!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

This Sunday Mr. Snapp preached a message on Biblical Fellowship. It was really weird because I had been asking for people to pray that I would be having good Biblical friendships and that my friendship would be focused on the cross, which was almost what the sermon was about! Here are just a few notes that I wrote down from the sermon!
Biblical Fellowship is a journey... it is never completed its something we always have to work at!
If we grow in our fellowship with Christ we will grow in fellowship with one and another! (Devotions are a key to this point!)
Fellowship doesn't start with us it starts with our fellowship with Jesus!
Knowing God's word will help us discern what is true and genuine fellowship!
Biblical Fellowship is centered in our love for God.
What is fellowship?? It's when we share out lives together. Where we share the same mission. Its something our soul longs for.
We will find it challenging!! It's not an overnight project, its a lifelong mission!
He invites us into friendship with Him!! This is amazing!! We who were completely sinful, corrupt and dead in our pride can now, through the amazing love and through the righteous blood of Jesus we can come before Him in the deepest fellowship that fulfils the deepest longings of our souls!
God is always working in our lives... are we aware of it??
Biblical Fellowship is seeing others stregthen in their fellowship with God!
The questions I found myself asking after the sermon was 'Where is God in my friendships?' and 'Do I feel closer to Jesus after I have fellowship with another friend? And visa versa?' If anyone has any thoughts about this please comment and or e-mail me!! I hope you found this enlightening! Love all of you (in the Biblical way!)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Go run a lap and think about what you just said!

Okay, so here are some things that Christy and I said a lot this weekend!
Obviously 'Go run a lap and think about what you just said' is the main one, the story behind it is that when the Catalyst Jarred Jen and I plus boyka (adam) and Chris went to a west highschool football game, boyka kept saying he was gonna cheer for East, so I kept telling him to go run a lap and think about what he just said, and it kind of became a new saying in our church. So if you ever hear it in a movie or something like that, you'll know where it originally came from ;).
Another is when someone asked us if we wanted to do something or something like that we would go no...maybe...yeah... or visa versa. Which actually started with Chris and I, don't know how, we just started saying it.
Lets see... um... Chris was making fun of our double chin (extra peanut butter ;) and he said 'when I say chubby... I mean... chubby. It was so funny, so we started saying that which is kind of lame, but it was really funny at the time and still is whenever we say it.
Christy likes going up to Michael and holding out her hand in a high five saying... 'slap me some skin brother from another mother.' I think Beth would be really good at saying that ;).
I can't think of anything else... but yeah, I had to write down some happy memories from this weekend. Later!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The air I breath is so beautiful, but only when I think about it in light of if I wasn't breathing it, air becomes that much more beautiful!
Snow is so cooollddd, but I don't think to much about it unless I'm out in it with not enough warm clothes on!
Michael is so funny, but I never notice really unless he's making me laugh (which he does quite often ;-)!!
My family is so loving, but so often I take it for granted, not knowing what it would be like not to have them.
The sun is always there, I just forget at night because I can't see it. Sometimes believing is better than seeing.
My friends are there, just sometimes not by me, I just have to remember that they are where they're supposed to be and so am I.
There's always a reason for where I am, what I am, who I am, and who I'm placed with, sometimes I forget that and its easy to think that it was all a mistake.
But one thing to remember at all times is...
Thank you God for this reminder!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


YAY! Nicole and Derick had their first baby this morning Natalie Cole Jeror! ONE BIG THING TO BE THANKFUL FOR ON THANKSGIVING! Thank God for a new beautiful baby brought into this world! I get to be an adopted sister ;)!! YAY! Love ya Natalie and Nicole! Happy to be big brothers Chris Adam and Mike?? Hope so ;) lol.
Out and Over

Yo yo yo... this post is dedicated to Christy (heck yes it is ;-). Well, I was writing in my journal yesterday in the garage when all of the sudden I see Christy walk up to the Jeror's door... I flipped out! I had no idea she was coming! I ran back into my house, put my journal away then ran over to the apartment. I saw Travis (Christy's twin bro) and asked... 'Travis, where's Christy?' and he said she was inside... I ran inside (literally) and Christy was right there! We hugged, talked, laughed (giggled... whatever ;-). And so, now Christy is here, we went for a walk this morning... yeah, I had to wake her up ;-). I'm so thankful for God's love to me for putting me and Christy on a 6 hour car trip so we technically had no choice but to be friends!! I pray and hope that we grow in Godliness and love for our Savior!! Thanks Christy!! Love ya girl! 'I love the snowangel!'

