Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Yes, it's going to be about e-team ;-).
It was a great week! Filled with evidences of God working and being good to the city of Corning and in the lives of all in it. It all started with Tai and the Wilber's crashing our place (Andrew and Mattea) and then we hung out at the Jeror's and waited... and waited... Rachael and Anna and quiet a few other people crashed (Anna and I were matching quiet by accident, jeans, yc t-shirt, pink undershirt and DC shoes it was fun!) and then they said they would be there in a couple of minutes so off we went to the Snapp's... then waited! They finally came in, Cassie was working on something that wasn't working with her and Jesse helped her out while I just sat there (not sure if that was helping Cass, but I sure do love you!). E-team crashed the Snapps. It was crowded. I saw Bethie and Abbie and we were all reunited. JaRed and Adam were there and we all talked for a little then we headed home. THEN... we hung out till 1 o'clock. Then we went to bed.
The next day we had prayer meeting and a few of us got up at 6 to go (Bethie, Tai and myself, along with PJ, and I'm guessing that Shwa drove us over as well... surprise surprise...) Prayer meeting was fantastic! A lot of people were there and to tell the truth, it was probably one of the times were I felt closest to God throughout e-team!
We went home... I couldn't eat anything, I felt sick to my stomach (staying up to late then getting up insanely early is not a good thing for ones stomach) So I had peanutbutter gronala bars from Heaven. That started off the day fantastically! hahahaha.
I was trusting in God for that 'high 75' weather... hahahaha, so I wore a t-shirt with a very light long sleeved button up shirt.... and we headed off to CenterWay Square for the e-team reunion and seperation. I WAS FREEZING COLD!!! Thank you Whitney for your sweater! Thank you Rachael for keeping me warm... and thank you Anna for being cold with me... hahahaha. We had a great time of worship... then we had to go off to our carwashes! And all this time... all of us girls staying at my house didn't have a ride to get there... thanks to Jason though we made it! hahaha. The carwash went quiet well, it was cold. I'll post pictures later. Anna high five! Those pictures were amazing! I did signs... no surprise... and our biggest joke of the weekend happened there.
'So, you're what... 16? I understand that this is a big transitional age for you... and I was just wondering... well, do you like guys?'
'Umm, yeah...'
'Oh, well I was just wondering... I thought maybe you would be immune to that.'
All you who know what I'm talking about I know your laughing, especially Adam. lol. Bethie, you're a great sport to go along with it after the joke was made! You're the greatest. ;-).
We also got these amazing pens from a shop next to us. I ended up with a blue one... as well as Abbie... 'The Fellowship of the Blue Pens' and she and I are 'tight' ;-). That is also when I named Daniel 'Sir Marcus'. and we all wrote messages on each others hands. Good times! And Anna... we are all out of ICE CREAM
After the car wash, I was exhausted, but Tai and I were asked to do an invitational outreach out on Market Street. And after I tried to call Shwa through Jesse and Cassie (sorry Jesse for hanging up on you... I didn't know that that would happen when I pressed the 'end' button. lol. but really no, I didn't mean to press it at all) Then Shwa came and picked us all up. Thnx again!
Then, the highlight of the week is when about when we were almost done, I walked up to this elderly man who stood in the doorway to a shop with a little child in a stroller at his feet. Smiling I walk up to him.
"Hey, would you like a free drink or snack?' (we were handing out free snacks and drinks along with the invitations. Then... to answer me he started speaking in a different language... French! Shwa who understood what he was saying didn't help at all cause he couldn't speak it. After a few seconds I explained to him that it was free... then someone came out (his niece and wife I think) and the niece spoke english (with a big accent). I got to explain to her what was going on and stuff... and she actually asked for another invite! I was so excited!
Then we loaded back up in Shwa's car and headed to pizza and a seminar Stephen was doing. It was a lot of fun. Us girls had a 'club' before hand where we all pretty much found a place and all laid down 'cause we were all so tired. good times. Pizza was good. Seminar was great... hanging out was cool. Going through the how good are you track with Tai was fun! And having Tai do it with me was even more fun! ;-). She did a great job! Corey and my brother came in about half way through. exciting. Sorry Corey about forgetting your birthday! Please forgive me ;-).
