Saturday, December 31, 2005


haha, that is what the movie Jarred and Adam are putting together is called... a spoof on Star Wars... but it's actually really good! I'm quite amazed at how well their doing... it's actually not just something to pass the time... it's something! haha. They put together the trailer in less then 2 hours! I was impressed. ;). That's my bro for you!!

Well, since I haven't encouraged anyone for a little while I suppose I will get back on that!
Firstly I just want to thank the Rawleigh kids for their amazing example of what it means to be good brother and sisters! They continue to show that even though its difficult that it's worth perfecting! You can ask them who their best friends are and they say each other! That's is an amazing evidence of God's grace in their lives! I especially want to encourage Jess since she is the eldest of her siblings and I am the eldest of mine... she has been such an example of what it means to take the first step to smooth out a problem, even if it means confessing sin issues in her own life to her siblings! I know that it isn't easy, but she is always continuing to find ways to stregthen her relationships with her brother and sisters in a Godly way! Also thanks Jess for the way you have sought out Biblical Fellowship in my life, you're example of reaching out to others amazes me and I know that God will reward you immensly!! Thank you for encouraging me and others in our church (younger and older). Your example of what a Godly young woman is has helped me to understand what I personally am to look like as I grow older. Your passion for God is simply amazing, but what's even more amazing is that you don't take the credit, you give it to God which is what real humility is!! So, thank you Jess for all the ways you have blessed me and everyone around you!

I want to also encourage my brother Jarred! He has grown into a Godly young man whom I admire and respect! Jarred is continuing to seek others out, to grow in godliness, and his passion to serve God is amazing! His worship expresses the way he desires to draw near to God and whenever I am around him his fiery passion pours over and I can't help but be warmed by it! Jarred, you have been such an example to me of what it means to seek out God's will for my life... the way you continue in your devotions, your passionate worship, but also how you continue to find ways to serve others around you. And I know that often times I find more fault in you then evidences of grace and for that I ask for forgivness, and I hope and pray that I would be more willing to find evidences of grace in your life instead of where you fall short. I thank God that He has blessed me with such a Godly brother who has blessed me with his friendship and brotherly care! Thank you bro!

That's all for today!

Please leave comments... I'm terribly bored.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hey all! I am terrible bored! Please leave comments so that I can become that much more relieved from my boredom!! ;-).
So yes, this will be a very random post! Enjoy!
I am w/ a group of young daring youth (such as myself) that take part in a thrilling story about phantoms and of course, we are the phantom hunters! My neighbor and friend is putting it together! There are I believe 12 youth, Cassie and Hermana are our masters and we are their side kicks. There partners on the team are Adam and Alex, Jarred and Beth, Joey and Tai, me and Chris, Rachael and Steven, Daniel and Ben.
I shall put in the description used for me in this marvelous story!

Name:Delian Cornfield AKA Blonde Mystery
Rank: Spy
Intelligence: She's a blonde, but don't let that fool you.
What she is good for: Spying on enemies, Stealing information, Master of Disguise
Magic Spell: Undecided Name
Special Abilities: Invisibility, Force fields, Manipulation, Dead-aim with guns, Far-sighted and Extremely Flexible, Knowledgeable in many languages
Weaknesses: Afraid of letting her partner down, failing the mission, she's not afraid to die, but she's afraid of watching the ones she knows die and not being able to do anything about it. She is very afraid of gruesome images, but she doesn't tell anyone.
haha, yes, that is my description! If you want to know more about it you can go to It shall be a wonderous story! ;-).

So much is happening
so much is unseen
Why do I have this feeling
that I am not what I seem?

Through many trials of life
I've come to find
That every breath can be like a knife
If you've messed up along the line

I know there's more to life then this
More then just breathing
More then just a moment of bliss
I can't ignore this feeling

I search to find life's meaning
And as soon as I came to find
That all I did was nothing
I fell on my knees and cried

Then someone lifted me up
His tears mingles with mine
He took beside me the cup
Of wrath reserved for my life

The Savior died for us
He gives us a reason to live
He saves us from our lives of lust
So let us turn to Him!

Alright, I'll talk to you later! Comments appreciated!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Derick, Nicole, Chris, Boyka, Adopted brother, and Natalie are back!!!!! YAY! I missed them a whole lot more then I thought I would, lol. I'm happy they're back although I'm also glad they had a good time (also with a small pang of envy that they also got to hang with Christy, lol, I'll get over it). So life goes on, I'm having to take one step at a time, but its hard not to look forward then falling on my face cause I wasn't looking where I was going cause of my blondeness.

Aaahhh, randomness! These Canadians and Floridians are totally rubbing off on me, haha.

