Monday, November 28, 2005

This Sunday Mr. Snapp preached a message on Biblical Fellowship. It was really weird because I had been asking for people to pray that I would be having good Biblical friendships and that my friendship would be focused on the cross, which was almost what the sermon was about! Here are just a few notes that I wrote down from the sermon!
Biblical Fellowship is a journey... it is never completed its something we always have to work at!
If we grow in our fellowship with Christ we will grow in fellowship with one and another! (Devotions are a key to this point!)
Fellowship doesn't start with us it starts with our fellowship with Jesus!
Knowing God's word will help us discern what is true and genuine fellowship!
Biblical Fellowship is centered in our love for God.
What is fellowship?? It's when we share out lives together. Where we share the same mission. Its something our soul longs for.
We will find it challenging!! It's not an overnight project, its a lifelong mission!
He invites us into friendship with Him!! This is amazing!! We who were completely sinful, corrupt and dead in our pride can now, through the amazing love and through the righteous blood of Jesus we can come before Him in the deepest fellowship that fulfils the deepest longings of our souls!
God is always working in our lives... are we aware of it??
Biblical Fellowship is seeing others stregthen in their fellowship with God!
The questions I found myself asking after the sermon was 'Where is God in my friendships?' and 'Do I feel closer to Jesus after I have fellowship with another friend? And visa versa?' If anyone has any thoughts about this please comment and or e-mail me!! I hope you found this enlightening! Love all of you (in the Biblical way!)


Adam said...

WOW DELL! You take good notes, or not. Just Kidding. But yeah, PREACH IT SISTER!!

Delian said...

Thanks boyka!! I appreciate it!! ;)

damaris said...

good post! I don't really know you "super-good" (heehee) but I can say that most of your emails are uplifting, encouraging or challenge me to grow in godliness.

love ya too.

Delian said...

Thanks dams... you're my friend, lol ;-)

Tai said...

Hurah! Good post!
-I will pray 4 U...if U pray 4 me 2! lol


Delian said...

Sure thing Tai!!!

Andrew said...

That was a really great messege wasn't it! The best in a long time!
... wait, that was the first I had heard in a long time. ;) Really good isea to post it!