Monday, October 09, 2006

Last night. Eagles verses Cowboys. Yes, I watched the game. I was all for Eagles and T.O. is a jerk! hahaha. funny story.

Bethany walks downstairs (into the Rawleigh's basement where we were watching the game) and sits down on the couch then there's a shot of T.O on the bench really upset about something and Beth just pipes up. "That guy looks like a jerk!" (And she was cheering for the cowboys). We all died of laughter, she didn't even know it was T.O. fantastic! hahahahaha. The game was fun to watch though, especially since I was one of the only ones cheering for the Eagles. Good times!

In a couple of minutes I'm off to go play some football I think! That'll be fun, either that or frisbee, though this morning Bethany and I ran and we sprinted for the last stretch and I nearly killed myself doing that, then we played DDR with weights, hahahahha. good times Bethany!

Well, I really miss the Efthimious!!! HOpe yall are having a good time!!!!!!!!!!! I should probably try and call you guys sometime! lol.

Adios to all!


He’s Directing Me

My plans and dreams
Are here in my hands
As I stare into the night
I ponder on what is right
Should I let go?
Or hold onto them tight?
I want to see my faith grow
So I let go with all my might

It’s hard to think that while I live
I don’t know where I am destined
God may take me here or there
Nowhere or anywhere
It’s not my job to plan
Just to be prepared for whatever might be had
I know He’ll have what’s best for me
Better then anything that could be.

I live my life now
Without a doubt
That whatever happens
That it is in God’s plans
I could never be more happy
Then when God is directing me
No matter the circumstances
For His glory I continue dancing


joel sczebel said...

T.O. is a serious jerk.

that's funny.

I didn't watch the whole game, but I saw some of it.

good song.

Sherlock said...

Who is T.O??

i don't watch that much football.

dell said...

T.O is Terryl Owens, Former Eagle and biggest jerk in the history of football. He was banished from the Eagles and Cowboys picked him up. Sunday was his first game against the Eagles... they lost, he stunk and the Eagles loved it.

joel sczebel said...

I'll bet.

"i wanna fly like an eagle, the sea.....
fly like an eagle .... let my spirit carry me...
I want to flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....!!!!!!!!!"

SEAL's version is best.

dams said...

uuumm ouch. josiah i am shocked and ashamed that you could ask that...

yeah the eagles are good this year. i was wishing last monday that i was an eagles fan instead of a packers fan...

Mattea K. said...


I still don't get it.
Though I figured out what a touchdown was a little while back...

As you can probably tell my family are not big sports fans.

Except if the Patriots are playing...

or if its college football Penn State and FSU. My Mom was born in FL and my Uncle lives down there so the family is split.

Sherlock said...

I don't like football, it's really slowww.

dell said...