Thursday, August 31, 2006

Doesn't everybody just love the dentist??

I had a dentist appointment today. I love it how they tell you how beautiful your teath are and are praising you for flossing and brushing of teeth after ever mean (and plus) when you really haven't done any of those things (especially the flossing). It makes me think if they're not really laughing at me, or if they really do think I've been flossing my teeth after ever meal...? hmm I wonder.

Well, they say my teeth are fine... I didn't have to get xrays... however they did mention something about pulling out wisdom teeth... NOOOO!! Let me keep my wisdom, I'm sure I need it! (plus I don't want that minor problem of extreme pain).

I made cookies tonight... the first couple of batches weren't the greatest (because I was writing and they got kind of burnt, adn I hadn't added enough flour), but I added flour and the rest turned out a ok.

Well, that's about all that's been going on here! Other then the fact that I immensly enjoyed the sunshiney day!!

Jarred is in the back playing his electric, it's rockin the house! When I grow up maybe I'll get as good as he is! (then again... maybe before I grow up eh? lol). I'm actually at the point where PJ can teach me something and I know what he's saying! hahaha. My hope is to be able to jam with PJ and Jarred at the latest by next summer... I'm not very far now, just learning on strumming and memorizing the top string in E and D (so that I can play bar chords well in E and in drop D). Anyhow, enough of my random ramblings! Hope everyone is having a great day!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When I do look back on my life... will I regret it? Will you regret your life? What's the point of living?

'I am most satisfied when God is most glorified!'


Life Is Good by Stellar Kart

Life is good,
eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better

All around me smiling faces
Different people from different places
Time is short, don't wanna waste it
Not ashamed so I'll just say it
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

All around me your creation
Brings me to my knees in adoration
Beauty here cannot compare to
What I see when I first see you

Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

All around me your creation
Brings me to my knees in adoration
Beauty here cannot compare to
What I see when I first see you

Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Life is good, eternal life is better
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Isn't amazing that Heaven is going to be more real than this??

Friday, August 25, 2006

So, Monday felt like Friday... then Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday all felt like Saturday, and today feels like Friday! Finally! lol.
So, we had Corey and Jared Blake Wednesday and some of yesterday, which turned out to be quite a fun time... despite several injuries. . When they got here, we hung out for a while then went to go play some wiffleball... corning style. The teams were: Dad, Jarred, Corey and Gideon verses Jared, PJ, Neeki and myself. The game was... kinda slow... compared to most games played, but it was still fun. .
Then, fooseball... for the sake of Corey and Jared I won't mention anything further about that. if they wish to tell you all what happened, then they can, I won't.
Then people got here so we got to play Football. The teams were: PJ, Corey, Dell, Neeki/Jenn, Daniel verses Jarred, Jared, Dem, Jesse, Bethany. Dad was all time QB. Good times... I fell once (and no, it wasn't Jesse's fault this time, he'll have you well know).
Afterwards we played Frisbee the teams were: Alex, Dell, Jared, PJ, and Anna verses Jarred, Daniel, Bethany, Dem, and Corey. And I collided with a couple people during that game... but I came out way better then usually!
THEN PIZZA!!!! That was a lot of fun. A lot of us went outside and ate in the front yard picnic style. Alex got some upstate NY chocolate milk for himself and Jared. lucky. lol. And Emma is one of the coolest people!
After that we tried to figure what we were going to do then finally decided on capture the flag. This was a lot of fun. despite the fact that it seemed that there were some unfair advantages for the other team. . They were still on the jersey side while we got the fun side! Well, when it was a bit darker, I went to the side of the house where you can go through thorn bushes, hop an fence and get on the otherside quite secretly and got to the otherside. I was over there for a while. Then as I was lying in some tall grass i see Corey walking over. It was one of those things were you could only pray that he wouldn't see you because there was practically no chance of him not seeing you. So when I knew that he saw me I made a mad dash to get away. I'll say that I got pretty far... but before I could get away Corey tags me... slips on the wet grass makign me fall down as well. So, after sliding five feet on my shoulder, falling on my back I was rather stiff and sore for the remainder of my time in JAIL. Oh it was a blast. Then I accidentally got Alex in jail (and no Anna, you were very hard to see). So, the game ended with Corey diving into a thorn bush, getting caught and realizing that God must want him to always have scratches and scars on his face and the game ended in a draw.
Then we stayed up till midnight talking about nothing... then decided to go work out in the morning at the Y. It was a lot of fun... hahaha. Then we went off to get 'bagels with Jaffrey...' and got INTENSE chocolate milk... not the lowfat stuff. And we can do that cause we worked out. haha.
We hung out then they finally headed out at the very last minute. Corey will be back in a week and a day or soemthing like that. and Jared will be here on the e-team! Can't wait.
Sorry for the randomness! It's all I got