Life goes on step by step
The memories of life in my mind
All these things I have kept
So on that day that I have cried
I will see why I wept
And though I will have tried
I'm not sure if I can accept
The fact that I cannot find
Why I cried and wept
So next time, I'll just save my tears
So I don't have to worry about these fears
Of not seeing you
even through
these tears I've wept and kept
for you.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


We had a party over at the Rawleigh's last night!! W/out parental assistance, lol ;-). We played dance dance revolution!!! We had a problem when we were setting it up and this demo kept coming up & a very immodest girl was on it... so Beth and I are like 'JARRED ALEX, close your eyes!!! TURN AWAY.' We were doing everything in our power to stop the demo (of course we were using the mat as controlers... but it just wasn't working... casue it wasn't plugged in! hahaha, I could almost call Beth a blonde for that one, except she's not). Can't say I did really well doing ddr, but yeah, I did ok.... lol. 'Like the best that I know of.' (Beth actually did better then me).
Then Beth and I Indian Leg Wrestled! Now you have to understand... I hadn't ever played & Beth is quite skilled in this specefic area. So, yeah, she schooled me the first time, but not the second and third time... but overall she won. Alas and alack!! Alex and Jarred also did it, Jarred had the same outcome as I... alas and alack!!
Next we went upstairs and did prank calls... first I believe we called the Catalyst... then we called all of them back and talked forever! It's the first I've talked to him since they left... alas! Then we talked to each other for a while about presents and stuff, then upstairs we all went then listened to crap rap... haha. We shot each other with Alex's play gun... something that amused the kid immensly. Then we went back down stairs... looked at blogs... xanga sites... talked... I did more prank calls, one to the Holters, then Joey's father's house, I left a message there (Joey, Merry Christmas... click). Then Stevie Wonder's house... then Wilber's... Efthimiou's and I think that was it.

Well, then we chillaxed and stuff... looked at the beautiful Christmas tree... that DOESN'T have an angel on the top.
Then......................................................................... we went home. So yeah, it was mad fun!!!
THEN, we watched the Bill Cosby show (one of them at least). I fell asleep, then woke up right at the end wiht a loud 'Dang it, I fell asleep!' and nobody really cared cause personally I think they'd all been sleeping too ;).
Then I woke up this morning to the phone ring (stupid)... then I answered it and it was Steven... yeah, I told him he woke me up... he laughed! AAHH. Nah man, I'm just teasing. But we didn't go to bed until 1 or 1 thirty... and it was only 9:30!
I miss Christy and I wish I could see her before Christmas (hahaha, not likely). So yeah, L8erz ;).


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A story I wrote for Tai, but I didn't finish it in time, so I posted it here... hope you enjoy.

