Monday, August 07, 2006

The long awaited post by dell cornfield about yc06.
If you guys want interesting then go to Luke Demi's xanga... if you want spiritual, go to Whitney's blog... don't expect a whole lot from this. just the basics ;).

Went to youth camp... we made it... there at least. Pretty much was really excited, saw peoples i knew (like Jared blake decked out in pink socks, Corey in fake black hair, Jennifer Snapp ect). Suddenly two men in black shirts and camoflauge pants with sunglasses and hats started talking to me. I didn't know what to do... should i just say 'daytime and run?' or should i try not to offend them. Instead I heard somebody say their name. 'Mr. Stickler and Jesse'. Yes, these two scary people were from Corning and I actually knew both of them. I was on the orange team... my team was: Grant Clark, Maureen McMullin, Karen Meiklejohn, Sean, Luke, Liz, Caitlyn, Corey, Caleb, Lang, Emily, KK, Phil and me. Good team!!! Thanks to all of you!! Rocked my world!

Got to know my team... though i knew most of them already. We did some games... didn't run into any trees... so it was pretty uneventful. We won at noodle sockey... we had the pink noodles so that was pretty sweet! That night the sermon was by Marty Machowski (sp?). Which was really good. I went over it again yesterday morning and it was a good time for my devotions.

Wednesday was the day we got 'the baby' hahahahaha.

But Wednesday August 2nd of 2006 will probably always be remembered as the day that Corey Blake ran into a tree! hahahahaha. Sorry Corey. ;-).

Thursday... oh thursday... it will always be remembered as the first day I ever rode on a bus! ;-). It was the first day of our missions... starting with that night, we had one hour shifts to stay up (I stayed up from 1 to 2 and nearly flipped out when Sean didn't come until the last minute... ;-). (I woke up at 6 and got ready for prayer meeting.. (I did this everymorning so this will be the only time it is mentioned)...). So, we listened to our seminars (I went to Assault on sin and then assault on scripture, both were amazing!). Perhaps I shall post my notes sometime (if that is what others would want ;-).
We had lunch... which i probably didn't eat a lot of. then got ready for our mission. yes our mission. of hiking for miles that seemed never to end. hahaha. here's a shout out to my team tho! You guys did an awesome job!! Couldn't have been more blessed with your care and support! We headed out there... did our competion sight... lost unfortaunatly, and i got hit in the foot by a water balloon (and it's on video, but it doesn't look very cool, lol). And poor Emily (who I especially give a shout out to) fell down the hill of competion sight... and bruised her whole leg... it hurt really really bad but she still was a trooper and got through just dandy!! ;-). You rock girl!

We headed out to the woods... Our team (led by our fearless wandering Grant Clark) made our way through the rocks and other random assorted piles of things that would be in the way of our (always) correct GPS path. We were almost to our first mission sight (*cough* so we though *cough*) when our team member Lang stepped on a huge hornets nest. He was stung five times and we needed to get him to a nurse. However, we had to decide on wether to go to our next mission sight or back. The fastest way to get help for Lang was back. Back we headed. We got back (carefully watching out for bees and making sure that Lang had more then enough bug spray). Here's a shout out to you Lang for hanging in there and being such a trooper!!!

Once he got taken care of, our team once again headed back out. That day we only got one mission done, but our team proved itself able to take any challenge!

I shall also add that we were all wearing pants and it was over a 100 degrees out.

We got back (after we found out our amazing GPS had been given the wrong coordinates). The sermon and worship that night was refreshing and though it was rather hot in the chapel it was still a very uplifting time! The sermon that night I believe was by Mr. Shorey and was about Thomas the believer! Who now, next to John is my favorite disciple. We all had our group discussions which was really neat since I found a whole bunch of ways I could be praying for my team members and leaders.