ps. please be praying for my sarcasm (not that I would get better at it, but that there is not nearly as much of it in my talk as there is right now). it's getting me into a lot of trouble with my conscience (therefore God has been convicting me about it). So, yes, I am really sorry to all those people I've been sarcastic with... (which is pretty much everyone I talk with unfortuanatly). Please know that I am trying to change that in my life right now!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today will go down in history as the day that I beat Bethany Rawleigh at DDR!!!! YAY!! hahahaha. I won during the song 'Can't stop Loving' I think. somthing random like that. (It shall also be mentioned as a side note that I won several other times after that... but the first time is what really matters. lol).

Well, I went driving again today... someday this is gonna get old, but until then, i do really like learning how to drive. . Maybe when I grow up I'll be really good and actually know where the lights are! And when I accidentally turn on the windshield wipers, that I'll know how to turn them off. haha. (*quick thought* hope nobody makes fun of me for that, lol).

Sunday night we had a campfire with our caregroup and some caregroup wannabe's, hehe. It was such a great time! Alex Jarred and I were gonna do an Indian Tribal dance around the fire, but we never got around to it, someday though! We played football, my team won... techinically... hmm, yeah. But it was really neat, cause we were all there and it felt like we were family... all of us just chillin out, watching for shooting stars. talking about the future, toasting marshmellows, making fire!!! Telling jokes, and just enjoying one another's company! It was great!! Going down in history as one of the most memorable nights ever for Delian Jayce Cornfield!

Someday though, we are going to do an Indian Tribal dance around a fire!

Well, I've got to go work out tomorrow (early) then these two Corning wannabe's are coming to my house so i've got to clean it all up... hehe, I'm okay with that (MAYBE). So, off to bed I go!

Have a great night everyone. If you read this, I just prayed for you! May your thoughts be glorifying to God!


ps. La Abuela is now leaving our driveway. I hear her making funny noises... haha.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

So... I have officially gone... 60 mph!! hahahaha. (please, nobody make fun of me. lol).

I really don't have a whole lot to talk about. sorry, i'm such a hoser. lol.

I went and worked out this morning and my shin is starting to hurt again... so hopefully that goes away, but I feel better because Jarred just started cross country and he's really really sore (as in he's having a hard time walking, hehehe)... but I'm hungry and I'm making a grilled cream cheese and jelly sandwhich.

'Let all the words from my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to You, Oh Lord, my rock and redeemer.' Psalm 19:14

Monday, August 14, 2006

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So... guess what?

I GOT MY PERMIT TODAY! I'm so excited, and for all you other hosers with a license or permit, don't take my thunder! hahaha, jst jk. I'm really excited! Just went driving for the first time on the road with dad in the Suburban (which is a beast to drive) and it was great! Actually, it really felt like I had already driven before and stuff so I wasn't nervous at all... with the exception of turning when there was a car right there. So... I'm pretty excited and now I've got to go eat!!!
adios amigos!


Saturday, August 12, 2006

I've finally gotten my brother back! Beth's monkey's (whom I watched as she was gone) have been given back to her. . Right now we're all jamming out in the living room, and Alex and dad just got back from getting coffee at starbucks and a video camera for Jess.
This was something I wrote yesterday outside when the sun was just setting, I was by myself sitting on the ground next to our gazebo... alone thinking about Heaven... as I started writing excitment filled me... these are the words that came from my heart.

