Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ding Dong... jingle jingle.. tra la la... yeah, that's pretty much how PJ's and Emily's concert went! We sat in the front row, but I really wish I had brought a pillow lol. What was great was the biblical fellowship afterwards at Day and Night coffee shop. Wait, let me rephrase that... it was a great time watching Jessica and PJ have Biblical Fellowship while I got to had my two cents now and again haha.

But yeah... the sermon was great, but I don't have my notes with me right now, so I'll have to do it later (please remind me Mrs. Wilber!). Oh yeah, and God is good! *dell does continous hand motions*. Sorry I'm full of inside jokes haha.

Anyway... GO team, Tatyana! That was the name of a Russian lady that Beth and I witnessed to, Tatyana, that's fun to say! haha. And so is Fransisco... haha. Yeah.

Got an e-mail from Christy, she think's she'll be coming to visit in a little while!!! YAY! haha. Anyway... want to give a shout out to Rachael!! I luv ya girl!! And to Damaris, my Floridian friend that likes 'pointy mountains' covered with snow ;-). haha.

Yeah, and BETH! GREAT job on GO team, and thanks for the note, made my day! Have a great week!

Oh yes, prayer for me... I'm starting my new job tomorrow, just pray that God would have me not be a waster of time, lol. That I would get everything (cough, school, cough) done, even though I've got this new job. But hey, God is good!!!

Ok, and somethone else I've got to give a shout out to is Bro, at Whitney's b-day party he actually carried me after the freeze tag game to the field to play football in the snow (and to top it off we were on the opposite teams). So thank you bro!!!! You get extra Biblical Masculinity points!!


Well, I'd better go, God IS good and the sun shines in Winter, you just don't feel it as much.

Out and over.


Andrew said...

OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO! I Just posted on my Blog and I told everyone to come too your's to get the notes! ;o Well actually I said you probably would... so it's ok.

Drew ; )

bethany said...

and DELIAN!!!! yeah.....i was gonna say something but i forgot, oh yeah, i never want to hear another song about bells... ever again!!!

bethany said...
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bethany said...
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bethany said...

unless its carol of the bells..*beth hits del's leg repeatedly*