Oh and did you know…

It was Christmas Eve at 2 o’clock. The clouds that day were extremely gray - or at least it seemed to be that way for a certain young man who was walking down the street, head down into the wind, and hands shoved into his pockets.
Before this story continues I must describe to you this certain character and his back ground. So, picture if you will a young man who in fact was 16, but actually looked to be 20. He had dark brown hair that was somewhat long and scraggly but over all it still made him look rather handsome. He was probably 5ft 11in, over all very well built.
On the whole, he was a handsome young man. But what you noticed first were his eyes, they were almost haunting, they were a light color, so light they almost seemed clear; they had a certain mystery behind their clear gaze. And yet his name was the real mystery and to tell you the truth there was hardly anyone who knew him by it. Brandon Calvin Mitchell.
Brandon Calvin Mitchell grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, went to school, and grew up in a family that encouraged him to live a good life. In his family there was his father and mother two older brothers, Kyle and Trevor and a younger sister Jayce.
However, when he was 12 year old on an Atlanta Christmas eve he and his family were on their way back from a Christmas party when suddenly the car hit a patch of black ice and swerved out of control. That Christmas Eve Brandon’s father and older brother Trevor died.
From then on, for Brandon, everything was downhill. Jayce had Kyle, they were both close and Kyle had always been her protector. His mother had God there for her, but to Brandon that was a blind trust to be friends with God.
Soon Brandon was hanging with the wrong crowd and soon had the wrong friends. At age fourteen he ditched his home to be a full time gangster with his new gang right smack in the middle of Atlanta.
Like all gangs, sooner or later something happens and it falls apart. For Brandon or ‘Blaze’ as he was referred to, his gang ‘The flamin’ 5’s fell because his best friend and gang leader got caught sentenced and killed on the charges of murder. Flames or has his real name Cameron was like a father/brother/mentor figure to him. Brandon came to the solution that life wasn’t about anyone or anybody, just ‘yoself! That way only yoself will get hurt, nobody else and it’ll be yo own dang fault!’
There was only a few snowflakes falling and only a small coat of snow laid on the ground. Mostly it was ice, and that is what an Atlanta winter was. The wind is what would kill you, it cut right into and somehow instead of getting duller it got sharper. Brandon ignored it, he ignored everything, just tired to numb his mind so that the hurt that was inside would go away.
There was so much he shouldn’t have done, so much he should have done, but it all seemed stupid now. Everything he had ever done in his life seemed completely and utterly worthless.
Brandon kicked at a can on the sidewalk wishing to get the anger boiling up inside of him out somehow. Instead he ended up with a bruised toe…the can and the soda still in it was frozen solid.
Brandon cursed under his breath as his toe which had been numb before now ached. As he tried to collect his cool a couple of girls walked by, he recognized him from somewhere, probably just a party or something, they giggled as the whispered to each other. But it only made Brandon scowl more. Everyone was just stupid!
He kept walking what he though was nowhere, just putting one foot out in front of the other, but someone as guiding him, even if he didn’t know it. He soon found himself at a small coffee shop. It had to be new, he had never seen it before which was strange since this was part of ‘his’ section of Atlanta. Brandon had never been a coffee drinker, but he felt, well as if he was being urged inside. It was as if he had no choice, but in four seconds he found himself walking through the door into a small cafĂ©. It was bright cozy and the smell of coffee and baked cookies cakes pies ect. it filled him to his toes. A few people looked up when he walked in, but for the most part the laughter and conversation continued.
“Can I get you anything sir?” A young lady’s voice rand in his ears. He turned to see the question had been directed towards him. Her uncanny smile unnerved him but he collected his wits and nodded as he fished for his wallet. His eyes darted toward menu on the wall as he walked up to the counter.
“Um yeah, can I just have some hot coca and a cinnamon bun?” The younger girl smiled and nodded as she turned around to get his order, but not before he read her name tag. Amber - pretty name. She was small really almost petite, but she looked like if you offended her she would or at least could, smack you right in the nose. When she turned back around with his hot cocoa she set it on the counter and pulled out some whipped cream and swirled a little onto the hot beverage.
As she got the cinnamon bun onto a plate she asked “would you like this heated up?” Brandon nodded.
“Yeah sure.” She quickly placed it in a microwave and set the timer. As soon as it was done she handed it to him with another smile.
“Is that all for today?” Brandon nodded and paid for the roll and beverage. After he tuned around he eyed a small unoccupied table rather close to the door. He sat down, got comfortable and slowly began to sip his cocoa.
He had finished his cinnamon roll and was almost done with his coca when a young couple walked in the door, a cold gust of wind followed them. When they walked to the counter and Amber saw them instead of asking what they needed she exclaimed.
“Jayce, Kyle! I thought you guys were out of town, what are you doing here?” The two names pierced Brandon right through his heart, but it really didn’t seem possible so he just watched.
The young girl, Jayce shook her head. “No, mom had another bought of that really bad cold so we decided to post pone the trip.” She was smiling but her eyes showed her disappointment.
“Oh, well I’ll keep praying for her, I do really hope she gets better, but really I am glad you guys will be at the Christmas production tonight. They chatted for a bit all the while Brandon grew more and more certain of who they were. Suddenly Amber asked.