This Adventure Awaits
A rippling breeze
A sunset of ease
Warmth that does not cease
What is this place?
Joy radiates off of my face
It fills my soul with excitement
This is the place where I’ve been sent

Never ending days of adventure
Filled with nights so pure
I could always be sure
That I would never have to leave
And this comfort I receive
The joy of being where I belong
My heart breaks into beautiful song

I am in the place where I always wanted to be
I am in the place I longed to see
I am finally here… I am finally free
From all the misery of my mistakes
Thinking of it all my heart wakes
I sit here completely in love
To the Home I have finally come

Words cannot describe my delight
But I will try and explain the sight
This marvelous place where all is right
The joy that fills your soul overflows
It never stops it only grows
Those perfect places you always dreamed of…
This is it… it is perfect… full of love

You breath in and you couldn’t have drawn in a fuller breath
But the next is even more in-depth
In this place where there is no death
Your comfort never leaves
There is always something new to perceive
You never grow weak, only stronger
You days are never shortened, they only become longer

The sky above never ends
No matter how far you should ascend
There is always another bend
It goes on forever
There’s always something new to discover
Come through and enter the gate
This adventure awaits

I can't wait!

Have a great day at church tomorrow!

-----10-15 minutes later-----
okay, so i have to wait another 20 minutes before I can go to bed so that I can switch out the laundry so that I have the shirt i want to wear for church clean. I know, I should have done this during the day, but I'm a horrible procastinator and now i have to pay for the consequences. I can't really think of anything to write... but I'm afraid if I try to do somethign else (like read or write or something more productive) I'll fall asleep (which would be bad). So this is more for my own sake then for your entertainment. . Well, Beth came over and hung out for a while after they got back from the Worship Conference... that was mad fun! Beth is probably one of the coolest people in the world and i'm not gonna lie! high five girl!

So, earlier today and yesterday evening when I was writing 'This Adventure Awaits' I had a sudden sense of this isn't the place (earth) where all my dreams are necassarily gonna come true. there are the deeper dreams of what I specifically want to do with my life... I've always wanted to be a writer, but I want to be a mom more, and I was thinking about how that might clash... but then I was thinking... 'hey, you can write all you want here... but think of all the greater things you're gonna be able to write about in Heaven and how much more TIME you're gonna have!' I got pretty excited! Also I'm pretty much looking forward to getting rid of all these scars I've got... I was telling somebody the other day that I couldn't wait for Heaven so that all my scars would dissapear, and since the scar on my leg has been acting up a lot lately (as in causing some intense pain) I'm pretty much lookign forward to the day when it's gone! And I've always wanted to be able to sing... well... anybody that knows me knows I can't sing... so now that you know me... i can't sing... (rephrase that, 'I can't sing well.). I'm hoping that in Heaven that I'll be able to sing beautifully, not only with my voice, but with my heart. And I can't wait to see the stars! I love the stars... and i want to go to Neverland someday... hehehe. sorry, inside joke between me and somebody else.

I think that my laundry is pretty much done. Don't feel bad if you have only skimmed through this, or even just saw it and went somewhere else cause you didn't feel like reading all of it! I understand completely (probaby cause I've done it to you one time or another) . Have a great day!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

God has been teaching me a lot lately... but mostly it would be to pursue Him... desires for Him and knowledge of Him. My spiritual life has often been 'if God wants me to love Him, or to know Him more, He'll either give it to me or give the desire to pursue it in me.' So on and off I have pursued these things... but since desires for Him go away when I desire the world (and seeing as I am a sinner) I often desire the world. It has been a struggle, but one that I'm praying that God will stregthen me to continue in for as long as I live. My life has so often been 'me time' instead of focused on God... and that not only interferes with my focus on Him, but also in how I treat everyone around me... especially my family and even with my close friends. I do wish to grow, and even though sometimes I don't have a 'burning passion' for it, there is somewhat of a desire for it (focusing on God, learning about God, loving God ect). I could use some prayer... especially that I would not become discouraged when I fail, but instead humble myself before God and cry out to Him, and also that I would continue to confess my sins to others when I do sin against them...especially my family.

Thank you all so much!!!

Continuing to cling to the Cross.


Here Is My Life

In my car on the road again
My head is spinning
Hoping that this isn’t a dead end
But once again my trust is slipping
Gas pedal on the floor as I take the next bend
Suddenly I’m skidding
My life flashes before me… am I dead?
My soul starts screaming
Just give me one more chance!!

Life never seems so sweet
Till it’s almost taken away from you
Death never seems such a defeat
Till it’s all you have left to do
You can’t go back and press delete
On all those mistakes that you knew
Would be right there with you
What you gonna do…
With this new concept in view?

