Thursday, November 03, 2005

Today is a beautiful day! The sun is shining... and what is this news I hear...?? Half day for the public schoolers?! That's sweet!!! Hope to see some of you in a little bit (Hopefully we're gonna do some capture the flag)!! I have work today though, please pray!!

ps I know... random picture... it's a youth camp and I had to call dad cause I had to get all my stuff to my cabin, but my stuff was in the truck. I look really lost don't I?


damaris said...

where do you work? just wonderin'.

yeah you do look lost....almost like a dyslexic or something...
hahahahaha :)

Delian said...

hahaha... yeah I laugh with yall about that pic. I put it up for people to laugh. I like making peoples happy!! I like being made happy too (doi ;-).

Um, I babysit for 3 hours for my flute teacher, although I may start working at a cafe on Market Street, that would be cool!