Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey... I'm over at the Jeror's since this guy is fixing our computer (Jarred was teasing me about it cause he said someone was coming over to fix Dell, so that is why I was confused, thus my story of why I'm on this computer instead of mine.
But hey, about the good news -- I got to see my little bro this morning (DJ). Yeah, he's cool, and weird but I'm cool with that since he's cool. Anyway... I'm gonna go, so latta!


PS SNOWDAY!!! umm hopefully... ;-).


damaris said...

OH HAPPY DAY!! congrads!!!!

you have to post a pic of your new bro, 'k?

Delian said...

You can check some out on my bro's blog if ya want.

Nicole said...

Congrats again big sis! Hopefully tomorrow I will make you an adopted sis/aunt, whichever... :) Love you lots girl!

Delian said...

YAY! I'm gonna be an adopted sister/aunt today!!!!!