In my new car on the highway
I am blinded by my tears
Hoping they go away
But once again the aching draws near
Break on the floor the car begins to sway
Suddenly I hear
Sirens on their way
Am I really here?
My soul begins to pray
“Father please be near!”

Life never seems so sweet
Till it’s almost taken away from you
Death never seems such a defeat
Till it’s all you have left to do
You can’t go back and press delete
On all those mistakes that you knew
Would be right there with you
What you gonna do…
With this new concept in view?

Here is my life
Here is my heart
Here’s what’s been going on deep down inside
You’ve given me a new start
So here is my life

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Alrighty, here are some pictures i promised ;-)!!!
Some of them aren't the best quality because I scanned them (they were taken from a disposable camera). Anyhow, each have their own story... not really, but here ya go!
Me and my sistas!! Or at least some of them. Anna, Rachael, and me. This was after one of our missions and we were all cleaned up. I had my new favorite t-shirt on!! 'FREED'(not to be confused with 'Fred')

The infamous Anna with Adam's (the other guy's) Boston Hat! Go Anna!

This is the backseat of the van on the way to YC06! We all have our pink hair (mine still remains)

DEFEND... and what's this... ORANGE hair?? lol.

This was only the beginning results. Pretty much everyone (give or take a few) on my team did their hair orange.

Scarface and bro

And my ultimate Favorite!!! That's my brother... looking masculine!! ;-).

Hope yall have enjoyed!

Living life focused on the cross and nothing but the cross!


Monday, August 07, 2006

The long awaited post by dell cornfield about yc06.
If you guys want interesting then go to Luke Demi's xanga... if you want spiritual, go to Whitney's blog... don't expect a whole lot from this. just the basics ;).

Went to youth camp... we made it... there at least. Pretty much was really excited, saw peoples i knew (like Jared blake decked out in pink socks, Corey in fake black hair, Jennifer Snapp ect). Suddenly two men in black shirts and camoflauge pants with sunglasses and hats started talking to me. I didn't know what to do... should i just say 'daytime and run?' or should i try not to offend them. Instead I heard somebody say their name. 'Mr. Stickler and Jesse'. Yes, these two scary people were from Corning and I actually knew both of them. I was on the orange team... my team was: Grant Clark, Maureen McMullin, Karen Meiklejohn, Sean, Luke, Liz, Caitlyn, Corey, Caleb, Lang, Emily, KK, Phil and me. Good team!!! Thanks to all of you!! Rocked my world!

Got to know my team... though i knew most of them already. We did some games... didn't run into any trees... so it was pretty uneventful. We won at noodle sockey... we had the pink noodles so that was pretty sweet! That night the sermon was by Marty Machowski (sp?). Which was really good. I went over it again yesterday morning and it was a good time for my devotions.

Wednesday was the day we got 'the baby' hahahahaha.

But Wednesday August 2nd of 2006 will probably always be remembered as the day that Corey Blake ran into a tree! hahahahaha. Sorry Corey. ;-).

Thursday... oh thursday... it will always be remembered as the first day I ever rode on a bus! ;-). It was the first day of our missions... starting with that night, we had one hour shifts to stay up (I stayed up from 1 to 2 and nearly flipped out when Sean didn't come until the last minute... ;-). (I woke up at 6 and got ready for prayer meeting.. (I did this everymorning so this will be the only time it is mentioned)...). So, we listened to our seminars (I went to Assault on sin and then assault on scripture, both were amazing!). Perhaps I shall post my notes sometime (if that is what others would want ;-).
We had lunch... which i probably didn't eat a lot of. then got ready for our mission. yes our mission. of hiking for miles that seemed never to end. hahaha. here's a shout out to my team tho! You guys did an awesome job!! Couldn't have been more blessed with your care and support! We headed out there... did our competion sight... lost unfortaunatly, and i got hit in the foot by a water balloon (and it's on video, but it doesn't look very cool, lol). And poor Emily (who I especially give a shout out to) fell down the hill of competion sight... and bruised her whole leg... it hurt really really bad but she still was a trooper and got through just dandy!! ;-). You rock girl!

