Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Capture the flag... ah yes, that is what we played yesterday for our cookout! The teams were: Shermon, Michael, Adam, Alex, Misha, Benjamin, Isaac, Tai and myself versus Chris, Jarred, Beth, Melony, Andrew, Ben, Mariah, Gideon and Mattea (I believe that's everybody).

The first game Alex and I were talking to the 'enemy' for the majority and then they took advantage of that and got our flag... hmm. Next game was a bit more serious... and what do ya know... we won! I got to carry the flag back to our side which was magnificant fun! Next game... well, I got captured pretty quick

(alas and alack) and then I was in jail for the rest of the game along with Michael and Alex. I tried so hard to convice the 'enemy' that they should let us go... but it did not happen as I would have liked... lol. Then before the game ended the Rawlieghs (Alex and Beth) had to head out...

I raced back to our side and Adam and I grabbed the pink flag and walked off victoriously! Then we burned the yellow flag... ('the enemies' flag). There were many fun moments of singing 'bananas unite' and many scraped up knees and legs and elbows (and a rather bruised side and I know my sister hurt her ankle a bit) all turned our well! While in jail Alex Michael and I all had water bottles and kept toasting to different things such as; our team, pink, being in jail ect.
Good times.

So... there were many more exciting things that happened... but I'm done for now!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Here are some random pictures. It's all I got for now.

Give yourself time to think

Living life as if tomorrow was gonna be the end
Because we never know if it will be or not
We never know what's gonna happen around the next bend
And we cannot expect another day to arrive... so stop!
Think about what you're doing and say to yourself
Wether or not you'll regret it if it's the last think you do
And ask yourself wether or not your just thinking of yourself
Give your life to God or you'll probably be sent to your doom!

Wake up! Give yourself time to think
Wether or not this should be the life to lead
Give it up if it's not gonna get you through that last door
Give it up if it's not gonna provide for eternity and more!

Living life as if tomorrow was gonna end
But now there's not gonna be any fear of leaving this world
And because of this our faith we're gonna defend
Knowing that we're only getting to Heaven cuz of the Word
So get up! We're living life knowing that it's gonna be great next time we wake up
Cuz God is in control of all our mistakes and it's gonna work for our good
And even though this world so often erupts
Let's go on and keep living even if it sometimes feels as if we shouldn't


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Family Night

Yesterday I took my almost two year old brother outside to swing around in the yard. It was a bit wet, but still fairly nice out. First I just chased him around then I picked him up and started swinging him around. He loved it. For probably 45 minutes to an hour I was constantly swinging him around and around, then setting him down... he was so dizzy he would often fall then look up to the sky. After a while, big sister got quite dizzy herself adn put him down... he wasn't so excited about that.

When we finished playing we went inside and we were informed that the whole family was going to dunkin donuts for a family night. Off we went. We got there as everyone else ordered Jarred and Gabriel sat down at a table so that they could amuse themselves.
We ordered then sat down all together

The donuts were gotten and before I could even get a picture of them together they were snagged up. alas ;)

My little brother was extremely excited about all the donuts he was able to eat... this was only his first.

Here's Jarred looking pretty... scary... hmmm...

Here's a picture of me and my little sister Neeki (who's almost 10).

This is a picture of my mom and little brother Gabriel

This was one of Gabriel's favorite games... try to give dad a high five... while dad was moving... haha... he finally won!

Okay... so i absolutely love this picture!! I thought it was completly hilarious!!
Then we went across the street so Jarred could get his wiffle ball bat (that he's been begging for since he broke his other one...)

Then off to home... to play some wiffle ball... then to sit around and read Beric the Briton until 11 o'clock, talked with mum till like 12 o'clock then watched a movie till 1:30... then we went to bed.

I'm done yall! Have a great day!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Here are some poems written by a friend of mine, I was so moved by them and by the evidences of grace that these potrayed in her young life! She has been a great friend, and though she is younger she has often set the example for me and others. Her willingness to listen to encourage and her strength to ask for forgivness has affected me greatly! I am sure that she will grow in biblical feminity that will show the world of God's grace!! Thank you so much Anna!!

