Monday, December 19, 2005

New people to encourage!

Here ya go... a few encouragments that will hopefully ease the passing on of the Catalyst.

The first new person will be Whitney!
Whitney has been such an encourager and an example of what it means to be a true friend! She is continually pouring God's grace onto other's lives through the way she is always finding ways to pray and praying for others! She and her family came to Corning literally after a couple of visits... another amazing story of trust in God! Her faith in God has been firmly planted in His word and works in her life that have impacted me deeply! She has a way of figuring out whats wrong even if you don't tell her (haha). So thank you Whit for the way you have continually served me in our friendship and with everyone in our church!!!

Next is Stevie Wonder... aka Steven. Yes, I've known him through the rough and the smooth and I know it hasn't been easy for him! Yet his love for God has grown into a flame that will not be put out! When we first met Steven he wasn't a Christian but thought of himself as a 'good kid'. Yeah, whatever that means... jst jk. Through becoming his friend and helping him through a lot Steven has grown into a Blibicaly Masculine young man (only by God's grace!). Steven went to the first youth camp that we attended with our fellow Covie landers & since then has grown much in godliness! Just this last year he became a Christian at youth camp!!!!!! His passion for God especially since then has become evident in his life in the ways he worships with enthusasim... seeks the lost (GO team) and is always ready to serve! So thank you Steven for showing us that even through the rough times God is there!!!

Okay, so I thought i was going to do some more today... but I'm going to watch the Patriot... so tah tah everyone, hope you've enjoyed!!!


dami from fl said...

whoop first comment!!

i met whitney when i was there. don't think she'd remember me though. she seemed pretty cool.

dell, you are a great encourager. i want to steal your it copyrighted??

Delian said...

Haha... someone else has stolen my idea too for her blog. And no it's not copyrighted! haha!