“So, no word from Brandon huh?” Kyle shook his head forlornly while Jayce sighed. “Hey, cheer up guys, it’s Christmas Eve and you both don’t need to be depressed.” Kyle gave a lopsided smile.
“Sorry Amber, how bout we get two vanilla lattes then we’ll wait around for half an hour so we can give you a ride after you’re done?” Amber’s laugh filled the room.
“Deal.” She said shaking Kyle’s hand. “Take a seat and I’ll bring it to you.” Kyle turned around looking for a table. Seeing one unoccupied his eyes turned to Brandon’s table, it had enough room for three.
Brandon’s heart leapt with fright as he saw his big brother coming towards him. He kept his eyes down as he focused on the table clothe.
“Hey buddy, would you mind sharing your table?” He asked. Kyle had always been bold. Brandon nodded but he still kept his head down. “Thanks man.” Kyle said as he and Jayce sat down. “My name’s Kyle.” He put out his hand. Brandon looked up for the first time and smiled slightly to himself as Kyle showed no sins of recognition
“People call me Blaze.” He said shaking Kyle’s hand firmly noticing that he was perhaps slightly taken aback.
“Well, this is my sister Jayce.” Jayce smiled and held out her hand. This time seeing no sings of recognition hurt, but the just smiled and quickly shook her hand.
“So, what part of town do you two come from?” Brandon asked after a few seconds of silence.
“We live on Jackson street about 4 blocks from here.” Brandon looked surprised and blurted out without thinking.
“When did you guys move?” He quickly added “I haven’t seen you ‘round here.”
“A few months ago, it was tough but we felt that’s what God wanted.” Jayce explained taking a sip of her latte which Amber had just served.
“Heard your mom was sick…how is she?” Bandon’s voice cracked a little when he mentioned mom. Jus then he realized how much he missed her. Kyle shrugged off the surprise and answered.
“She’s doing okay but she’s…” Kyle stopped but continued after collecting himself. “She’s still grieving about someone who she never got to say good bye to.” Brandon nodded, understanding more then the y thought.
They all sipped at their beverages soaking in the comfort and warmth it brought. Brandon was just about to say something about having to go when Jayce started another conversation.
“So, um…Blaze, are you doing anything tonight?” Brandon slowly shook his head as a sick feeling filled his stomach as he thought of all the other people who had asked the same question before. “Well can I give you an invitation to a small Christmas eve service at our church we’re having this evening?” Jayce gracefully handed him a small card like note. Carefully Brandon tool it and quickly breezed through it, taking interest in it which was a little surprising since he had never like anything to do with church.
“Yeah, I might be busy tonight.” Brandon said knowing full well that there was nothing going on. “But if I’m free I might stop in.” Jayce smiled.
“We’ve got free food and drinks… non alcoholic.” She added with a laugh. This girl knew how to persuade someone. Brandon just nodded his head and stood up.
“Well thanks for yo company, it was… nice.”
“See yo around…Blaze.” Kyle said holding out his hand. This time Brandon looked right into his eyes and firmly shook his hand. There was a faint glimmer in Kyle’s eyes but before anything else happened Brandon walked out the door, back into the cold.
Two hours later Brandon was still shook up about the meeting with his siblings. It almost shook him more then when Flames had died. He hadn’t seen them for four years…Jayce had grown so much, probably 15 now. Kyle was 20, probably in college.
The wind picked up but Brandon didn’t feel it, he was numb, inside and out. He just kept walking eyes on the ground. There wasn’t a lot of people outside so he didn’t worry to much about running into anyone. He wandered aimlessly down one street up the next. Another hour slowly slipped by unnoticed by him. The sound of traffic and people were zoned out of Brandon’s mind as he though. Didn’t really think of anything specifically but mostly just about this life.
Before long he shoved his hands in his pickets to keep them warm. He felt around a piece of paper and pulled it out trying to remember what it was. He instantly recognized it as the invitation from Jayce. The front had a picture of a manger with an extremely digitized cross. He flipped it over to read the back. It simply invited you and gave directions. It was about 20 minutes away from where he stood; depending on the traffic detours and the driver. For some unknown reason a feeling inside him washed over him. He had to go.
In less then ten minutes he found a taxi and quickly gave him the directions and the correct amount of cash. In was warm in and toasty in the small cab and he found himself nodding to sleep. When he awoke he found that the taxi driver had stopped and parked the car. Brandon mumbled his thanks and quickly flung himself out into the cold. It was just 6:30 pm and in another five minutes the production was supposed to start. Five minutes was probably how long it would take for him to get to the church. Brandon looked at the invitation once more to make sure was headed in the right way then set off.
It actually took him ten minutes instead of five, but when he stepped a few steps onto a small lift and looked inside there were still people talking and laughing, he could hear them even from outside. A couple walked in the building as a young man from inside held open the door and gave them a bulletin. The door shut behind them leaving the cold air outside where it belonged.
After a few more seconds of contemplating whether or not he should really go inside he finally stepped up to one of the doors to walk in. This time a girl was there to greet him.
“Good evening and welcome to our Christmas eve production my name is Lauren.” Her smile was true and authentic as she handed him a bulletin. Brandon nodded.
“My name’s… uh, Brandon.” She didn’t seem to notice his stuttering but instead told him where he could find some food if he wanted or the auditorium was right in the door across from them. Brandon being a guy (plus a teenager) he immediately went to the refreshments. There were mostly cookies, but also candy and some chips and salsas. He piled his plate high and went to stand in a place where there weren’t so many people.
