Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Four days until Canada day.

I've got five days till sweet sixteen.

I've got like five weeks till YC06.

Chris Adam and Michael have three days until Colorado.

I've got all of my life and more to know Christ!

Living life knowing that Christ lived then laid down His life so that I could live.

So Here I Am

Verse 1
This world is slipping from my feet
And I feel as if in defeat
All the plans I've made for my life
Are slipping from my sight
I'm struggling to keep a hold
Then suddenly I am told
That Christ is in control
I have to let go...

I'm praying to You
Cause You will get me through
I'm on my knees
Offering all of me

So here I am
Pledging my heart to Your plan
Here I amTrusting in You I stand
Because no power below or above
Can change Your plan of love
So here I am

Verse 2
I've held on to this dream so long
I can't bear to think of it gone
Then it gently waves goodbye
And I stand in these tears I cry
Then I hear a whisper in my ear
Telling me there's nothing to fear
Christ knows what's best for me
So I let what I can't see

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

They're leaving tomorrow...

Friday, June 23, 2006


Having a party over at Denison Park!!! ;)

Then ice cream fellowship time (instead of ice cream social, lol).

AND THEN... don't know yet... something cool.

That's about all I got.

p.e.a.c.e o.u.t. g.a.n.g.m.i.l.l.s.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Seven days... until friends leave...

Twelve days... until sweet sixteen...

42 days... until YC06...

It's all bittersweet...

God is good through it all...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

and that is truly a miracle! Emma and her brother and sister (five yrs old and 2 yrs old) got into their van which had just arrived back from grocery shopping and it started going backwards... Emma either fell out or jumped out and was run over by the front tire... fortuanatly she was flat when it rolled over her... she was inches away from a tree... and she landed on the only grass spot (God's hand) and if the tire had rolled over any other part of her body it would have been way worse. However... she was taken to the hospital, then airlifted to Rochester... she got there and the doctors said her liver was in bad shape... (on a scale from one to five and five beeing 'no more liver' her's was a four). But since she was responding so well they did not do surgery... then her liver ruptered... but she still was responding very well (in fact she kept asking for water and food and when her mom explained the situation to her she would wait five minutes then say 'I asked for water') so the doctors said she could go home... however she is very delicate and has to move very slowly for quiet a while... but overall it truly is amazing that she didn't have surgery and that I'm going to see her in a little bit at church!!! Our God is an awesome God!! Thank you all for everyone of your prayers... you have no idea how blessed we all are!!!! Everyone there in Massachussetts, Philly, PA, GA, NY, Canada, FL and NY (and any others I missed, I'm not sure how fast this news spread) Thank you! It is so great how God placed His hand on Emma's life and also had so many people come together from all over to pray for her! Please keep praying for a fast recover (even though so far it's been a remarkable one) but this is something to thank God for! Praise our Sovereign God for He is mighty holy and on top of that... loving! Thank You God!

peace out.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hey... a little friend of mine, Emma Efthimiou was run over by their van today, I've heard different stories of how it happened but I don't know. Right now she's in the hospital and all in all I don't know a whole lot. I know she has bruised lungs, a scratched or cut liver, and maybe even internal bleeding. Please keep her in your prayers! I love her so much.

thank you all

Father I don't understand
Why has this hapened to my friend?
Why would You let this happen?
Will she be okay in the end?

These tears I shed for my little friend
Is a message to You
In Your decision her life depends
Only You can pull her through

Just yesterday she was drawing pictures
Just yesterday during worship I saw her stand
I can still see her pretty features
I can still feel her holding my hand

Please let her be okay
I know in Your hands is her destiny
I only ask that she would not feel pain
And that she would come back okay

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yesterday was fantastic... lol. It started out completely normal (except for the fact that a friend of mine called at 6:30 to see if we could get together) so we hung out for a while which was lots of fun until just about 11. Then lets see... played basketball... took a nap... got up... cleaned up the kitchen... then I took out the trash... that's right, I took out the trash... THEN, I took two steps out the door and swung the trash bag behind me, something scraped my leg... I looked down thinking it probably wasn't that big of a deal. HOWEVER, all I could see was this gash in my leg with blood gushing out. Pain immediately surged through my leg. I called out for mom, she came running out. My little brother Gabriel stood lookign on confused but not worried. Mom held the cut called out for Jarred, but he didn't hear. Mom grabbed a clean blue sheet from the gazebo where it had been hanging it up to dry. I held it over the bleeding cut. Jarred came out, mom got some butterfuly stitches. THis time Jarred got to hold the cut shut and mom butterfly stitched it . And I shall let all know that I did not once cry. Then mom said I should call dad... I did, told him then made the decision that we should probably go to the ER... so off mom and I went (along with little brother Gabriel). Oh, and I give extra Biblical Masculinity points to Jarred for helping carry me out to the car.
Mom and I got there, I wanted crutches to get in the hospital, but mom got me a wheel chair... it was cool after I stopped feeling like some old person. I went to the same ER room as I did last time to get my stitches in my finger... and stitches it was for my leg... dang. So, I got five shots to numb it (I hate needles with a vengence) then five stitches to stitch it up. The doctor bandaged it up, then sent me home with some of my leg still numb.
So, anyhow, I'm still alive... but I figured that was interesting so I posted about it. Talk to yall later
Peace Out