Friday, November 04, 2005

Putting this in my blog is for all those people who like this song and agree with what its saying (cough... Alex... cough). Enjoy!!!

This song rocks!!
Thanks Barlow girl!! And Clothes that fit are fine!!


Clothes aren't what they used to be They don't seem to fit you and me, anymore Modesty is out the door Flaunting what we've got and more is in Yeah, it's in

They're sayin'
"Don't ask why, just wear what we say You'll look like a model if you'll only obey To get the attention, just do what we say"

Pay so much for clothes so small Was this shirt made for me or my doll? Is this all I get? I looked so hot but caught a cold I was doing just what I was told To fit in

We're sayin'
"Let's ask why, don't wear what they say Don't want to be a model; they can't eat anyway That kind of attention will fade with the day So, I'll stand up and say. . .

Clothes that fit are fine
Won't show what's mine
Don't change my mind
I'll be fine

TODAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! East verse West game is tonight... ooh boy!!

Here's me and Anna!! I love you Anna!


damaris said...

hahahahahaha i like that song. it cracks me up.
"dont wanna be a model they can't eat anyway..." hahahaha...

Delian said...

Heck yes!!! That song is funny! It's fun to sing to (even when you can't like me ;-).

The 'J' said...

I agree!!!!!!!!

it rocks


damaris said...

hahaha i did'nt say i could sing it.....haha

Delian said...

Oh, if you put your mind to it you can do anything ;-).