So, as today is Thanksgiving! I can't believe really - last year I was on my way to Georgia on Thanksgiving. But God is SOO GOOD! You know how easy it is to ask God for things... and yet there are sooo many more things to thank God for!!! Look around, there's the snow (or if your in Florida the fog...) but all of it is amazing! The blue pieces of sky that you see out of your window. Every breath we take! For the friends you get to see and hang out with! So today lets thank God, but lets do it everyday of our lives, because every day is just one more thing to be thankful for!

Anyway... I've got to go watch my little brothers.

ALSO... Nicole is in the hospital right now! PLEASE keep praying for her and Natalie!!! Love ya Nicole!!! Thanks everybody!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey... I'm over at the Jeror's since this guy is fixing our computer (Jarred was teasing me about it cause he said someone was coming over to fix Dell, so that is why I was confused, thus my story of why I'm on this computer instead of mine.
But hey, about the good news -- I got to see my little bro this morning (DJ). Yeah, he's cool, and weird but I'm cool with that since he's cool. Anyway... I'm gonna go, so latta!


PS SNOWDAY!!! umm hopefully... ;-).

Monday, November 21, 2005

Douglas Jay Cornfield JR... yes that is my new brother's name!!! Just got a call from dad (actually the phone was given to Jarred) and dad tried to convince him that it was a girl named Daisy Jane (yeah right!!). After a few minutes of Jarred being quite confused he finally shouts "IT'S A BOY!!" So yeah! God is GOOD!!!! I hardly have any other information about my new bro so peace out!

Of course its not mine... its my mom's! I get to be a big sister (again for 6th time!). Dude its gonna be great, however if its a girl we don't know what we're gonna call it (thats right its not quite born yet, its just gonna be born today... yeah. ;-). Its all good! So, if you could keep my mom and the baby in your thoughts and prayers that would be appreciated!
ALSO... Nicole still has Natalie in her stomach so if you could keep praying for my Natalie aka my adopted sister (I was gonna be adopted aunt but Chris wasn't so keen on that). So yeah, its all good! See ya latta peoples!! REMEMBER GOD IS GOOD!!

Me and Adam at the Fall Festival and our Sprite! This picture is one of my favorites!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Me and Cassie and Amanda!!! I love you girls!!
So sorry I haven't updated this thing for a couple Yeah, its all cool ;). Today is Saturday!!! YAY!!! However the snow we had is now gone... and I can't believe that I'm saying this but alas! I actually do want to have snow (for a little while...). Yesterday I went shopping at this hat shop on Market street... dude its great! If I had money that's where I would go all the time! So yeah, I didn't get anything for me... Jarred found a Fedora that he loved, but since he's short on cash he didn't get it. lol. I found a lot of hats that I liked but I didn't get anything--alas! But its all good.
Anyway... Tai talked about me in her blog so I'll talk about her ;). Tai is way cool! She loves technology (you wouldn't know that by looking at her, lol, cause I didn't). Tai (it really sounds like Ty) has just started coming to our church and I accidentally screamed in her ear when she was at my house and when all the electricity went off (oops). Luv ya Tai!
I'm listening to Superchic(k) right now... Jesse woke me up this morning cause I was sleeping on the couch and he came at 7:30 am, on a Saturday! lol. I'll get over it. Thus explaining why I'm writing a post so early on a Saturday.
I'm hungry so I'm gonna go eat... mmmmm. Latta, sorry that I really didn't have anything cool to say. ;)
PS PINK HAIR ROCKS! (That's a shout out to Joy ;-).

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It is 2:44 am right now and I feel obliged to let you all know that Cassie stayed up with Jarred and I until now just talking about random things...(and yes those things might have been about you). Hahaha. Yeah, Cassie says hi Jarred is losing it and I'm gonna have big black circles under my eyes (ALAS). So, it's technically tomorrow and Jarred's gonna do some push ups (that's so bro). Alrighty, time for bed... nighty night.

