Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh my gosh!!! This is disturbing! Shady (our cat) came into the house with a bird (no joke). So I yelled at Shady (naturally I assure you) and the stupid cat let the bird lose in the house! Dude, the bird flew RIGHT at me!! I screamed... actually very loudly (yes even louder then when I was putting on some sneakers over at the Efthimiou's and a spider crawled out onto my foot). So we had for about five minutes a bird flying around in our house! I was rather embarrassed at how loudly I had screamed and still rather frightened of the bird, so I didn't not assist in the birds capture. Instead I stood outside waiting for it to leave. My story is at a conclusion, my only hope is that I do not have another one like it to tell!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

CHURCH IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT'S GONNA BE GREAT! GOD IS GOOD!! *dell stares off into space.*
I'm so glad I love church! It's so good to be able to start off your week with church! I love all you guys for your passion for God! It's great! Thank's for your examples! GOD IS GOOD!
Only Through HIS GRACE!!!
My life lately... wow. Give me a minute to think about it lol. Thursday night we had Whitney and KK over for dessert and a movie and a SOCK WAR! That was brutal, but mad fun ;-). We set up our two fortresses, picked teams (Adam, Neeki, Demory and I verses Jarred KK, Whit, and Gideon). Our team won the most games (cough *battles* cough). Then alas, I was sick all day Friday, but now I'm better! Last night we watched King Arthur (which is what I watched the last time I was sick), Mike and Chris came over for most of it, then Adam came over for a little bit of it, but they made me happier :-). I talked to dad last night which was nice, (Hugs dad!! Missed you tons!).
Well, today has literally been full of nothingness lol. Gid is watching Star Wars (this doesn't surprise anyone... I know). Adam taught me to play Halo 2 better (I can finally move without running into everything!). And now I'm updating my blog!
Well shout out to you all who have left me comments! (Not very many!)
Well later!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So today is a rainy day which fills me with sadness :-(. I'm cold like all the time! I'm wearing gloves and I'm inside plus I think the heat is on (just trying to prove my point).
I have an interesting story though ;-)
Around 3:30 pm this afternoon I was completely bored! I could have fallen asleep standing where I was, so, when I'm bored I go to the garage to play my keyboard which is mad fun if you've been bored for hours like I had been. So, I walked into the garage, it was dark so I quicky turned on the light which was behind the door. I thought I might have heard something but wasn't sure so I just walked through the small walkway we have through the junk and made my way towards my keyboard. My thoughts were entirely focused on getting to the keyboard without falling over anything and trying to keep my hands warm. I reached to turn on another light which is right about the keyboard when I saw.... AN ALIEN! Actually, it wasn't an alien, it was Adam, he was hiding in the closet and he jumped out at me right when I saw him and I nearly screamed! And I almost fell over which would have been a disaster ;-). We laughed about it... then my boredom continued after he went back inside.
Hope you had fun reading this!
Out and over!
the dell

Monday, October 24, 2005


So yesterday I went to the wrestling tournament (we didn't get lost!!). It was really cool! Loads of fun, I'm glad we went! We got there, met up with Corey (who dad was talking to on the phone at the time). We finally found a parking spot, then made our way back to the field house. There was a lot of people let me tell you! But it was cool :-).
Got to meet all the Blakes including Emma who was a bit of a darling, but also someone who wouldn't let you out of her sight ;-). I wore my pink chucks which rocked (random I know). I talked with Corey and Jared for a little while then Corey had his first match (umm, Jared lost his first two matches so he was out already which kind of stunk but I'll get over it :-). Corey won the first match that I saw (I couldn't see very well cause these two people like kept moving RIGHT in the way). Corey was a sight afterwards, he had a nice scar looking scratch right beneath his right eye and I'm sure he had some bruises. Then eternity elapsed before his next match in the meanwhile the Jar(r)eds Caleb, Emma and I went out to play some football (and just to let yall know... it was FREEZING!). So we played football (and I played in my pink chucks). First we played Cornfields against Blakes (Cornfields won) then five other kids came along and we played another game (it was Jared me Emma Caleb and Cody & Jarred and the four other kids). Unfortaunatly Jared's team lost, lol.
Corey had his next match which he lost and I lost almost all of my nails - I bit them when I'm nervous - (ALAS) then he won then he lost so he came in fourth out of a 'million' people. Then the Blakes and Cornfields went out to eat to a restaurant, unfortaunatly it was closed! So we went somewhere else, where Jared and I got onion rings and mild spicy buffalo tuesday tenders and water while the other Jarred and Corey had a million cups of soda! lol. Then we had to say goodbye (alas). Then... Jarred remembered he left his Braves ('Astros') hat in the restaurant which was mad funny! We played duck duck goose, talked and talked (in the FREEZING weather) then we said goodbye (again ALAS). And I got back at 12:30 am in the morning (I slept for the entire time).
My day at the wrestling tournament!
Later peoples!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tomorrow is going to be great! First there's church (which is great!). Then I get to go to a wrestling match after church to see Corey and Jared Blake wrestle (that's them in the picture). It'll be two hours away (in Lock Haven), but it'll be mad fun! I know I won't be able to write anything tomorrow so... later peoples!
the dell

Sigh... it's raining outside and there's nothing to do :-(. Well, last night had fun staying up till 2 watching movies (Mask of Zorro, then we watched Batman). Don't know what's gonna happen today... alas! Already went to Home Depot (yuck!) but I'll get over that :-). Been playing my keyboard tons but it's out in the garage and my fingers keep getting frozen! Painful! Hope Jesse and Cassie are having a safe trip to Florida! I'm glad they got to go! Well, my feet are cold (like they ALWAYS are in the winter) and I've got to go sand paper a wall down in the basement (ohhh that'll be mad fun!). tah tah!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Prayer Request:
Right now I've really been praying for this girl I witnessed to on GO team... her name was Kristine, I would just really like if you all would pray that God would meet her in an awesome way!
Thanks a lot!!!
My Life:
Yo yo yo... helooo. Yes, most of the people who know me know that I am a Christian or at least I hope they do. My life is a speck of dust in the universe, that God saved and made His child which I will eternally be able to thank Him for in Heaven where everything is going to be perfect, dude, no sin! That life is gonna be cool, but yeah, back to life on earth. I might be a Christian, but I'm not a nerd, or a weirdo... wait, let me rephrase that (I can actually be weird :-). Just cause I'm a Christian doesn't mean that I don't have a life, it means I've got a life that goes on after I die on earth.
I love hanging out with friends, family (which I do all the time since I'm homeschooled). Music is my thing, or at least I like to have music around all the time (well, music I like).
Church is one of the best things in my life! Not only beng able to hang out with friends, I get to hang out with friends that love God and set Godly examples. So, now I have to give a shout out to all ya peoples, YSOS, Catalyst, Cross Culture, Christy, Covie people, and all you othe peoples I know! Thank you so much for having such a good influence on my life! God Bless all of You!

Why Hello Everyone! Yeah, I'm going to have a blog ;-). Rock on! Haven't really done too much today... I'm getting a nice tan (alas, this is probably going to be the last day I'm going to be able to do that until next year... nooo). But yeah.
Hey Prayer meeting was GREAT this morning, great job all you early risers :-). Life is good only with GOD! I am totally juiced by the fact that HE SAVED ME!
So, I guess I'll see some of you today, some of you tomorrow and some of yall Sunday.
talk with ya'll later!