Everybody who saw him smiled and some came up and introduced themselves but there seemed to be so many people that it was hard to keep track. Suddenly there was a loud voice coming from the auditorium.
“If everyone could come and take there seats we’ll be starting in a minute.” There was a murmur of enthusiasm as everyone began making there way to the auditorium. Brandon threw away his plate and walked with the flow. The auditorium sloped down just a little bit and there was a stage at the end that lifted up.
Brandon began looking for an open seat that was somewhat by itself, but to no avail. He saw a group of teens, probably his age sitting in the third row back. There were a couple of seats empty next to them so Brandon down to where they were laughing and chatting. When Brandon approached a young man who was sitting on the end looked up.
“Hey, do you need a seat?” Brandon nodded surprised at the young man’s friendliness. “My name’s Zac what’s yours?” He said standing up and shaking Brandon’s hand.
“Coolness, take a seat man.” He said ushering him to sit next to him and another person. “Alright guys, this is Brandon, Brandon this right here is Rebecca, or ‘becca’ as we tend to call her.” He said pointing to the girl I was sitting next to. I smiled and nodded, she did the same with a little ‘hi’.
“This is Jeff, then Cameron then on the end is Sara who we call ‘tears’ which is kind of stupid because when she was little she would cry easy, so someone kept calling her ‘tears’ and it kind of stuck around.
“Hey Tears.” Brandon said looking over at her seeing how much she had changed since he had nick named her ‘tears’.
“Hey Brandon.” No sign of recognition … the pain inside shot through him. They had been best friends when they had been neighbors and other then the few arguments about religion had gotten along great! This is what happens when a kid runs away from home and comes back four years later. The five of them talked randomly about random things. Brandon found himself looking around at all the different people that surrounded him. He had never been a fan of crowds…mostly because he didn’t know all of them well enough to trust any of them. But in this crowd he was actually looking for someone. Mom. He didn’t find her or Kyle and Jayce.
Brandon turned to Becca who wasn’t in the conversation right at the moment. “Hey Becca.” Immediately he got her attention. Girls you’ve just met seem to like it when you call them by their name. “Do you know a girl named Jayce?” She laughed.
“Everyone knows Jayce. Why do you ask?”
“Well, it was her that invited me to come tonight. I was hoping that I would see her and her brother…” He was going to say something about mom but he didn’t.
“Oh well Jayce is behind stage because she’s singing tonight and Kyle’s running the sound board up there.” She pointed behind them, but he didn’t catch any signs of Kyle.
“Oh ok, I was hoping they didn’t have to stay home because their mom was sicker or something.” Becca smiled again.
“Well their mom is here too.” Brandon glanced side ways at her then turned to look at her.
“I thought…I thought she was sick.” Brandon stated trying to look calm. “I assumed she wasn’t coming.
“On no, she’s here,” Becca pointed up and behind them a little bit to the left. “Do you see the lady with the brown somewhat curly hair; she’s got a blanket around her.” Brandon saw her, she was so frail it almost made him want to go up there and take her in his arms and just let her know that he would take care of her. But he stayed right where he was sitting and pushed down all the raging emotions inside of him.
“We’re about to start you two, be quite!” Zac said teasingly to Becca and Brandon.
“Sorry.” Becca replied smiling a little bit. A man who was probably in his late thirties or early forties took the stage, Brandon assumed it was the pastor.
“Hey everyone glad to see all of you here tonight! Well, I’m not going to do a whole lot of talking since you’ve already used up 10 minutes of my announcing time talking to each other.” A ripple of laughter stirred in the crowd. “So, for all you visitors my name is Jason Benedict and I am the pastor of this church and I would just like you to know how excited we are to see you and if this is your first time visiting our church would you please just raise your hand, not to embarrass you but to welcome you. Also we would like to give you a small packet and inside there is a small card and if you could fill that out and give it to the ushers at the end of the service or you can give it to a friend they’ll take care of it. Can all the first time visitors raise their hand.
Brandon reluctantly put up one hand to signify that he was a first time visitor. There was about a dozen others bu5t all were decently spread out.
“Let’s give our guests around of applause.” Mr. Benedict said just as one of the ushers handed Brandon a packet. Brandon ignored the clapping and quickly drew the car of information and looked over it. As his name he simply put ‘Brandon’ and for address he put a line through. When he was finished he handed it to Zac who smiled and nodded knowingly. Brandon directed his gaze back to the stage. Over the next hour there were several songs done by kids between the ages of 11-17. Either they were instrumental duo’s or by someone playing an instrument and the other singing.
Then there was a small play done by the kids who were 5-11. It was a play on the birth of Christ. Brandon looked in his bulletin to see what kids were playing what parts. He didn’t know any of them except one. The kid who was playing as Joseph - Nick Dawson, he had been a little kid last time he had seen him. Brandon chuckled under his breath; he’d always been a good actor. The play ended with a song ‘Adoration.’ As the kids exited Mr. Benedict came back onto the stage.
“Thank God for His love to send his only son. We cannot comprehend it.” There was a nod of agreement among most people. Brandon was stone. “Now to end the service Jayce is going to sing a song that was written for this particular service. Please let’s welcome Jayce.” There was a huge applause as Jayce took the stage. Her brown hair was down in ringlets; her blue/green eyes glowed. Her looks came from her mom. Jayce smiled and nodded, music immediately flooded the auditorium. Jayce lifted he mic. To her mouth as she began to sing in a clear sweet soft voice.