We headed out to the woods... Our team (led by our fearless wandering Grant Clark) made our way through the rocks and other random assorted piles of things that would be in the way of our (always) correct GPS path. We were almost to our first mission sight (*cough* so we though *cough*) when our team member Lang stepped on a huge hornets nest. He was stung five times and we needed to get him to a nurse. However, we had to decide on wether to go to our next mission sight or back. The fastest way to get help for Lang was back. Back we headed. We got back (carefully watching out for bees and making sure that Lang had more then enough bug spray). Here's a shout out to you Lang for hanging in there and being such a trooper!!!

Once he got taken care of, our team once again headed back out. That day we only got one mission done, but our team proved itself able to take any challenge!

I shall also add that we were all wearing pants and it was over a 100 degrees out.

We got back (after we found out our amazing GPS had been given the wrong coordinates). The sermon and worship that night was refreshing and though it was rather hot in the chapel it was still a very uplifting time! The sermon that night I believe was by Mr. Shorey and was about Thomas the believer! Who now, next to John is my favorite disciple. We all had our group discussions which was really neat since I found a whole bunch of ways I could be praying for my team members and leaders.

Friday proved itself a much cooler day ;-). The seminars I went to were Assault on the family (which was amazing!) and Assault on the church which was very interesting and applicable. God kind of encouraged me through Assault on the family to begin to start learning now how to be a good wife and be praying for my future husband though I don't know who he is... and also to be a better sister and daughter (Here's a shout out to the Smith family who God used in a huge way to impact my life this past camp!!!). Then missions. Yay!! ;-). We went up and down cliffs that were like this ./ and like ! crazy. Emily here's another shout out to you for being so dandy! Phil you were great at being such a great encourager and making sure that we didn't... well, die. Maureen thank you so much for your humble spirit in not complaining at all! Grant thank you for leading so fantastically!! Liz and Caitlyn were great about always having something funny to say and to make each one of us smile! Sean you were great at making sure that everyone was ok and having a good time. Luke you were the comic relief that everyone needed desperatly! KK was always there noticing when someone needed help or encouragement. Mrs. Meiklejohn was a trooper and never once slacked! Lang by the end of Friday was helping everyone else! Corey and Caleb, even though it was their first year knew more about hiking then all of us put togther (maybe... minus Grant). And once again sorry for the complaining heart I had that probably made life that much harder for everyone. Especially Sean and Phil who seemed to always be the ones around to hear my complaints.

We did survive. And we found a turtle and named it Rafael Rodriguez! However, it ran away (why... we'll never know ;-). Luke made a grand story about how a guy and girl lizard were evovled into turtles and we still don't know why it's okay for them to date and not us. hahaha. jst jk.

We got to ride in a jammed packed bus with Purple team... green team (I think) red team (maybe, I think) and several of the leaders (maybe even more, I don't remember). I just sat down next to Rachael and tried to rest for a little while.

We got back... almost missed out on dinner (which would have been awful!) but God is good and we ate! We got ready for the night session then headed over there (after other random events).

That night the worship was fantastic! God was meeting there in a big way!! The sermon was by Dave Harvey and on '' or something of that sort. It was about guarding our hearts! It was grand! Then rootbear floats. I bought a coke and had a tasty cake. hahaha. Hung out with random people, but mostly dad. it was a lot of fun. However, I almost started crying when they told us we had to have all our stuff the next morning up at the tent so that we could be ready to leave. but please note. i did not. lol.

The next morning went by way too fast. But it was still a lot of fun! A lot of us did all our hair orange... the greatest was when Liz did her hair then her dad saw her... his face was priceless!! ;-). You guys all were great sports for doing your hair! (and for those of you didn't, remember, we did get points for it, lol).

The baptism was great! It's amazing to see how much God is working in everyones lives! (btw Smith family, that is when I was so touched by your togetherness as a family!).

There isn't much more to say. We had our last session. Said thank you to all the people who needed to be thanked. Had lunch together as a team... enocuraged one another (one of my most favotirest times as a team togther!) And then began to say goodbye. it was sad, but also encouraging that I had made so many friends, espeically the girls on my team, Elizabeth Shorey (who I might add is probably one of the coolest people in Covie Land), and many others!!

Hopefully I'll get to see all you corning wanna be's on the e-team eh? hahaha. I'll see yall around anyhow, maybe i'll come down sometime!

God bless everyone.

A saved sinner being sanctified by a saving Savior!


ps. pics will come later!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

YOUTH CAMP 2006./././.
looks like they're gonna kill us... but we'll have fun!!! ;-).

peace out.