You love me though I’m nothing

Why are you still here by me? Don’t you remember what I did? I want to hide myself from you, but it’s here that I realize it, I don’t deserve you. You love me though I am nothing, you see me as a jewel. You make me feel so special again.

But you still love me, you don’t send me away. I won’t push you away, anymore. So I’ll stop trying to act, like I can do it on my own. I’ll be all I can be, and I’ll try to keep you in the center of my life. I did things that I knew that were wrong.

You show me that life’s worth living, and I should live while I can. So though I’m less than nothing, you are so giving. You made me all that I am; you made me an heir of your glorious Lamb. You’ve swept me away, from were I lay in my sin.

I used to think I could do it on my own, and I saw I haven’t grown. You showed me just what I am, that I’m like a grain of sand. You brought me into the light, out from the night. My life’s been full of traps and snares, and now I turn to you who cares.

So if the world falls all around me, I’ll turn to you who is faithful, and you who is strong. When I feel like there is no where I can go, I’ll run to you who will hold me. I once thought I was on my own, but now I know you’ve been there all along.

So now you have my heart, and you’ve loved me from the very start. So you’ll lead me through this place, to look upon your face. You’ll keep me warm in this cold; you’ll love me ‘till I’m old. You’ll keep me ‘till the day I die, and I look into your eyes.

I am yours and you are mine, until the end of time. I pray I will be a light, and lead many from the night. Help me to grow toward you still more, for you’re the one I’m living for. Thank you for loving me first, I know I am the very worst. I love you.

In your arms forever

The night is finally over and gone. I once thought this night would last for so long. I used be stuck in the night, until you brought me to the light. I feel the sunlight on my face. Only you have brought me through this place.

I’m so glad you’re in my life. You gave me hope I never hoped for. You gave me a reason to live. I’m thankful for everything you give. These thoughts of you and how you changed my life, they consume me. Without you, where would I be?

I love you; my heart is yours, only yours. I long to give you all of me, all of me, my everything. I know I could never repay you, you gave everything to me. Without you where would I be?

You loved me, even when I pushed you away. You ran after me, and brought me back to the day. So this time I’ll stay with you, and this time, I can make it through.

Even if people leave me alone, I look to you and I feel hope again. Sometimes I get too distracted, letting this world push you farther away. I won’t ever feel empty again, so come and take me away. Sweep me off my feet, set me on your knee, please come and take me away.

I love you; my heart is yours, only yours. I long to give you all of me, all of me, my everything. I know I could never repay you, you gave everything to me. Without you where would I be?

So I’m staying here forever, in your arms forever. So I’ll trust in you, in your love forever. I can’t wait to get to your place, to look in your eyes, face to face. I will love you forever, praise you forever. Thank you for loving me.

need you’re help

I promised myself that I wouldn’t fall, but I broke it, ‘Cuz here I fall. I told myself that I can stand, but I lied, ‘Cuz I’m not that grand. I need someone to hold me up. Is there someone I can trust?

I’ve tried to do it on my own, but I’ve shrunk instead of grown. I’ve turned away a thousand times, and I said a thousand lines. I need to be led through the night, to be led into the light.

What if there’s a hope, I never dreamed of hoping for? What if I jumped? And just closed my eyes? What if the arms that catch me, catch me by surprise?

All the pain knocks me to the ground, where I give up, and tears roll down. I cry all the tears that I can cry, until my eyes have gone dry. I can’t hold on anymore, so I fall down to the floor.

The pain is now coming. I can’t keep on running. I’m weak, but you are strong, I’m meek, but you are not. I’m just hoping, the sun will rise into a new day.

What if there’s a hope, I never dreamed of hoping for? What if I jumped? And just closed my eyes? What if the arms that catch me, catch me by surprise?

I’m not looking down, cuz it’s a long way. I’ll just turn around, and run your way. Well the sun has gone down, and I can’t see the light. But I know I’ll be found, and I’ll escape the night.