“Oh and did you know
That so many years ago
There was a star in the sky
To show the way to the baby
Who for our sins would one day die?

Oh so long ago
The story is now old
But again it will be told
Of how the king to whom I sing
Died for you and me

Oh and did you know
That so long ago
He came to die for us
To take away our sin
So in Him I will trust

Oh so long ago
The story is now old
But again it will be told
Of how the King to whom I sing
Died for you… and me.”

She ended the song looking right at Bandon, she smiled slightly and Brandon thought it looked like she nodded. Brandon had not cried since the Christmas Eve his father and Trevor died. He gritted his teeth and grasped the arm rest with all his strength.
The music silently played in the background as Jayce once again brought the mic. to her mouth. “Four years ago to this day, I lost my father and one of my older brothers. We were in a car accident. I never forgot the look on my older brother Brandon’s face. Two year later Brandon left – ran away from home, no one has heard from him since. I’m telling you this story because I know what it’s like to be hurt. But what I also know is that God is always there because he was born lived died and came back to life. This song was written by my other brother Kyle and I, we know what it’s like to be hurt, but we also know that God loves us and in ways we cannot imagine.” She stopped as she scanned the crowd, her eyes rested on Brandon. “He loves you.” She said softly tears brimming in her eyes. She exited the stage gracefully as applause followed her.
The music continues as Mr. Benedict took the stage, again he took the mic. “Thank you all for coming. If you have any questions please either come to me or another here, they would be more then happy to answer your questions.
Well we have refreshments in the lobby please stick around and fellowship. Merry Christmas.”
Brandon leaned back in his seat utterly shaken by what had happened. When he looked up he saw Jayce coming down off the stage, Kyle was approaching her. Brandon jumped up and made his way to the two of them.
When hew was two steps from them Jayce looked up her smile was wide as she saw him. Without thinking Brandon enclosed her in a hug. He bit his lip to stop it from quavering. When he pulled away he had his hand on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes.
“Jayce, I’m so sorry for not… for running away.” Jayce suddenly looked at him differently.
“Brandon?” She asked incredulously. Brandon nodded, tears streaming down his face.
“Yeah…” He looked at Kyle but what he noticed was a woman next to him. Mom. Tears were streaming down her face. Her hand reached out and brushed way his tear, ignoring her own.
“Brandon…” Brandon embraced her in a huge hug, one he hadn’t had for over four years. He held her fragile body close to his own regretting everything that had kept him away from her.
“I love you mom.”

Monday, December 19, 2005

New people to encourage!

Here ya go... a few encouragments that will hopefully ease the passing on of the Catalyst.

The first new person will be Whitney!
Whitney has been such an encourager and an example of what it means to be a true friend! She is continually pouring God's grace onto other's lives through the way she is always finding ways to pray and praying for others! She and her family came to Corning literally after a couple of visits... another amazing story of trust in God! Her faith in God has been firmly planted in His word and works in her life that have impacted me deeply! She has a way of figuring out whats wrong even if you don't tell her (haha). So thank you Whit for the way you have continually served me in our friendship and with everyone in our church!!!

Next is Stevie Wonder... aka Steven. Yes, I've known him through the rough and the smooth and I know it hasn't been easy for him! Yet his love for God has grown into a flame that will not be put out! When we first met Steven he wasn't a Christian but thought of himself as a 'good kid'. Yeah, whatever that means... jst jk. Through becoming his friend and helping him through a lot Steven has grown into a Blibicaly Masculine young man (only by God's grace!). Steven went to the first youth camp that we attended with our fellow Covie landers & since then has grown much in godliness! Just this last year he became a Christian at youth camp!!!!!! His passion for God especially since then has become evident in his life in the ways he worships with enthusasim... seeks the lost (GO team) and is always ready to serve! So thank you Steven for showing us that even through the rough times God is there!!!

Okay, so I thought i was going to do some more today... but I'm going to watch the Patriot... so tah tah everyone, hope you've enjoyed!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Good bye Catalyst... the friendships we have made will last forever! Thank you for everything. I'll never forget what you guys have done for me! I can't say anything more right now.

'For every friendship and season
there is a purpose and a reason
For every hour spent together
Up until forever
I'll thank God for all of you
I thank God for all of you!'
Thank you Catalyst! I'll never forget yall!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Okay boyka, here's your picture... haha. So yeah, I guess I'll encourage you now!
Boyka (Adam, Nepo, Nino, Alveino, Neo ect) has been such a great example of what it truly means to trust God! Okay, so if you don't know his story I'll give you a brief idea. Grew up in Arizona, non Christian family, first to become a Christian in his family, moved in with Nicole and Derick then moved to New York not knowing what on earth he was going to do here! If that's not trust slap me in the face! (I don't mean that literally!). Boyka has been such an encouragment to me whenever I'm 'down' he always seems to be able to cheer me up even though when he first moved here I didn't think he would laugh very often or anything like Boyka has grown so much in the Lord since I've known him (that doesn't mean when we met... although out of all the boyz I got to know him the most first). He's come to every Friday morning prayer meeting that he can which is one of the small ways that shows he is wanting and seeking to grow in Godliness. He is willing to go on out reaches (GO team mainly) and his passion to show the lost the Gospel is just amazing at his age! He seeks to encourage others including those older then him! It's so cool to be yo friend and neighbor!!! Thanks Boyka!!

