Saturday, August 12, 2006

I've finally gotten my brother back! Beth's monkey's (whom I watched as she was gone) have been given back to her. . Right now we're all jamming out in the living room, and Alex and dad just got back from getting coffee at starbucks and a video camera for Jess.
This was something I wrote yesterday outside when the sun was just setting, I was by myself sitting on the ground next to our gazebo... alone thinking about Heaven... as I started writing excitment filled me... these are the words that came from my heart.

This Adventure Awaits
A rippling breeze
A sunset of ease
Warmth that does not cease
What is this place?
Joy radiates off of my face
It fills my soul with excitement
This is the place where I’ve been sent

Never ending days of adventure
Filled with nights so pure
I could always be sure
That I would never have to leave
And this comfort I receive
The joy of being where I belong
My heart breaks into beautiful song

I am in the place where I always wanted to be
I am in the place I longed to see
I am finally here… I am finally free
From all the misery of my mistakes
Thinking of it all my heart wakes
I sit here completely in love
To the Home I have finally come

Words cannot describe my delight
But I will try and explain the sight
This marvelous place where all is right
The joy that fills your soul overflows
It never stops it only grows
Those perfect places you always dreamed of…
This is it… it is perfect… full of love

You breath in and you couldn’t have drawn in a fuller breath
But the next is even more in-depth
In this place where there is no death
Your comfort never leaves
There is always something new to perceive
You never grow weak, only stronger
You days are never shortened, they only become longer

The sky above never ends
No matter how far you should ascend
There is always another bend
It goes on forever
There’s always something new to discover
Come through and enter the gate
This adventure awaits

I can't wait!

Have a great day at church tomorrow!

-----10-15 minutes later-----
okay, so i have to wait another 20 minutes before I can go to bed so that I can switch out the laundry so that I have the shirt i want to wear for church clean. I know, I should have done this during the day, but I'm a horrible procastinator and now i have to pay for the consequences. I can't really think of anything to write... but I'm afraid if I try to do somethign else (like read or write or something more productive) I'll fall asleep (which would be bad). So this is more for my own sake then for your entertainment. . Well, Beth came over and hung out for a while after they got back from the Worship Conference... that was mad fun! Beth is probably one of the coolest people in the world and i'm not gonna lie! high five girl!

So, earlier today and yesterday evening when I was writing 'This Adventure Awaits' I had a sudden sense of this isn't the place (earth) where all my dreams are necassarily gonna come true. there are the deeper dreams of what I specifically want to do with my life... I've always wanted to be a writer, but I want to be a mom more, and I was thinking about how that might clash... but then I was thinking... 'hey, you can write all you want here... but think of all the greater things you're gonna be able to write about in Heaven and how much more TIME you're gonna have!' I got pretty excited! Also I'm pretty much looking forward to getting rid of all these scars I've got... I was telling somebody the other day that I couldn't wait for Heaven so that all my scars would dissapear, and since the scar on my leg has been acting up a lot lately (as in causing some intense pain) I'm pretty much lookign forward to the day when it's gone! And I've always wanted to be able to sing... well... anybody that knows me knows I can't sing... so now that you know me... i can't sing... (rephrase that, 'I can't sing well.). I'm hoping that in Heaven that I'll be able to sing beautifully, not only with my voice, but with my heart. And I can't wait to see the stars! I love the stars... and i want to go to Neverland someday... hehehe. sorry, inside joke between me and somebody else.

I think that my laundry is pretty much done. Don't feel bad if you have only skimmed through this, or even just saw it and went somewhere else cause you didn't feel like reading all of it! I understand completely (probaby cause I've done it to you one time or another) . Have a great day!


joyful said...

That poem is so true. Good job Dell. You rock my world. Luv ya sista!!!

Little sister said...

So...I just go back from the worship conference...and Pat Sczebel ed worship one of the nights and it was awesome!!!! I LUVED IT!!!

joel sczebel said...

I read much of it.
it was good.

orange lily said...

thnx... but only by God's grace.

orange lily said...

thnx... but only by God's grace.

Mattea K. said...

Hey that is a sooo true post

Tai said...

Once again, I left this comment on your xanga first, but here it is again:

Speechless again.

There are SO many ways that you can use your gift of writing - even writing beautiful letters to you future spouse - if you write him anything like I've seen of your writing, he'll be blessed! I have
always thought I would like to do something super - change the world by being in government or being a journalist or archaeologist...but lately (over the past year or more) God has just been confirming to me that what is deep in my heart is to be a mother and godly wife that my husband can be proud of - and that God will smile on and say someday, "Well done, good and faithful servant..." not because everyone knew my name or read my articles in the Washington Post or New York Times, but because I was faithful in the tasks He gave to me and lived with a joyful heart- joyful in Him. There have been some struggles - like people still thinking I could do something better with my life because I have "so many talents" - they think I should go to college etc...but the struggle deep inside me is, would I be content if no one but my family ever knew my name, would I be content if I never even made it to beauty school, would I be content if I had to live with my parents for the rest of my life, would I be content if God never sent "my knight in shining armor" along, would I be content if I never finished one single story or if no one liked any of my poems, would I be content if all of the thoughts - big or small - about the future never came into play?

I am still working on trusting in God's plan for my life (A man's heart plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps) and not getting all grey thinking about the "what if's" and stuff...anyway, I have no idea why I just wrote all of that...but ENJOY - hehe!

~Tai Sophia