Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You know, when you think about life, particularly your past and future you think about what you could have done, or what you should have done, or about what you want to do, the goals for your life. I do that all the time. When I think about my past and check this, I'm usually bummed out! Bummed out that I didn't do what I wanted to do... that whatever I did seemingly didn't esteem to much for my present. The future... oh what glorious things I shall do in the future! Surprisingly enough, this thought process started with me wanting to take ballet, your surprised, haha, well I took ballet as a kid. I could have kept going, I could have done well, but now, for my present, I don't know anything about it. Now I look to the future... I want to take ballet, wouldn't it be cool to be proficant at it? Yes! To be good at something... to be great at something! But, for my past... the future is now! Have a used my past for the now I am living in? It would seem that that is not the case! What now? Exactly! WHAT NOW?!?!?!?! Don't spend today away, cause today will soon be gone!

What now?

You got things for your future... well... whats keeping them in the future? Today will soon be your past as will your future. You got to make them come together and work for you now.
What's keeping you back?

Those things in the future... maybe they ought to be worked into todays schedule. Maybe not... but maybe... maybe!

"You desire to play, yet you don't try?"
I watched the kids play hackie sack. Why was I jealous?? Stupid. Envy is for people who don't want to be who they are.

Yeah, me. I knew a lot about a lot of little things, but nothing big... nothing spectacular. I could do a lot of small things... but I had never been great at anything.

"Yo, want to join in Callie?" I turned to Justin who was beckoning me to come play.
"No thanks man. You don't want me in there, I stink." I replied with a sarcastic laugh. It hurt my heart to say it.

Justin walked over to sit next to me on the picnic bench leaving his fellow players behind. Justin was younger than me by about two years, but a much more maturer Christian, and seemingly older most of the time. I envied him about that... GOSH, there I went again!

"You know Callie, I see you sit here everyday watching us. You're our most attentive audience."
"That's only cause the rest of your audience is now on stage." I replied. Justin nodded agreeingly.

"Yeah. Though, all of them were really really bad when they first started. Even me." Justin said rubbing his neck.

"Justin, why are we talking about hackie sack? It's a little." I searched for the right word. "Meaningless."

"Learning Hackie sac is a pretty meaningless thing, yeah, I hear ya there. But check up on this. Have you ever tried learning hackie sac?" I turned away from his question.

"You desire to play yet you don't try?" I turned away again. Justin sighed and stood up.
"Hackie sac is a small thing, but what worries me is not that you don't play it, but that you want to and havne't done anything about it, instead you just watch us." Justin said, he let his words sink in. "Think fast Callie." He threw a hackie sac to me and with a wink walked back to his buddies.

I practiced for months to learn hackie sac... I wasn't great, but I was good. But, I was never trying to become great at hackie sac. I simply knew that if I ever wanted to do anything, even if it was something as meaningless as hackie sac, I had to take the moment, I had to work hard, and if I put enough effort into it, I would be good... possibly even great.

I returned the hackie sac to Justin, but always I remembered his startling questions. "You desire to play, yet you don't try?"

That cut me deep and I never forgot it.

Friday, January 26, 2007

If you read this,

even if we don't speak often,

please post a comment with a memory of you and me.I

t can be anything you want,good or bad.

When you're finished,post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised or mortifiedby what people remember about you.

For you canadians that might not work so well... hahahaha, just make up something!

I have been thinking a lot about being content. I know when I think about it I often think of sitting back, watching the world swirl around and being okay and cool with everything. The other day I was reading 1 Timothy and stumbled across the verse 'Now much godliness is attained through contedness' (6:6...give or take a few words). Since I read that I've been thinking alot about it, and this morning during prayer meeting I think I had revelation. Being content means to realize that you are where you are for a reason; we are to make the most of whatever time we have and whatever situation we are in. We need to have the mentality of "I am here, now what should I do? _________(something that glorifies God) NOW GO DO IT!" Content doesn't mean not doing anything and laying back... it means making the most of what we have right now! And being okay with what situation or season of life we're in cause God has us there for a reason!

But anyway, we had MIME practice last night with Silent Cry, and my group Crossfire is amazing!!!!!! Tai, Anna, Daniel, Jordan, Joy... you guys rock!!
And now for breakfast!! .

Your Sister in Christ


Monday, January 22, 2007

So, I went to the wedding... it was a lot of fun! We didn't bring the camera (we were literally running out the door, hehehe). So, I'm sorry, but no pictures, lol. During the reception Shelsy's dad danced with her and they did this song about how 'he was hers first'... I almost cried. That's going to be the hardest thing about my wedding... when dad walks me down the aisle... when he dances with me... and when he sings butterfly kisses... lol. I'm gonna bawl. I remember when I heard that song for the first time... I was like 10, and I didn't ever cry then (tough girl, lol) and I pretty much was trying with all my might not to. It kills me every time I hear it... :'(. I love my daddy!! Well here's a song about 'me and daddy' let me know what you think!! For you girls... don't cry. . hehehehehe

Baby Girl Please Stay Three

Daddy and I dancing on the floor
He twirls me around and around once more
I promise him I won’t turn four
“I’ll stay three daddy, I assure you!”
Yet I could tell that you weren’t so sure

“Baby girl please stay three baby please stay three”
“But daddy I’m not sure if that’s for me.
What about sixteen and getting married?”
“Baby girl that’s why! Please stay three”
I love my daddy, but I know he loves me more
Because he was still there the day I turned four

“My baby girl is driving today” my daddy says
Horrified with this new phase
“You were supposed to stay three”
“I’m sorry daddy really!
But that wasn’t going to happen with me”

Late nights talking on his lap
So many memories and so many laughs
We talked a lot about life and guys I liked
“Daddy you were always closest to me in reality!
But daddy here comes a guy I really like, but first, would you agree?”

