Saturday, November 05, 2005

Today... wow... and yesterday... wow! Time flies by without anyone hardly noticing!. Yesterday we (Catlyst the boyz, bro Jenn and I) went to the East/West game... the game was great (that which I watched of Steven played which was cool. Chris wanted to go have everyone do a huge wave, but then everyone started leaving (Alas). After the game (Jesse Adam bro and I) went to the Maxim's literally in time to say 'amen'. Adam and I covered Jesse's car with leaves (that was fun) and the car looked really cool! Got home and fell alseep on the couch.

Today... wow! Got up... (duh). Had breakfast, fixed my hair, went to the Maxims, helped over there for a few hours (that was cool). But what is really cool is that I learned how to play hacky sack!! That is totally great!!
Well we got back home and we did a bunch of random things, had a football catch with bro, took a walk, played hacky sack when Jesse got here, talked, talked, laughed ect. Adam gelled my hair (which I deeply regret now...) I went to SAMS with Cassie Dem and Adam (with my hair a complete mess!!) Yeah, there was no fear of man in me when I went, by the time I left I am afraid to say that I deeply regretted doing it! Its all good ;-).

Plus... we have the hair day thing at my house! That's gonna be fun lol, maybe I'll actually do something different with my hair then always having it down, lol.

Well, no more random things to say.

Out and Over


damaris said...

keep posting. 'cause i like reading it even though i dont often. and so yeah. missing mountains!! florida is so flat ugly!


Delian said...

awww... you should come up North and visit sometime (cough... Corning.. cough ;-).