Friday, January 20, 2006

Guitar and Life.

Ah yes, I have started up guitar (once again) this time I'm really going to learn! It was really weird because yesterday morning I went into my bro's room, and low and behold there was his guitar. Having nothing better to do I picked it up (which is not the usual). Rather boringly I began to pluck away at the strings when all of the sudden a beautiful sound came out! I had started playing something I've heard my neighbor (Chris) play several times (something rather easy). Since then bro's been teaching me new little things and yes, hopefully by July I will be able to jam along with bro Chris and others. Yes!

Oh alas and alack! Joey has left... noooo! After church I was on the way to the Efthimiou's when suddenly it hit me... he's gone and I'm not gonna see him except for visits... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh nooo!

And after I hung out w/ the Efthimiou's (good times) Anna, Daniel, Rachael, Alex, Chris and I went to a Christian rock concert. Anna Rachael Daniel and I all wore our hoodies backwards (totally thnx to 3 year old Emma who walked into the livingroom with her shirt on backwards and I just felt like I had to follow her example). It was mad fun! The concert itself was okay, the youth could have been a little more into it... but hey, it's all good! ;-).

Tomorrow morning we'll be having a book study at the Rawleighs... good times! Hopefully afterwards we'll be able to play a little bit of DDR!!! Greatest game on earth!!!! hahaha!

Life goes on... I keep breathing... I keep living... ah yes.

Blonde Dell out and over.

Monday, January 16, 2006

How Dell became the Blonde Dell!

To tell yall the truth I'm not exactly sure when it all started. I believe it was after youth camp (which at that time my hair was green for the majority of the time spent there). Somewhere along the line of becoming friends with Chris Boyka and Adopted Brother I began to blame my randomness (and yes, often stupidity or dumbness) on my blondeness! In the early beginnings I would either blame my dumbness, stupidity, or randomness on the fact that I was homeschooled, however, that one does't flow as well since most of my friends (mind you not all) are homeschooled. So, after a while I just blamed it all on being blonde! And I have many small/funny stories on my blondness; yes, the time when I was watching the Island with the boyz and Nicole whenever the girl in that movie (who in fact is blonde) did something rather silly, dumb, or really anything they would turn (mostly boyka) and say 'Hey, she's a blonde... just like you Dell!' good times! And sorry to all my friends who don't exactly approve of me blaming all of my shortcomings on my blondness (since it's not really the root problem). And yes, not all blondes are dumb blondes, so there! ;).

Randomness is Beautiful!
Random time with Blonde Dell is over ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Long long ago... when blonde dell was only a little squirt (um, like 8 months old), she was out with her mother and father at a Chinese resteruant, her mother's favorite place to be since she was always wanting yes, it was not odd to see them at a Chinese resteraunt at this time. They all sit down... blonde dell has her very own highchair! She is very thrilled... mother and father sit and patiently wait for a waitress to come down and serve them. A very nice young Chinese lady comes over to take her mother and father's order. Now... as you have pictured this... blonde dell is sitting there... see's the young lady and goes... 'Hiahschaicahahaoaichadhdahao!' just like a Chinese person (and know this... blonde dell didn't even speak English yet...). So father and mother are quite startled... wishing that this very embarrassing moment was just a dream. All three adults stood there without saying anything... mother and father were hoping that the nice young lady didn't think they put their child up to do that... but the evening went on, and blonde dell didn't ever do that again!

Random story time with blonde dell is over

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Me... Rachael... Chris... Charles after a grand service!!!
Bro holding the church sign...
Chris and Joey (Joey's leaving...alas and alack!)
Invitation building of coolness
Whitney.... i her scarf... ;-).
Oh wow... looking beautiful.
Michael the man and CUTE EMMA!
Me and Amanda!
Jesse wearing my tie (or boyka's... i can't remember)
I'm doing Anna's hair...
Alex in his cool chucks
Stevie Wonder at YSOS w/ his new gift
Chris at church
Me and Anna... oh I look like a dumb blonde
Ryan & Shelsy
Me... today... oh man what a cheezy smile
The day I had to do a skit w/ Alex...haha good times.

Random picture time with Blonde Dell ;-).

Friday, January 06, 2006

There's a new coat of snow on the ground... it could symbolize so much... I'll think of it as a fresh start... a new day with a new meaning.
'The sun still shines in winter... we just don't feel it as much' *quote by Alex Rawleigh* For those who know me I'm not such a winter person, or very pain tolerant, lol, so I just want to thank all of you who have helped me although you probably had no idea that you did!
There's Chris Boyka and Adopted Brother who are always ready to make me laugh, smile or just to give me a hug. There's been times where I felt like just going numb ya know? And one of you would smile or say something funny like 'I like waffles!' or 'your mom' or 'you're a beautiful person and you can make a difference in the world' and it would make my day that much brighter... Beth Jess Alex and Steph... wow, you guys have no idea how much your teasing, jokign around and encouragments have meant to me! There have been so many times when I'm just not in a good mood and wallah there's Beth singing a song or telling a story, Steph singing 'there just shoes man' (by Relient K), Alex... well I guess just being himself, and Jess always there w/ a smile or a hug! Thank's guys!
My bro who's usually got something up his sleeve to make a joke out of, whether it's goofing around playing the piano or guitar, playin' around w/ one of the little kids. So yeah, thnx.

*save your tears*
*living life*

She's tired of crying herself to sleep
Wondering if they'll be anyone to keep
Her going through the next week
She knows that she has to be freed

Where are they gonna turn
When it's no one elses concern?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

AAHH... life goes on...

I need somebody's comfort
Somebodys protection
Someone who will give all effort
To see me through life's desolation.