Daddy and I dancing on the floor
He twirls me around and around once more
“You promised me you wouldn’t turn four
Now my baby girl is all married”
“Oh daddy please understand
I loved you first and always have!”

“Your baby girl couldn’t stay three daddy
It just wasn’t for me
I’m passed sixteen and already married
I know why you wanted me to stay three
But I love you daddy and always will
Because you have always been there for me”

I love my daddy but I know he loves me more
Because he was still there the day I turned four

~I love my dad!~

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I am blonde
Demory Anna and I went up to get our hair done (not Anna... she came along for the ride... and to clean up after Dem... hehehe). Demory's looks really nice, I like mine... I like blonde... the hair color that is. mhmm.

So, a prayer request for Mrs. Efthimiou!! Thursday she was at the bank and while she was getting up from the desk she jammed her knee into the side of the desk, after being in incredible pain and such she isn't supposed to be walking around to much. The guys are gone at the conference and such and she's having to watch the kids (with the major help of Anna and Mikaela!!). However, if you guys could just pray that God would see fit to heal her so that she could walk and not feel pain and therefore just make this time easier!

And I love God for friends!!! Last night I totally chilled with Nicole for hours... (well I spent the night). And I realized, 'oh, there are so many things He has shown me through just one friend... one. And yet He has blessed me with many! How amazing is that?!?! So, to all of you friends out there... thanks! I love yall!

Each day I am amazed at God's work and love! Each day I fail in sooo many ways, and yet He speaks to me... and allows me to understand what I must do (err... confess) and lovingly helps me to do so! Each day I breathe, it's such a glorious thing to do and I love to do it! I love to think about it! Oh... and I think of how He's grown me the past year!!! I am so sinful... I fall so short each and every day... I am so guilty. Yet, He is perfect... He lifts me up and forgives me... and not only that but walks by my everyday! Every second He's there, He's here now. I can't describe this sence I have... He is here.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thoughts from this morning

There's a snow dusting all over... more like frost that's a little bit whiter and is on the driveway as well. It's pretty... but cold too. I need to find my slippers .

I'm looking forward to what God is going to do this year and how He's going to grow me and my family! And I am soo thankful for the already evidences of grace He has shown us in our lives! Our God is good! I think this year God is going to grow me a lot in trust... He'll have to or I'll have a rough time I'm sure! And our God is faithful... so I'm pretty sure He'll be kind and grow me in trust (doesn't mean all at once... but over time and circumstances).

"In the path of Your judgments, O LORD we wait for You. Your name and rememberance are the desire of our soul."

I always thought of the word 'judgments' as 'YOU ARE NOW BEING JUDGED... THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE'. Yet, when I hear and use the word 'judgments' it is more used for: 'What would be your judgment in this area? Do you think we should do this or that?' More of 'what we should do in the next step of our lives?' So as I was thinking about that this morning my thoughts were this

"I will wait for You in the path of Your judgments. I will walk the path of your decisions. I WILL TRUST YOU for what You will do on the path I walk... on that path my soul will desire Your name and rememberance!"

God was good and told me this from Pslams

"The works of His hand are faithful and just; all His precepts are trustworthy"
So... I guess I'd better trust in Him eh?


(I'm trusting God that the Eagles are going all the way hahahahaha).

Monday, January 01, 2007


Totally had a blast... except for the fact I was sick on Sat. blah!!! Anyway, I survived, and got to go to a party The Efthimiou's got a go-cart... LOADS OF FUN!!! Completely shweet! .

I am really happy that it's a new year... I pray much better then the last! And even though this past year has been filled with many exciting times and memorable moments... it was a hard year for me... the hardest year of my (rather short) life. You know when you have a huge regret and then for every first time of something you do afterwards you think 'oh, this is the first time this has happened since that happened' this was my first New Year for me. I'm glad. Actually thankful. I can see how far God's brought me and give thanks to Him for sooo many things!!! For how much He has done in my life! . I really am happy for a new year... almost like a new start!

Well, the party was a lot of fun. We did a lot of different stuff, like drink sparkling grape juice a bottle at a time. lol. Here's some pictures... the second one I look like a little girl, hahaha. Tai looks marvelous though! Well, today I actually just chilled out. What about yall?
Well, your comments are appreciated! Have a great new start!

^me looking like a little girl

quote off the top of my mind.

"I'll have no trouble replacing you, I'll just go down to the nearest zoo... that's what I'd do without you that's what I'd do"

not really... but it's a funny song!