School Night for a Homeschooler! It's all good ;)
ps My hair still is strawberry blonde kind of ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Okay, So Adam and I are going to write this together, I'll be green and he'll be blue.

Hey Fall Festival was great! Mad fun.
Yeah it was so awesome!!!
I lost my voice because I was screaming at people in their cars telling them to come to our free fall fest with free food!
I was busy racing on the baloon like obstacle course. Then I tried to look for Dell, trying to take her up on the climb the tree challenge. But I eventually failed.
But he's still my friend. Yeah, I played hacky sack which has now officially become one of my fav. things to do. lol.
Yeah she has her own little move in hacky sack, but she needs to improve it. But she still plays with determination to beat us all.
Yeah, I'm working on it. So if anyone feels like they need to (or just plain want to) give me something, I would like a hacky sack.
I'll give you one if I could afford one......or I can steal Jesse's and you can have that one.
Awww, I would give me one too if I could afford one. But yeah, it's all good ;-).
Okay...the fall fest was very, very enjoyable. I had lots of fun, except when I was on the Donut Relay thingamabob.
And what was so horrible about that? Oh wait, do I want to know the answer?
Well.....I got really bored because everyone like skipped over the section and went to other games. But I had Jesse's hacky sack to keep me company.
Yeah, so when Jarred was on the game with the guns (no joke) I saw him walking around with one of the guns so we had this mini splinter cell game. Oh yeah, it was fun!! ;-).
I think it was more of a Halo 2-ish/Splinter Cell match. By the sounds of how you described it to me earlier.
Maybe, maybe not but you'll never know.
I really don't care what you say. MUMBLER!! (sorry...inside joke and not to be revealed to the outsiders)
Jesse and his hammers are really scary when they meet each other. No kidding.
Your just stating the obvious
No I think that Jesse is the one who states the obvious. OHH NOOO we just blew the whole inside joke on the internet!!!
Bunnies are going to come after us now!!!
(\ /)
(> <)
/__\ Bunnies will rule the world.
NOT. But yeah, way off track. Fall fest. I'm really really really really sore from that obstacle course, and I've got rope burn from when Adam pulled me down (three times) from going up the latter/mountain/disaster thingamabob.
HA HA HA!!!! That was sooo hilarious. I really enjoyed pulling you down the rope. Yeah I'm also sore from that and sore from trying to climb that ginormous tree.
Really?? I didn't know that, it's cause you don't complain (um, like me). You man it out, unlike me (a girl, duh).
You forgot to mention Jarred. He doesn't man-it-out. He is a pansy.
Sweet nothings are beautiful. Okay so that was random.
Okay.....lets not go off track......again.
What were we talking about??? OH YEAH!! BUNNIES. Just Joking, we were talking about the fall fest, but I'm gonna go off track again. Today I dyed my hair pink, it's umm well I probably shouldn't say anything else.
Okay I don't really want to talk about the FF, which is really sad.
Yeah, it's cause its about all we talked about at church ect. NEW CONVERSATION!
hmm.....what shall we talk about now?
Okay we should probably call it a night. Tah tah everyone!!!
Yeah talk/post some other time. (we took like a 2 hour break and my back is hurting)



Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Damaris Wells

This is for Damaris my cool friend from Florida!! I miss ya girl!! Come and visit, lol. The mountains are starting to lose their color (the leaves are turning brown :-(, and it's probably going to snow sometime soon, ALAS! Actually I'm looking forward to it in a way, but I'm looking forward to the snowy weather to be over... I love Christmas and Thanksgiving and New Years ect. but I just don't like having to deal with the cold.

Here's a poem I wrote then I've got to go get my pizza out of the oven ;-).

The darkness brings peace
Away from this world of grief
I don't feel, no one is here
My breath is frosted by the cold
I reach out for something to hold
But there was only air I was told
I didn't care and neither did they
A sigh escaped my lips
Someone enters, my heart flips
A figure of fright
A figure of... light
I waited for Him to strike me down
I waited for Him to push me to the ground
For I knew it was death that I deserved
And the wrath that He had reserved
Yet another figure appeared by my side
"I am going to take your sin and pride
The wrath that should have been yours is now mine"
He took my punishment and He took my shame
In humility He came
To seek and save the utter lost
He came to save us!!