And now I know, you’re in control, and I can’t make it on my own.

So I’ll stay, I’m where I’m meant to be. It will go you’re way, now that I can see.

What if there’s a hope, I never dreamed of hoping for? What if I jumped? And just closed my eyes? What if the arms that

catch me, catch me by surprise?

these poems were written by Anna Efthimiou one of the coolest girls ever!

This morning I did a study on 1 Corinthians 13... this was something I wrote afterwards.

There is a love that never ends
A love that has always been
From the beginning of days
And throughout eternity’s reign
A love that gives me hope in trials
A love that gives me strength for extra miles
This love given away to me
This love that is absolutely free
A love that over flows in my soul
I could not resist its irresistible pull
My feet will stand firm in pain
And I will run to spread the news of my gain
For what I recieved, so can you
And I would rather have more hear of it then few
To everyone I call
For Christ died for us all
So let me tell you of this love that never ends
Of this love that always will be and has always been.

I believe Anna and I will be setting up another blog for our poems... we will update you once we get that set up ;-)

Peace out!

A complete sinner in need of a Complete Savior!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Today I was outside with my little almost two year old brother to go puddle jumping. I was suprised at how much joy both of us could find in such a small activity. We both got muddy and wet but we laughed so much! And it was so cute, he kept looking down in the puddle at his reflection trying to touch it and trying to figure out where it went when he jumped in the puddle. The suprise on his face when I splashed him in the face and the delight he recieved when he did the same to me. We came back in extremely wet and somewhat cold, but we had had a ton of fun!!

The reflection I see when I look down
Is not one I often have seen
There is not a single sound
As I look down at me

I don't see who I've thought I've been
I see who I could have been
Who I would have been
Without God's work in me

It's a scary thought to think
That I could have been this person I see
But before I take another blink
My brother has splashed me

And just like God's amazing grace
I've been washed clean
and it's amazing to think of this new face
I've recieved and that is now seen

I thank God because it's by His work alone!
I praise God because I have now been shown
By His victory death has been over throwned
So I praise my maker and I praise Him alone!

Nothing good we do can be done without Him!

Friday, May 12, 2006

My adorable 'little sister's'

Jenn and myself (Jenn didn't like the flower)

Me and Mattea... she's so cute.

Anna and I were matching and we totally didn't mean to do it! Pretty sweet

Miina!!! One of the cutest!

Some of my team and... Mattea.

Emma and Misha!! Aren't they adorable??

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

GIRL'S NIGHT!!! Yes, Friday night a few of us girls crashed Nicole's place and had a girls night... it was pretty much the coolest ever ;). Anyhow, Here are a few pics and I have now updated since it is a 'well known' fact that I should.

Cassie Tai and Dem.

Nicole and me...

Cassie chowing down some ice cream

Raiding the cuboards!!

Rockin' out to some music

Rocking out some more

Transparent Tai

Me and Tai... no, I don't usually look like that and I'm jealous of Tai's pants.

My hero Cassie singing...

Nicole... like one of the coolest people ever (and the coolest baby girl Natalie is on her lap)

It's a beautiful day! Summer is quite near. Tonight I'm watching Chicken Little with Cassie (my hero) and Jenn (aka PK which of course stands for pastor's kid.). song for today (one of my favorites is Before the Cross (which is on the CD 'Songs for the Cross Centered Life).

Grace to Move on from the Past.

There are days that I have to face
Where it seems I'm not going to last
But for those in Christ this is not the case
Since His hold on us is utterly fast
And everyday I've experienced His grace
To face the future and move on from the past.

From the inside out.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Yeah... um the Dell skateboard ;-)

The culprits!!!

Jarred L. Cornfield... 14 (almost 15)... baseball player...

Michael J. Spemoni, skateboarder... will hopefully be pro someday...

planning out their dastardly plan

But instead they fixed 'the dell board' haha... Jarred wanted to break it soo bad.

Safe and sound

And my new shoes ;-)

Yeah... that is all I have for t'night. tah tah everyone