Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Derick, Nicole, Chris, Boyka, Adopted brother, and Natalie are back!!!!! YAY! I missed them a whole lot more then I thought I would, lol. I'm happy they're back although I'm also glad they had a good time (also with a small pang of envy that they also got to hang with Christy, lol, I'll get over it). So life goes on, I'm having to take one step at a time, but its hard not to look forward then falling on my face cause I wasn't looking where I was going cause of my blondeness.

Aaahhh, randomness! These Canadians and Floridians are totally rubbing off on me, haha.

Life goes on step by step
The memories of life in my mind
All these things I have kept
So on that day that I have cried
I will see why I wept
And though I will have tried
I'm not sure if I can accept
The fact that I cannot find
Why I cried and wept
So next time, I'll just save my tears
So I don't have to worry about these fears
Of not seeing you
even through
these tears I've wept and kept
for you.


joel sczebel said...

Did you write the little poemish thing?

Delian said...

Yes, I did. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who is that written to?

Anyone in general?

Or just a poem?

Delian said...

first I should ask who's asking... haha. I have my guesses of who you are... but I'm not sure ;).
& that's for me to know and for you never to find out ;)... hahaha. It's just a poem.

Andrew said...

That's good!

P.S. I was not anonymous. ; )

damaris said...

i really like that poem.

my mom wants to go see her great-grandma again; and if i go i will drive over to corning and see ya'll on sunday!!! it'll be a while and i most likely won't go. i'm trying to save up for a trip to canada to see aly this summer.

Delian said...

That would be sweet if you could come!!! Twould rock my world!