Friday, March 30, 2007

Prayer meeting


Chill out





Hanging out



Hanging out


That's what the rest of my week looks like =D.
>good times. This ones one of my favorites. SO this post can now be concluded because one picture equals a thousand words. =D.
tah tah!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"A new post...?"
Dell looks about her in strange wonder as she contemplates on those three words that jump out at her on the screne
"a new post..." she says again, just this time with more firmness and boldness
"YES, I shall do it!" She cries. Then sits, staring, wondering what she shall write.
"Aw, yes, first, an explanation to the lack of posts, and an apology"

Yes, I have been incredibly busy, I was gone most of last week, and before that I was sick, and volleyball and school are pretty much taking over my life... AAHH!
However, God has been so GOOD! I went to the Reading PA church and heard a message from C.B. Eder and everything hit home.
You see, I've been praying for a renewed passion for the Gospel. That my life would be shaped and formed by the Gospel and Christ! We walked into the school where they meet to hear a beautiful worship set of completely Gospel centered music and worship which was fantastic! Whitney shared a word that spoke to at least me in a huge way, and then C.B's message was exactly what I had been praying for. God moved me, convicted me, and brought me into His presence telling me what needed to be changed in my life so that I could have a passion for Him, firstly, to have a humble and contrite spirit, espeically shown in repentance, so that I could truly own my sin and see my absolute need for a Savior, and then be sooo thankful for the amazing fact that I have Him!!

God is good... His word is sufficent, and He loves me.

And my team won in v.ball today, which is exciting... and a ton of fun!!
I guess that's it!
God bless!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I was driving today... not a big thing... not to different. But, as I was driving, I see a car to my right waiting to take a turn, if they go now I'll be pretty mad cause they'll be cutting right in front of me (when they should wait!). But they did. I was pretty mad. I beeped at them (the first time I ever beeped at anyone in the car other then friends). As I'm following this driver I see on the back of the car a big sticker something with what... what could it be... A CANADIAN FLAG! Hoser!

That is the story for today...
The next question is "Is anybody thinking about going to Clash? A conference for 17-20 year olds, check it out on Sovereign Graces' site"

Other than that nothing much.
I've got to go vacuum. Yay.