Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life's been busy... hahaha... I always say that for an excuse for not updating. lol. The truth of the matter is I've been lazy.

School's been going.

I've been doing a lot of writing...

I'm reading Lloyd Alexander books...

Devotions have been going great!!!

Friendships have been growing...

God is good!

And I've been tagged. lol. here goes!

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like the most:
1. Spending time with God whenever I can
2. Looking and thinking about stars
3. Laughing hard (it's good for my abs)
4. Watching sunsets
5. Writing poetry and stories
6. Getting mail in the mail box (like the good old days, haha)
7. Spending time with my family
8. Playing my guitar
9. Singing (though nobody else likes it)
10. Drawing (and I am not filled with false modesty when I say that I am not very good, I just like doing it)

There's that!

E-team comes on thursday!!!! Please be praying for a passion for spreading the Gospel! That I would glorify God with everything that happens (trusting God with all that happens). And please be praying for good weather! Doing a car wash in 60 degree weather would be 'cool' but it might be more helpful for somewhere in the 80's. haha.

Have a great day!
ps. Kutless is now one of my favorite bands.


damaris said...

you are alive. i wondered...
(not really. just kiddn' ya.)

is laughing really good for you abs? considering how much i laugh, that'd be cool. then again, it doesn't matter seeing as i never cared before...

getting mail is fun. unless you're like me and just get things from cingular wireless, the bank...
that kind of mail makes me feel old.

karawarnock; said...

hey i'm kara. i'm friends with sczebels and damaris.

i like your list there. i love stars, sunsets, pretending i can play the guitar haha pretending i can sing, haha and drawing too! oh and getting the mail never gets old for me. its always so exciting.

damaris said...

yeah, kars is the bomb.com#2.

kars said...

aw thanks dams.

you're the bomb.com too!!
i want to see you again.

Andrew said...

Yeah, great things, i like it, and I i sometimes pretend I can sing too lol, although I have trouble playing guitar at the same time though. Isn't that sad.

; )

dams said...

me too.

come to florida next summer.

Andrew said...

Whats happening in Florida?

(not that a lot of things don't happen, but what are you refering too)

Sherlock said...

Nothing is happening in florida whatsoever. At least nothing intresting. 8P

Anonymous said...

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