Then pretty much half of the world crashed teh Cornfield premises. I hung out with all the 'cool people' then went and hung out at hte Jeror's with Bethie and a few others (17 and up). Corey and I stole quiet a few chocolates... sorry. Couldn't resist. lol.
We stayed up late again. Went to bed. Woke up at 7. Got ready for the community fair. COMMUNITY FAIRS ARE GREAT!!! We got there (I went with PJ and we rocked out to 'Mood Rings' by Relient K, hahah), Rachael Bethie and I went and got some coffee. We set up. I gave away my hoodies and sweatshirts so I was left with underarmer and my t-shirt. The obtacle course was set up... half of the kids (and a few teens) wouldnt' be moved from it, haha. Corey lended me his jacket, thanks again, he was in his t-shirt for at least half of the fair until the Efthimiou's got him a different one.
I went and did signs out by the road... and low and behold... my french grandpa drove by! He saw me and waved with this huge smile on him... I nearly flipped out! It was so cool. I ran in and said hi to them, told just about everyone... it was SO cool!!! It was probably one of the best events of the fair!
Silent Cry did our mime performance, the first one wasn't as good, but the second one was great! Good times! I had soda... I did the frisbee throw (which is the ONLY event I have ever been put in charge of at any fair or festival we have done... lol). I got a flower tatoo on my face. and I became apart of the Bethie and Bethany Butterfly gang... from gangmills!
Then we all hung out talking about the wiffle ball game... Covie Land was trying to take back the title from last year! To quote Adam 'it's not over until the tickle me Elmo laughs' hehehe. There was a lot of video taken of people talking about who they thought was going to win or lose ect. really funny!
I got squished into the back of the van on the way home. We got home. I took a nap. We were all VERY cold... Tai and I went walking around in big blankets (we must have looked silly ;-). Then after dinner we headed to the Efthimiou's for an intense game of Capture the Flag (sorry Jared, but we won!). And Adam, just to let you know I wouldn't punch you... unless you gave me a reason ;-). We headed home (once again Shwa drove us, though Alex drove us there).
Then to bed (I didn't get there till 1). THen woke up at 6, got ready for church. Bethie Tai and I went to church. We set up everything. Prayer was great. Worship was great. Service was good! Afterwards food was great... I became very jealous of Corey because he stole my little brother's love. :-(. I'm okay now, I've got it back :-). lol. Then food... and WIFFLE BALL. AFTER THREE GAMES, WHICH THE LAST ONE TOOK UP 16 INNINGS... CORNING IS STILL CHAMPION!!! Yes, Corning still holds the title. ;-). Good times!
Then... *sniff* e-team left *sniff* Bethie and Abbie left me... the fellowship of the blue pen parted (for whatever time it may be) and Bethie of the butterfly gang left us. We all loaded up into Jason's car... but alas, we didn't go very far... just far enough were we could get some pictures. Then the rest of the e-team left. Hung out. Drove home. It rained. I crashed. We watched a movie and ate icecream. That was about it.



joel sczebel said...

It IS so long.

I didn't get to read all of it.

joel sczebel said...

I'm sure it was good though.....

joel sczebel said...

And WOW>

joel sczebel said...

you have a LOT of green here now.

joel sczebel said...

green is a good color.


it makes me think of irish things, and my home way up north.

not that florida isn't green but you don't notice it as much because it's so hot.

Sherlock said...

Florida is to green... and yellow.

dell said...

It is orange and yellow and red here now... and pink... yes, the leaves are changing colors and my feet are getting colder. lol.

Sherlock said...

lucky! lol

dell said...

hahaha... it is gorgeous... just really really cold! My feet aren't ever warm. When I get to Heaven I hope it's NEVER cold.

Andrew said...

It was great wasn't it! Have a good one in Souderton!

joel sczebel said...

I can't wait to head back north.

damaris said...

wow i didn't read it all.
but it made me think of being on eteams.
things like car wash signs. and sharpies. and getting mocked. and laughing.

sounds like it was good times.
i hope grace church gets some e-teams.

maybe from canada. that'd be cool. only i think the only people who'd be willing to come to florida would be those who've never seen it!

joel sczebel said...

oh come on. It's not that bad.

dell said...

hahahahha... I liked florida... but I don't think I would move there! ;-)

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