Thursday, August 31, 2006

Doesn't everybody just love the dentist??

I had a dentist appointment today. I love it how they tell you how beautiful your teath are and are praising you for flossing and brushing of teeth after ever mean (and plus) when you really haven't done any of those things (especially the flossing). It makes me think if they're not really laughing at me, or if they really do think I've been flossing my teeth after ever meal...? hmm I wonder.

Well, they say my teeth are fine... I didn't have to get xrays... however they did mention something about pulling out wisdom teeth... NOOOO!! Let me keep my wisdom, I'm sure I need it! (plus I don't want that minor problem of extreme pain).

I made cookies tonight... the first couple of batches weren't the greatest (because I was writing and they got kind of burnt, adn I hadn't added enough flour), but I added flour and the rest turned out a ok.

Well, that's about all that's been going on here! Other then the fact that I immensly enjoyed the sunshiney day!!

Jarred is in the back playing his electric, it's rockin the house! When I grow up maybe I'll get as good as he is! (then again... maybe before I grow up eh? lol). I'm actually at the point where PJ can teach me something and I know what he's saying! hahaha. My hope is to be able to jam with PJ and Jarred at the latest by next summer... I'm not very far now, just learning on strumming and memorizing the top string in E and D (so that I can play bar chords well in E and in drop D). Anyhow, enough of my random ramblings! Hope everyone is having a great day!



lil dami said...

muahaha. i don't have to get mine removed. i only have 2 wisdom teeth. considering how tiny my mouth is I think it's God's grace.

hey. i'm always told i need to floss more! i smile & nod. what i don't say is that i really floss even less than she thinks. but i've never had a cavity so it seems to work...haha.
i hate the dentist. well not the person. and i like the after part.
but i hate going, and i hate having my teeth scratched with sharp metal objects...

and i really need more than 4hrs of sleep every night..i get too hyper. if i get less than 5hrs, my mind goes haywire and i'm to "awake" to sleep...

joel sczebel said...

1. if you make them knock you out, losing your wisdom doesn't hurt that bad. I lost mine, which is why if the rest of this makes sense you'll understand.

2. I can't bake cookies. They turn out more like burnt pizzas.

3. Let me plead with you not to over use drop D. Every punk that picks up a guitar these days knows how to play their three favorite punkish songs in drop D or with bar chords, but couldn't strum through an easy worship song. Drop D isn't bad, Punkish songs aren't bad, bar chords aren't bad, but make sure you don't overuse that style or overlook the softer side of the guitar.

peace out.

Andrew said...

Yes, I may have to have my wisdom teeth out soon. I agree that people probably should be knocked out for it too.

Congrats on learning to understand what PJ is saying!

And I agree with joel, power chords are fun, but rather over-used.

PS. about that guy in my profile picture, ahem, he's playing jazz.

dams said...

dells, i'd listen to joe; cause he's a pretty good guitarist.

despite his lack of baking skills...hahaha.

als said...

i have horrible teeth, the dentist hates me.

and i can NOT bake.

Andrew said...

I have some fillings, and I'll probably need more, although it's not really my fault, I was actualy born with unusualy large cavities in my molars : (

And I can't bake either.

Mattea K. said...

I just had a tooth pulled last week. But I don't know if it counts because it was a baby tooth. The big tooth wasn't coming in in so it had to be pulled then 3 gold chains were attatched to the big tooth and its now being gradually pulled down.

Whoa, I'd better go, I think my triple chocolate double layer suprem razberry cheesecake that I just made needs to be put in the fridge.

joel sczebel said...

sounds good.

Karina said...

Anyone who ever used to visit my site, I just updated twice. (sorry it took so long)

dell said...

Getting teeth pulled is not going to be fun... blah!

Oh, I wouldn't go to drop D all the time! I'd rather play 'slow' stuff... sometimes... it depends. Usually the lyrics I write are for slower songs.

Anna needs to learn the drums.

Way to market your blog on my site ;-). It's ok KK.

Little sister said... bro agreed to teach me the drums now!!! Also...I wrote a couple cool new songs(no melody though)...luv ya! Plz update and post the pics from yesterday!!

the cool chic drummer

Anonymous said...

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