It isn't very good, but yeah, enjoy!!
See you later!
PS YSOS is tonight!!! Youth Seeing Our Savior!


Okay, I'm not making another post I'm just adding the song I wrote onto this one... lol. I like comments and I keep putting up new posts before anyone has time to comment ;-).

Call in the Dark

Verse 1
Her head in her hands from the stress of the day
She can’t take much more of this anyway
The pills are just an arms reach away
Life doesn’t seem worth living with so much pain
The bitterness of life pours down like acid rain
A tear streaks down her face
What she needs is God’s kindness and grace

There’s a call in the dark
There’s a wail in the wind
There’s a fall full of fear
Is there anyone to answer the cry?
Anyone to find out the why?
To catch the fallen or at least try?
God give me wings to fly
Before they give up hope and say goodbye

Verse 2
He stands on the bridge the wind in his hair
His whole life no one had ever cared
Why keep living if life was so depressing?
The beating of his heart kept on racing
In one jump life and its misery could end
This wound only God’s love could mend

There’s a call in the dark
There’s a wail in the wind
There’s a fall full of fear
Is there anyone to answer the cry?
Anyone to find the why?
To catch the fallen or at least try?
God give me wings to fly
Before they give up hope and say goodbye

Verse 3
Two steps away is just one shot
All his independent life he felt so hot
He’s had girls money drugs and pot
Never a care in the world not one
Until he found he was totally alone and unknown
Only God’s Son now can make him whole

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Today... wow... and yesterday... wow! Time flies by without anyone hardly noticing!. Yesterday we (Catlyst the boyz, bro Jenn and I) went to the East/West game... the game was great (that which I watched of Steven played which was cool. Chris wanted to go have everyone do a huge wave, but then everyone started leaving (Alas). After the game (Jesse Adam bro and I) went to the Maxim's literally in time to say 'amen'. Adam and I covered Jesse's car with leaves (that was fun) and the car looked really cool! Got home and fell alseep on the couch.

Today... wow! Got up... (duh). Had breakfast, fixed my hair, went to the Maxims, helped over there for a few hours (that was cool). But what is really cool is that I learned how to play hacky sack!! That is totally great!!
Well we got back home and we did a bunch of random things, had a football catch with bro, took a walk, played hacky sack when Jesse got here, talked, talked, laughed ect. Adam gelled my hair (which I deeply regret now...) I went to SAMS with Cassie Dem and Adam (with my hair a complete mess!!) Yeah, there was no fear of man in me when I went, by the time I left I am afraid to say that I deeply regretted doing it! Its all good ;-).

Plus... we have the hair day thing at my house! That's gonna be fun lol, maybe I'll actually do something different with my hair then always having it down, lol.

Well, no more random things to say.

Out and Over

Friday, November 04, 2005

Putting this in my blog is for all those people who like this song and agree with what its saying (cough... Alex... cough). Enjoy!!!

This song rocks!!
Thanks Barlow girl!! And Clothes that fit are fine!!


Clothes aren't what they used to be They don't seem to fit you and me, anymore Modesty is out the door Flaunting what we've got and more is in Yeah, it's in

They're sayin'
"Don't ask why, just wear what we say You'll look like a model if you'll only obey To get the attention, just do what we say"

Pay so much for clothes so small Was this shirt made for me or my doll? Is this all I get? I looked so hot but caught a cold I was doing just what I was told To fit in

We're sayin'
"Let's ask why, don't wear what they say Don't want to be a model; they can't eat anyway That kind of attention will fade with the day So, I'll stand up and say. . .

Clothes that fit are fine
Won't show what's mine
Don't change my mind
I'll be fine

TODAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! East verse West game is tonight... ooh boy!!

Here's me and Anna!! I love you Anna!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Today is a beautiful day! The sun is shining... and what is this news I hear...?? Half day for the public schoolers?! That's sweet!!! Hope to see some of you in a little bit (Hopefully we're gonna do some capture the flag)!! I have work today though, please pray!!

ps I know... random picture... it's a youth camp and I had to call dad cause I had to get all my stuff to my cabin, but my stuff was in the truck. I look really lost don't I?