Sunday, April 30, 2006

Me... dad took this one on the first day I got my camera...

My sista dem today after church... she's kinda zoned out or somethin'

My mum and dad... last night after 10:30 (supposedly my mum goes a little crazy after then...)

Michael... hope he likes this ;)

Adam and Jarred looking incredibly cool!

My first picture ever taken with my new camera! For those who live in Corning (or around here... let's not get technical) try and guess where this is...

Anyhow...the message today was great! Jarred and I are having a contest to see who can take the better photo out of ten shots (mum and dad are the judges). I took a lot more pictures... I'm just saving them for later!

I'll talk to yall l8erz!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Heylo everybody! more pictures... getting ready for youth camp!! YAY!! So anyhoo... enjoy!!

Try and find me...

We're a bit squished... not sure if this oen turned out for the best...

Rachael and Jenn

My bro worshiping at YC... he's gotten a lot bigger

One of the nights at YC05

some of the guys from church all the same height

Yes... me with green hair at youth camp...hmm

A few of the girls on my team last year

Me and Anna... I look pretty bad in this one... Anna turned out much better ;-)

Her Prayer

Verse 1

She sits there by her bed
Talking to the one who knows her regrets
And though her eyes are closed
She knows she not alone


She is talking to the One who saved her
And she knows he hears her prayer
She pours out her thoughts and cares
Knowing that He is fully aware
And she knows that her faith
Is in Christ alone

Verse 2

Sunshine comes through the window
She’s praying she will grow
A tear trickles down her face
And she knows it’s all by His grace


She is talking to the One who saved her
And she knows he hears her prayer
She pours out her thoughts and cares
Knowing that He is fully aware
And she knows that her faith
Is in Christ alone

Ending Bridge

The night has come
Her day is done
Once again she’s on her knees
Talking to the one she wants to see.

Friday, April 21, 2006

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So the weather is absolutely gorgeous!!! I've got a tan (I'm really happy about that ). I worked today... that was fun, since I was out front (aka waitress!) mad fun! Anyhoo... pics seemed to bring in a lot of comments, so I'm going to go that route again!
So yes... this is from last year at youth camp... but it's still a classic picture! (oh, and it's the Corning youth)

This is when Cassie decided to move back and we all had a party for her! Luv ya Cassie

We're still hanging around (we were all playing with the guitar... fun stuff!)

Boyka sleeping with his IPod

Here's a picture of Anna! Just for you hon!

I'll talk to all of yall later!

OH yes... if you leave a comment I'd like to know your middle name... and no, there isn't really any specefic reason, lol.

*Living as if life was worth living... which by Christ is!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Today we had a free Easter Egg hunt at the park across from East High School (where we go to church). It was lots of fun. I got my face painted along with two other guys (meaning we got the same thing). Caution tape was once again the style . And Adam painted an 'eye' on my hand... it's pretty sweet. Got home, skateboarded, rollerbladed, laid around on the drive way in the sun then a wiffleball game (my team won! Adam, Michael and myself). But anyhow, here are some pics from today! Enjoy all!

my little sister Neekie

Mua with my caution tape, my eye on my hand and my painted face

Adam painting on Jesse's arm

Alex stlying off his caution tape

Beth and Jenn collecting the new style

Egg Heads (aka Mr. Efthimiou and Mr. Rawleigh) everybody give them a round of applause!!! Well done!

Michael, me and Sherman


Michael when he was tied up to the tree by caution tape

Random picture of dell

Rach me and Whitney all talking (I don't remember about what)
Last random picture of me...

Before the cross I humbly bow

I place my trust in the Savior

Your finished work, captures my gaze

You bore the wrath

Now I know Your grace

Have a great Easter!

tah tah

*A saved sinner saved by a saving Savior

Friday, April 14, 2006

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Beauty from Pain
By Superchick
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Yes... as Corey so kindly told me... Braves lost to the Philly's last night... alas and alack. But we'll come back like nobody's business! This week we (I) had to take my standerized tests... dumb... they were easy... or hard because I hadn't done the type of questions in forever!!! So I spent half of my life sitting around for everyone else to finish their tests... what a waste of time. I'm watching a stupid comercial about a guy wanting a comfy couch. Yes, I'm scrounging around for anything at all to talk about. I guess I just want comments so yes, my post, my request and now my goodbye.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

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Today an amazing thing happened... I have begun to learn how to skateboard! Yes, my neighbor Michael (aka adopted brother or bro) was skateboarding on our driveway (which is rather large) and I came out and hopped on (jokingly in a way) the skateboard--my first lesson. Next I began to get on the skatebaord when it was going--second lesson. Next I began to see Michael do his cool moves and knew I wanted to do them. So, I began to learn... I have many bumps and bruises (mostly my elbows, hands and my head) but it has all been worth it. So yes, no I am a chic skateboarder . The one trick I actually did (twice in a row) right before I came inside was an Ollie... I worked on it for the evening, and I finally got it. haha. Thus my day has come to a closure (since darkness is here, lol). So good bye yall! Have a good one!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday Football
I am so sore!!! hahaha... played football yesterday after church with; Cassie, Jesse, Jarred, Chris, Boyka (Adam), Michael, Alex, Beth and me. THe teams were Cassie, Jesse, Chris Boyka and MIchael against Alex Beth Jarred and myself. The QB's for our team for the most part was Jarred (and on occassion myself) with all of us trying to gain as many touchdowns as we could in a certain amount of time (which I believe was 4 o'clock since the Rawleigh crew had to head out at that time). When we were Offense it was either Jarred or myself with the ball (QB), no one was on the QB (unless there was a blitz) Adam was on Alex, Jesse was on me, Cassie was on Beth, and that left Michael and Chris free to roam around as they liked and intercept stray throws, and on a few occassions there were interceptions (alas) but there were many completions and a few touchdowns (yay). When on Defense, Jarred was on Jesse, Beth was on Cassie, Alex was at first on Michael and I was on Adam, but Adam proved too fast for me so Alex and I switched.

I was extremely bruised and rather sore after the game... but today has proved rather hard on me because of the crazy game Sunday. I almost landed on Michael when I was guarding him and he was in the endzone and the ball was thrown to him (and he missed hahaha) but he fell and I almost trampled him (which would have been horrible). I accidentally tripped Jesse once (trying to get away from him I believe) but I hurt myself rather severely.

My team was really cool!!! We had several cheers for ourselves and we really pulled together when we needed to. Note - this does not mean we won... because we didn't... alas!! But we are hopefully having a rematch sometime soon, which would be nice because we would like to win. However... whenever Alex and I have been on the same team (minus one occassion of Ultimate Frisbee) we have lost... which is not so hot, but it is life. Hopefully this tradition comes to an end this summer because I hate losing.

*I am a complete sinner in need of a complete Savior*


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tomorrow is Sunday!!! Yay!! I think of all the people who think of Sunday as just 'part of the weekend' and nothing more then a Saturday... oh how boring!!! I'm so glad that we have been blessed with such a special day that arrives every week!!!

~Joy in Life~

Verse 1
What righteousness
What amazing love
I am full of sinfulness
Yet because of Christ
I will someday see His face
Because of His loving grace

So I will worship and praise Him
Who is mighty and holy
Who gives me peace at night
And joy in life
I will lift my voice to You!

Verse 2
Dead in sin
Now hope in Christ
He bore God's wrath
He bore my guilt
I am forever filled with gratitude
For He saved me He raised me
And I will live for Him

And once again I lay down my burdens
And once again I pour out my life
And You pull back the curtains
Of Your glory and might!