Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Francisco... that's fun to say!!!
Anyway (that's from Elf, one of the best Christmas movies ever!) and I'm here so that you all have something else to comment on *hint hint*.
Well, nothin much is going on except that I'm jolly peachy and dandy... so yeah. You could say that peachy jolly and dandy... or dandy peachy and jolly... yeah, I'll stop now ;)!
So, I want to thank Amanda for the great time last night... she spontaneously called me to see if I wanted to go to AppleBee's for dinner (of course I said yes). Thank you Amanda for the encouragments and for the nice time we had!! I'm gonna miss you :-(, but hey, we've still got you for a few weeks so I'll be happy :-)!!

FRANSICO(this is Adam).

Okay, so that was random, but hey, I'm all about that (randomness). I want to give a shout out to my adopted brother who posted a post on his blog about me. Thanks Michael my adopted brother!! Well, no more things to say tonight!

See you later!!


Amanda said...

Dell! Thank you so much for coming, I had such a wonderful time with you. You are such an example to me in your walk with the Lord. keep running hard after Him, I'm praying for you! Love ya sista!
ps - hows the cd? :)

bethany said...

hey dell,
thanks for the sermon notes in your last post! it sounded like a great message i'm sad i missed it. but i had a good time at amanda's church and it was a good message there to. you win some you lose some i guess

Delian said...

yeah... everything works out for the Glory of God... but as for the message its one I would def. tell you to get!! It was great!

damaris said...

hey i'm posting!
i totally forgot what i was going to say in the noise of people talking to me so....
will "hi" do for now?