Sunday, November 27, 2005

Go run a lap and think about what you just said!

Okay, so here are some things that Christy and I said a lot this weekend!
Obviously 'Go run a lap and think about what you just said' is the main one, the story behind it is that when the Catalyst Jarred Jen and I plus boyka (adam) and Chris went to a west highschool football game, boyka kept saying he was gonna cheer for East, so I kept telling him to go run a lap and think about what he just said, and it kind of became a new saying in our church. So if you ever hear it in a movie or something like that, you'll know where it originally came from ;).
Another is when someone asked us if we wanted to do something or something like that we would go no...maybe...yeah... or visa versa. Which actually started with Chris and I, don't know how, we just started saying it.
Lets see... um... Chris was making fun of our double chin (extra peanut butter ;) and he said 'when I say chubby... I mean... chubby. It was so funny, so we started saying that which is kind of lame, but it was really funny at the time and still is whenever we say it.
Christy likes going up to Michael and holding out her hand in a high five saying... 'slap me some skin brother from another mother.' I think Beth would be really good at saying that ;).
I can't think of anything else... but yeah, I had to write down some happy memories from this weekend. Later!

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