Friday, August 25, 2006

So, Monday felt like Friday... then Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday all felt like Saturday, and today feels like Friday! Finally! lol.
So, we had Corey and Jared Blake Wednesday and some of yesterday, which turned out to be quite a fun time... despite several injuries. . When they got here, we hung out for a while then went to go play some wiffleball... corning style. The teams were: Dad, Jarred, Corey and Gideon verses Jared, PJ, Neeki and myself. The game was... kinda slow... compared to most games played, but it was still fun. .
Then, fooseball... for the sake of Corey and Jared I won't mention anything further about that. if they wish to tell you all what happened, then they can, I won't.
Then people got here so we got to play Football. The teams were: PJ, Corey, Dell, Neeki/Jenn, Daniel verses Jarred, Jared, Dem, Jesse, Bethany. Dad was all time QB. Good times... I fell once (and no, it wasn't Jesse's fault this time, he'll have you well know).
Afterwards we played Frisbee the teams were: Alex, Dell, Jared, PJ, and Anna verses Jarred, Daniel, Bethany, Dem, and Corey. And I collided with a couple people during that game... but I came out way better then usually!
THEN PIZZA!!!! That was a lot of fun. A lot of us went outside and ate in the front yard picnic style. Alex got some upstate NY chocolate milk for himself and Jared. lucky. lol. And Emma is one of the coolest people!
After that we tried to figure what we were going to do then finally decided on capture the flag. This was a lot of fun. despite the fact that it seemed that there were some unfair advantages for the other team. . They were still on the jersey side while we got the fun side! Well, when it was a bit darker, I went to the side of the house where you can go through thorn bushes, hop an fence and get on the otherside quite secretly and got to the otherside. I was over there for a while. Then as I was lying in some tall grass i see Corey walking over. It was one of those things were you could only pray that he wouldn't see you because there was practically no chance of him not seeing you. So when I knew that he saw me I made a mad dash to get away. I'll say that I got pretty far... but before I could get away Corey tags me... slips on the wet grass makign me fall down as well. So, after sliding five feet on my shoulder, falling on my back I was rather stiff and sore for the remainder of my time in JAIL. Oh it was a blast. Then I accidentally got Alex in jail (and no Anna, you were very hard to see). So, the game ended with Corey diving into a thorn bush, getting caught and realizing that God must want him to always have scratches and scars on his face and the game ended in a draw.
Then we stayed up till midnight talking about nothing... then decided to go work out in the morning at the Y. It was a lot of fun... hahaha. Then we went off to get 'bagels with Jaffrey...' and got INTENSE chocolate milk... not the lowfat stuff. And we can do that cause we worked out. haha.
We hung out then they finally headed out at the very last minute. Corey will be back in a week and a day or soemthing like that. and Jared will be here on the e-team! Can't wait.
Sorry for the randomness! It's all I got

ps. please be praying for my sarcasm (not that I would get better at it, but that there is not nearly as much of it in my talk as there is right now). it's getting me into a lot of trouble with my conscience (therefore God has been convicting me about it). So, yes, I am really sorry to all those people I've been sarcastic with... (which is pretty much everyone I talk with unfortuanatly). Please know that I am trying to change that in my life right now!


Little sister said...

Dell...I've been praying about that for all the youth in the church!! Isn't the gift of conviction great....though we may not like it sometimes!!! Yeah...we had a blast playing capture the flag...I still think you would have been able to see me when I got Alex. My ankles, knees...well my whole legs are sore and have bruises on them...courtesy of Jared Blake!!! Glad you guys worked out and got to have chocolate milk cuz of it!!! luv ya gurl, and remember that I pray for you every day!!

Delian said...

hahaha. Yes. My excuse for eating anything sugary was because I had 'worked out' that morning. ;).

Sorry to hear you're so sore. lol. it's life... I still feel like i haven't caught up on sleep... and i took a nap today!

Thank you so much for your prayers! I love you so much!!!

Andrew said...

So was this a planned event?!

dell said...

not really. it was more of, we knew they were coming... but we spontaneously planned the events when they got here.

Mattea K. said...

Sounds like you guys/girls had a ton of fun!!!

joel sczebel said...

I don't even remember how to play capture the flag.

damaris said...

it's good that you're being convicted--it shows the Spirit of God is at work in your life.

so it's encouraging. kinda. in an odd way.

i'm thinking i should go before i make even less sense...

Nicole said...

I LOVE convictions. Very proud of you, I too am trying to be less/not sarcastic. Not the easiest of convictions to overcome but with the grace of God all things are possible.

Well, I don't know when I'll post next since you Cornfields have STOLEN my computer!!! Blast you Cornfield's!!!

Little sister said...

Dell...I've been praying for you gurl...also, I had a blast with ya'll testerday!!

Mattea K. said...

Hey Delian,
just to show how influential you are on my Dad; he has begun wearing his soul on a shoestring after seeing you with your soul on one.


That probably sounded wierd for all of you who don't know that the soul I'm talking about is a crystle pendant...not a human soul:^D