Also, I would like to encourage Tai!! (Yeah girl!) She's been such a great example of humility and what it truly means to serve God without own self glorification! I almost wanted to wait to encourage Tai until I got to know her more, but I by the time I got to know her more I would have too many things to write about!!!! When we first met and at our first 'meeting' at Anielos she was ready to communicate, talk and listen! During youth book study (especially just this past one) she was open to talk and to discuss what she thought and to encourage and listen to what everyone else had to say! Her example of care and thoughtfulness has provoked me greatly! I wish that I had her patience and her humbleness... especially to listening with the true intent of listening (if anyone really knows me I often struggle with that). So thank you so much Tai, and I know that once I get to know you more that I'll have even more to write! Thank you so much for the example you are to me and to other YSOSers and church fellows!!

That's all for t'night yall! Comments are lovely so if you get a chance to throw one in that would be fantastic!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Some new encouragments!!!
FIRST OFF since the Catalyst are going to be leaving... I'll do them first and depending on how much time and how much I'm still emotionally holding on
that might be all I can do this time.

Amanda! THANK YOU so much for the ways you have set an example of what it means to encourage everyone... even in the simpliest ways! You are always there with a smile (with no coffee or with haha). You are always looking for ways to serve others and to help out in anyway you can! You are ready to lead yet you are also ready to humbly follow even in situations it's not easy to submit to. You're example of a Godly young woman to me has helped me so much in my walk of becoming a Godly young woman!! So thank you Hermana!! I'll miss you so much.

Jesse! Hey boy, thanks so much for the ways you have served 'behind stage' or when no one was looking or paying attention. That is an evidence of grace in your life that God has blessed you with! Instead of serving with a spotlight you have willingly served when the spotlight was never turned on you. God will reward you in Heaven with treasures that you deserve for those gifts you have put to use for Him! Thank you for the examples you have especially been to the young men in our church... you have been an example of a young man that seeks to serve God and to serve others and the seeds you have planted in their hearts will probably grow because of your example! Thank you!!

Cassie! I'm getting really choked up now... I'm gonna miss you a whole lot, a lot more then you'll probaby know. Thank you for the ways you have encouraged me. There's so many things I could say, for your smile and the way your always so happy, yet you are also ready to talk and you seek me out in what I need prayer for and whats going on in my life. But I just want to thank you for being such a great friend! It's kind of weird once you think about our age difference (even though I'm about ready to cry that makes me smile) you still have reached out to me in a way that has deeply touched me. Just a minute, I've got to go get a tissue...ok. The ways you... just the ways you have sought me out, to figure out what's going on in my life, and your always ready to listen and to talk, to take and give encouragment. Dang it, I'm crying... hold on. Ok, deep breath, sorry. I'm gonna miss not staying up till 3 o'clock in the morning talking, or listening to you talk about random things, or just seeing you. Thank you Cassie, I love you girl!

That's all for now... I've got to go get a hold of myself before someone see's me.
tah tah.
Snapp, I don't have a picture of me and Cassie together... oh well. tah tah!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yes yes yes... I'm finally updating my blog haha. Sorry yall, but I have been busy, way busy! I started work this Monday at Old World Cafe, I'm mostly dishwashing, but yesterday I was up front a little bit taking peoples orders and taking food out and all that jazz ;-). But yeah, I'm getting all my school work done ect. We still have caregroups, bookstudies, YSOS, parties, Christmas shopping hair appointments, Christmas production at church and with all these some how I managed to sqeeze a cold in there as well, so yeah, prayer that I would stay healthy would be fantastic!

Right now I just want to take some time encouraging some people that I have seen evidences of grace in their lives!

Firstly I want to say that Rachael has, even though she's been busy and all that jazz, she's still has been faithfully being a good sibling (especially to Anna, from what I can tell). And I know (since I've moved up here five long years ago...haha) that that was something she struggled with, and the past few months I've seen such an outstanding growth in that area of her life! Also I want to thank you for the way you have encouraged me and brought me through alot of tough times in my life (by God's grace). And I just want to thank you for the wonderful example you've set for me of what it looks like to live a Cross Centered life built on grace! Thanks Rachael!!!

Someone else I would like to encourage is Beth and Jennifer! You two have grown sooo much these past few months! It's great to see how God has grown you two into such a God glorifying friendship, even at such a young age! The way that you both serve in outstanding ways, I mean from kids ministry at church to praying for others and encouraging others is simply amazing! And it's all by God's grace in your lives that you have been able to show His love to all those around you, so thank you!!

