Sunday, November 13, 2005


Okay, So Adam and I are going to write this together, I'll be green and he'll be blue.

Hey Fall Festival was great! Mad fun.
Yeah it was so awesome!!!
I lost my voice because I was screaming at people in their cars telling them to come to our free fall fest with free food!
I was busy racing on the baloon like obstacle course. Then I tried to look for Dell, trying to take her up on the climb the tree challenge. But I eventually failed.
But he's still my friend. Yeah, I played hacky sack which has now officially become one of my fav. things to do. lol.
Yeah she has her own little move in hacky sack, but she needs to improve it. But she still plays with determination to beat us all.
Yeah, I'm working on it. So if anyone feels like they need to (or just plain want to) give me something, I would like a hacky sack.
I'll give you one if I could afford one......or I can steal Jesse's and you can have that one.
Awww, I would give me one too if I could afford one. But yeah, it's all good ;-).
Okay...the fall fest was very, very enjoyable. I had lots of fun, except when I was on the Donut Relay thingamabob.
And what was so horrible about that? Oh wait, do I want to know the answer?
Well.....I got really bored because everyone like skipped over the section and went to other games. But I had Jesse's hacky sack to keep me company.
Yeah, so when Jarred was on the game with the guns (no joke) I saw him walking around with one of the guns so we had this mini splinter cell game. Oh yeah, it was fun!! ;-).
I think it was more of a Halo 2-ish/Splinter Cell match. By the sounds of how you described it to me earlier.
Maybe, maybe not but you'll never know.
I really don't care what you say. MUMBLER!! (sorry...inside joke and not to be revealed to the outsiders)
Jesse and his hammers are really scary when they meet each other. No kidding.
Your just stating the obvious
No I think that Jesse is the one who states the obvious. OHH NOOO we just blew the whole inside joke on the internet!!!
Bunnies are going to come after us now!!!
(\ /)
(> <)
/__\ Bunnies will rule the world.
NOT. But yeah, way off track. Fall fest. I'm really really really really sore from that obstacle course, and I've got rope burn from when Adam pulled me down (three times) from going up the latter/mountain/disaster thingamabob.
HA HA HA!!!! That was sooo hilarious. I really enjoyed pulling you down the rope. Yeah I'm also sore from that and sore from trying to climb that ginormous tree.
Really?? I didn't know that, it's cause you don't complain (um, like me). You man it out, unlike me (a girl, duh).
You forgot to mention Jarred. He doesn't man-it-out. He is a pansy.
Sweet nothings are beautiful. Okay so that was random.
Okay.....lets not go off track......again.
What were we talking about??? OH YEAH!! BUNNIES. Just Joking, we were talking about the fall fest, but I'm gonna go off track again. Today I dyed my hair pink, it's umm well I probably shouldn't say anything else.
Okay I don't really want to talk about the FF, which is really sad.
Yeah, it's cause its about all we talked about at church ect. NEW CONVERSATION!
hmm.....what shall we talk about now?
Okay we should probably call it a night. Tah tah everyone!!!
Yeah talk/post some other time. (we took like a 2 hour break and my back is hurting)




Delian said...

Okay... so now that we've written this huge long story/post we're gonna set the example for writing comments (which by the way we like a lot ;-)
tah tah

Adam said...

Yeah lets set the example of making comments. OWW my back, my back. It's all Cassies fault. Wait... I suppose it's my fault as well, I let her try to massage me. Besides I am giving her way too much credit. Just kidding. But yeah my back hurts more than Jesse digging into my ribs with his fingers. They'll be sore tomorrow, I think. Well yeah......Signing out.
Aurevoir (goodbye)
Adam(NePo) Aicorn

Tai said...

WOW, that was GREAT guys *cough, cough*! Do it again sometime!



Anonymous said...

Muahahahahaha! You'll never know!

Delian said...

Tai, I know it was you!! You posted it like at the same time as the other ;)