Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yes yes yes... I'm finally updating my blog haha. Sorry yall, but I have been busy, way busy! I started work this Monday at Old World Cafe, I'm mostly dishwashing, but yesterday I was up front a little bit taking peoples orders and taking food out and all that jazz ;-). But yeah, I'm getting all my school work done ect. We still have caregroups, bookstudies, YSOS, parties, Christmas shopping hair appointments, Christmas production at church and with all these some how I managed to sqeeze a cold in there as well, so yeah, prayer that I would stay healthy would be fantastic!

Right now I just want to take some time encouraging some people that I have seen evidences of grace in their lives!

Firstly I want to say that Rachael has, even though she's been busy and all that jazz, she's still has been faithfully being a good sibling (especially to Anna, from what I can tell). And I know (since I've moved up here five long years ago...haha) that that was something she struggled with, and the past few months I've seen such an outstanding growth in that area of her life! Also I want to thank you for the way you have encouraged me and brought me through alot of tough times in my life (by God's grace). And I just want to thank you for the wonderful example you've set for me of what it looks like to live a Cross Centered life built on grace! Thanks Rachael!!!

Someone else I would like to encourage is Beth and Jennifer! You two have grown sooo much these past few months! It's great to see how God has grown you two into such a God glorifying friendship, even at such a young age! The way that you both serve in outstanding ways, I mean from kids ministry at church to praying for others and encouraging others is simply amazing! And it's all by God's grace in your lives that you have been able to show His love to all those around you, so thank you!!

I want to thank Alex for the wonderful way he's served... well everywhere! How's he's so affectively has served the younger men in our church (including my brother!!) and for the way he's always there to do what needs to be done, from the book table to the book study! Alex is such a wonderful leader, yet his humility is what has made him such an affective leader! (and we all know that humility is only by God's grace!). Thank you for the ways you have encouraged us through your example of always wanting to serve God and to bring glory to him in your life (even in math class...haha). So, thank you Alex for the humble example and leader you are to everyone you know!
And last but not least (for today, I'm planning on doing this alot, I just don't have enough time to do everybody today ;-). I would like to encourage Chris in the way he's been able to go through some tough times and yet has looked to Christ to help him. And I know we all get depressed sometimes (no kidding huh) yet Chris has been such an example of what it is to search out God and others for help. Also, I want to encourage him on the way he is reaching out to others, I mean I'll be sad about something and often times he's the first to notice and to ask if there's anything wrong and try to make me 'peachy jolly and dandy', and I know he does that to all of his friends! So thank you Chris for the example you are of a friend! Also, in the way you've grown since you moved here is just amazing (all by God's grace!!!) and I remember when at YSOS you prayed outloud for the Catalyst and I was so excited and Alex and I talked about it later just amazed over that paticular evidence of grace in your life! And you've grown so much more in Godliness and your love for the Gospel and how it has affected you in your life! Thank you Chris!


I've got to go to work.... so yeah, please for everyone I didn't encourage in this paticular post please don't feel bad, I'm planning on doing a lot more!!!


Amanda said...

Dell, thanks for your sweet encouraging spirit! You are a wondeful example. Keep up the good work at Old World! Love you!

Anonymous said...

hey, Dell! what's up? How do you like your new job? fun, I bet. yeah
I'm so happy I can post comments on your blog!

Anonymous said...

by the way, this is KK

Anonymous said...

that's really good, Dell. I enjoyed reading it, and I am sure that if the people you encouraged read it, they would too. I posted my other two comments before I actually even read this blog. but I really enjoyed it.

bethany said...

thanks del

Tai said...

WOW! What a great idea (is it copyrighted - lol)! You will bless alot of folks - ok let me rephrase that - You HAVE blessed alot of folks!

Rock On!


damaris said...

dell, you're a great encourager. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha don't know who this is.