Friday, December 02, 2005

Alrighty... so I just have one thing to say...

2 1/2 hours until Public Schoolers get home from school!!!!!!! YAY!!! haha.

Yeah... its snowing, and its cold, the Stickler crew's over right now (CONNOR, IAN, RACHEL, AND PAIGE ALL SAY 'HI ADAM' haha).
I'm def. gonna try to put sticky notes all over the apart. door haha.
Well, I dont' have anything else to say. Sorry. I'm just not doing anything right now, and I'm tired and my eyes are kind of tired cause I've been reading 'Dominion' by Randy Alcorn (A GREAT BOOK! And yes Alex, I am reading that ;).
Later This was my crew of signers during the Fall Festival!


damaris said...

it's only in the 50's today here in clermont. not very coold, and no snow, but still a beautiful day.

we'll be in the 30s tonight...cold for florida...

well i am boring you, and have nothing else to say so audios amiga!! :)

bethany said...

we are home from school for the whole weekend

Delian said...

YAY!!! I'm soo happy!!!