Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hey all! I am terrible bored! Please leave comments so that I can become that much more relieved from my boredom!! ;-).
So yes, this will be a very random post! Enjoy!
I am w/ a group of young daring youth (such as myself) that take part in a thrilling story about phantoms and of course, we are the phantom hunters! My neighbor and friend is putting it together! There are I believe 12 youth, Cassie and Hermana are our masters and we are their side kicks. There partners on the team are Adam and Alex, Jarred and Beth, Joey and Tai, me and Chris, Rachael and Steven, Daniel and Ben.
I shall put in the description used for me in this marvelous story!

Name:Delian Cornfield AKA Blonde Mystery
Rank: Spy
Intelligence: She's a blonde, but don't let that fool you.
What she is good for: Spying on enemies, Stealing information, Master of Disguise
Magic Spell: Undecided Name
Special Abilities: Invisibility, Force fields, Manipulation, Dead-aim with guns, Far-sighted and Extremely Flexible, Knowledgeable in many languages
Weaknesses: Afraid of letting her partner down, failing the mission, she's not afraid to die, but she's afraid of watching the ones she knows die and not being able to do anything about it. She is very afraid of gruesome images, but she doesn't tell anyone.
haha, yes, that is my description! If you want to know more about it you can go to It shall be a wonderous story! ;-).

So much is happening
so much is unseen
Why do I have this feeling
that I am not what I seem?

Through many trials of life
I've come to find
That every breath can be like a knife
If you've messed up along the line

I know there's more to life then this
More then just breathing
More then just a moment of bliss
I can't ignore this feeling

I search to find life's meaning
And as soon as I came to find
That all I did was nothing
I fell on my knees and cried

Then someone lifted me up
His tears mingles with mine
He took beside me the cup
Of wrath reserved for my life

The Savior died for us
He gives us a reason to live
He saves us from our lives of lust
So let us turn to Him!

Alright, I'll talk to you later! Comments appreciated!!


Stiches said...

blond thats houlaeas

o and im th first to comment thank u

Delian said...

is that supposed to be 'blonde, that's hilarious?' houlaeas... I don't get it.

Andrew said...

Hey! Are you girls hitting on blondes again? (actualy, I don't know if "stitches" is a guy or girl, so if I have mistake your gender, please forgive me... I think I'll go to your blog and fing out).

Stop dissing blondes!

bethany said...

yeah there is nothing different about blondes that makes them any more dence then anyone else.

joel sczebel said...

Did you write that poemish thing?

joel sczebel said...

reason being that I like poetry.
but I only write seriously late at night so I don't get to write all that often. mostly just on fridays.

good all the same.

Mattea K. said...

Wait a second-whos Hermana??????

Mattea the Asker

me said...

you rubio bonito

me said...

the adopted bro