I want to thank Alex for the wonderful way he's served... well everywhere! How's he's so affectively has served the younger men in our church (including my brother!!) and for the way he's always there to do what needs to be done, from the book table to the book study! Alex is such a wonderful leader, yet his humility is what has made him such an affective leader! (and we all know that humility is only by God's grace!). Thank you for the ways you have encouraged us through your example of always wanting to serve God and to bring glory to him in your life (even in math class...haha). So, thank you Alex for the humble example and leader you are to everyone you know!
And last but not least (for today, I'm planning on doing this alot, I just don't have enough time to do everybody today ;-). I would like to encourage Chris in the way he's been able to go through some tough times and yet has looked to Christ to help him. And I know we all get depressed sometimes (no kidding huh) yet Chris has been such an example of what it is to search out God and others for help. Also, I want to encourage him on the way he is reaching out to others, I mean I'll be sad about something and often times he's the first to notice and to ask if there's anything wrong and try to make me 'peachy jolly and dandy', and I know he does that to all of his friends! So thank you Chris for the example you are of a friend! Also, in the way you've grown since you moved here is just amazing (all by God's grace!!!) and I remember when at YSOS you prayed outloud for the Catalyst and I was so excited and Alex and I talked about it later just amazed over that paticular evidence of grace in your life! And you've grown so much more in Godliness and your love for the Gospel and how it has affected you in your life! Thank you Chris!


I've got to go to work.... so yeah, please for everyone I didn't encourage in this paticular post please don't feel bad, I'm planning on doing a lot more!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Okay... well here are some of my notes from this week.
Well the sermon was on ultimately walking in the light, but doing that with our fellowship friendships relationships ect.
Our fellowship is centered on our relationship with God.
Biblical fellowship requires that we walk in the light. God is light, therefore we must walk in God.
1. Walking in the light is about our direction, not our perfection. It does not mean not sinning, it means God cleanses us from sin.
The Gospel doesn't change our actions, it changes our very nature. We are given hearts that love the light. Only by the power of the Gospel, and it begins with the cross!
The Savior takes our sins and He cleanses us from our sin, if we confess our sins. Walking in the light mus include confessing our sin, being cleansed and forgiven, then turn from that sin by God's grace.
We need to identify specefic sin, then turn from that specefic sin. We have to forgive specefically.
There may be seasons where we make little progress. If we turn from God, and yet we are still believers we will evenutually come back to God f you are truly a believer.
Its not always easy, but you will grow in grace.
Its not a comfortable thing to bring your sin to light... but it's not supposed to be. But if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.
We are His children and on that basis we have fellowship. When we see a friend who is a believer we should look and say 'there is a brother/sister that God has redeemed.'
2. Change in our conduct. Only possible with God and a new heart. What does that look like?
1. Practice appropriate self disclosure - let the appropriate people know about sin in your life.
2. Encourage one another - That's a commandment not a choice
3. Refusing gossip, speaking the truth - rumors and gossip have killed so many relationships with people and churches.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ding Dong... jingle jingle.. tra la la... yeah, that's pretty much how PJ's and Emily's concert went! We sat in the front row, but I really wish I had brought a pillow lol. What was great was the biblical fellowship afterwards at Day and Night coffee shop. Wait, let me rephrase that... it was a great time watching Jessica and PJ have Biblical Fellowship while I got to had my two cents now and again haha.

But yeah... the sermon was great, but I don't have my notes with me right now, so I'll have to do it later (please remind me Mrs. Wilber!). Oh yeah, and God is good! *dell does continous hand motions*. Sorry I'm full of inside jokes haha.

Anyway... GO team, Tatyana! That was the name of a Russian lady that Beth and I witnessed to, Tatyana, that's fun to say! haha. And so is Fransisco... haha. Yeah.

Got an e-mail from Christy, she think's she'll be coming to visit in a little while!!! YAY! haha. Anyway... want to give a shout out to Rachael!! I luv ya girl!! And to Damaris, my Floridian friend that likes 'pointy mountains' covered with snow ;-). haha.

Yeah, and BETH! GREAT job on GO team, and thanks for the note, made my day! Have a great week!

Oh yes, prayer for me... I'm starting my new job tomorrow, just pray that God would have me not be a waster of time, lol. That I would get everything (cough, school, cough) done, even though I've got this new job. But hey, God is good!!!

Ok, and somethone else I've got to give a shout out to is Bro, at Whitney's b-day party he actually carried me after the freeze tag game to the field to play football in the snow (and to top it off we were on the opposite teams). So thank you bro!!!! You get extra Biblical Masculinity points!!


Well, I'd better go, God IS good and the sun shines in Winter, you just don't feel it as much.

Out and over.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Alrighty... so I just have one thing to say...

2 1/2 hours until Public Schoolers get home from school!!!!!!! YAY!!! haha.

Yeah... its snowing, and its cold, the Stickler crew's over right now (CONNOR, IAN, RACHEL, AND PAIGE ALL SAY 'HI ADAM' haha).
I'm def. gonna try to put sticky notes all over the apart. door haha.
Well, I dont' have anything else to say. Sorry. I'm just not doing anything right now, and I'm tired and my eyes are kind of tired cause I've been reading 'Dominion' by Randy Alcorn (A GREAT BOOK! And yes Alex, I am reading that ;).
Later This was my crew of signers during the Fall Festival!