Friday proved itself a much cooler day ;-). The seminars I went to were Assault on the family (which was amazing!) and Assault on the church which was very interesting and applicable. God kind of encouraged me through Assault on the family to begin to start learning now how to be a good wife and be praying for my future husband though I don't know who he is... and also to be a better sister and daughter (Here's a shout out to the Smith family who God used in a huge way to impact my life this past camp!!!). Then missions. Yay!! ;-). We went up and down cliffs that were like this ./ and like ! crazy. Emily here's another shout out to you for being so dandy! Phil you were great at being such a great encourager and making sure that we didn't... well, die. Maureen thank you so much for your humble spirit in not complaining at all! Grant thank you for leading so fantastically!! Liz and Caitlyn were great about always having something funny to say and to make each one of us smile! Sean you were great at making sure that everyone was ok and having a good time. Luke you were the comic relief that everyone needed desperatly! KK was always there noticing when someone needed help or encouragement. Mrs. Meiklejohn was a trooper and never once slacked! Lang by the end of Friday was helping everyone else! Corey and Caleb, even though it was their first year knew more about hiking then all of us put togther (maybe... minus Grant). And once again sorry for the complaining heart I had that probably made life that much harder for everyone. Especially Sean and Phil who seemed to always be the ones around to hear my complaints.

We did survive. And we found a turtle and named it Rafael Rodriguez! However, it ran away (why... we'll never know ;-). Luke made a grand story about how a guy and girl lizard were evovled into turtles and we still don't know why it's okay for them to date and not us. hahaha. jst jk.

We got to ride in a jammed packed bus with Purple team... green team (I think) red team (maybe, I think) and several of the leaders (maybe even more, I don't remember). I just sat down next to Rachael and tried to rest for a little while.

We got back... almost missed out on dinner (which would have been awful!) but God is good and we ate! We got ready for the night session then headed over there (after other random events).

That night the worship was fantastic! God was meeting there in a big way!! The sermon was by Dave Harvey and on '' or something of that sort. It was about guarding our hearts! It was grand! Then rootbear floats. I bought a coke and had a tasty cake. hahaha. Hung out with random people, but mostly dad. it was a lot of fun. However, I almost started crying when they told us we had to have all our stuff the next morning up at the tent so that we could be ready to leave. but please note. i did not. lol.

The next morning went by way too fast. But it was still a lot of fun! A lot of us did all our hair orange... the greatest was when Liz did her hair then her dad saw her... his face was priceless!! ;-). You guys all were great sports for doing your hair! (and for those of you didn't, remember, we did get points for it, lol).

The baptism was great! It's amazing to see how much God is working in everyones lives! (btw Smith family, that is when I was so touched by your togetherness as a family!).

There isn't much more to say. We had our last session. Said thank you to all the people who needed to be thanked. Had lunch together as a team... enocuraged one another (one of my most favotirest times as a team togther!) And then began to say goodbye. it was sad, but also encouraging that I had made so many friends, espeically the girls on my team, Elizabeth Shorey (who I might add is probably one of the coolest people in Covie Land), and many others!!

Hopefully I'll get to see all you corning wanna be's on the e-team eh? hahaha. I'll see yall around anyhow, maybe i'll come down sometime!

God bless everyone.

A saved sinner being sanctified by a saving Savior!


ps. pics will come later!


damaris said...'s unfinished. purposly? or no?

dell said...

nope... had to go eat and accidentally pressed enter... sorry ;)

joel sczebel said...

SOUNDS like fun.

Andrew said...

Once on my old History class website, one of the students was fooling around and typed something about the teacher that he shouldn't have and accidentaly hit enter! And you don't have a delete option on there, so all he could do was post one below it that said "disregard my last post". But I felt so sorry for him.

Little sister said...

No Joel...I know it SOUNDS like fun...but it WAS day we got told to go to the wrong place on the mountain, so we ended up 5 miles away from everything, ran out of water, our team leaders cell phone batteries ran out, 2 girls sprained their ankles, and 2 girls had bad asthma....but even when we were lost...we had a BLAST!!! The worship was pretty good as well...peace out!!

joel sczebel said...

well since I wasn't there it can only sound fun to me.

I would have re-wrecked my ankle as well.

Mattea K. said...

What was all this about 1 hour shifts?

Mattea K. said...

Yeah Dell!

joel sczebel said...

Long post.
I once stepped on a hornet's nest. not cool.

Andrew said...

But it was random enough to be so. Is that how your ankle got hurt?

Tai said...

Luv ya Dell!

Pink Socks rock!

Great post!

By the way, it was "" (Mr. Harvey's message) and that one and the Assault on the Family one I think impacted me the most, though Thomas, Assault on the Church and Assault on the Scriptures were good too...they were ALL good, but the first two just seem to always come to mind first.

joel sczebel said...

Ankle was wrecked during a soccer game.
Hornets were a whole different occasion.
Neither was very fun.

Andrew said...


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Yellow person

nobody person said...

you people sure like to write