Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ithaca... yesterday for a 'surprise' for the Efthimiou's we went to Ithaca... adn believe it or not... IT WAS GREAT!!!!

A couple hihglights:

Looking at random scholorships with Rachael on the way there: (Hmmm, can I get one for being a blonde...? look it up!)

Getting there and eating food: And watching Jarred make his alphabet with pretzels

Hanging out on the play ground: Yeah, we all felt like kids... it was fantastic! I played on the seesaw, drove in the car, took lots of pictures and almost puked on the swirly machine that you can't explain, so for those of us who saw it and used it, you know what i mean!

Taking tons of pictures with Anna: And yes, I'll have them up here as soon as I can find the chord that hooks up from the cam to the computer so I can dowload all of them

Going on a fifty mile hike up the gorge: Okay, so it wasn't quiet that long... but the way back was cool... yay for biblical fellowship with Rachael!! Luv ya girl!

Going out to icecream at this really cool place: While I wrote a letter while Rachael did homework yeeeaaaahhh.

Then listening to music and chillin' in the car till I got home, then we just chilled at home. GOOD TIMES!

Pictures will come...

someday. hehe.

Breath In Breath Out

So many things flash before my thoughts

How is it that there hasn't been much of God?

My life is a swirling circle

There doesn't seem anything worth it

That makes me want to keep on going

But how do I go through life not knowing

What's wrong and what's right?

I've got to get the things I need in sight

I do not want to keep on breathing filth instead of air

What makes me think I'm gonna make it there

Without anything to keep me going for the end

I can't even make it around the next bend

Help me see what's gotta beThe point in living giving and seeing

All that God's wanting to do through me

Keep on believing

I've been trying to keep on at it for just another day

But doesn't seem as if this momentum is gonna last anyway

Keep on breathing keep on living keep on trying to survive

My passions for what's right I've gotta revive

Help me out of this pit of mistakes

I'm wanting to go on with my life no matter what takes

I look into your eyes

I promise, no lie

I'm not gonna mess up like that one more time!

Breath in...

Breath out...

Fight the sin...

No more of this doubt

Living my life...

With God on my mind

Finally... I have life


joel sczebel said...


it has to be a song.
i'm going to write one.
sounds like good times
but then again, you said they were good times, so I don't really need to repeat it. But I will because I'm not overflowing with profound statements right about now. out.

sherlock said...

have you met the slacks yet dell?

Mattea K. said...

Ithaca is pretty cool. So is ice cream. Fun stuff

Mattea K. said...

Ithaca is pretty cool. So is ice cream. Fun stuff

Mattea K. said...

Ithaca is pretty cool. So is ice cream. Fun stuff

Mattea K. said...

triple oops
my computer is being slow

dell said...

hehehe. Yes, I met the slacks. The girls were sooo funny. And Mr. Slack is a beast at ultimate frisbee! Glad he was on my team!

joel sczebel said...

what is Ithica?

joel sczebel said...

I mean Ithaca....

dell said...

a city not to far from here. full of lesbians... and democrats... but still, a beautiful place... somehow.

Elizabeth said...

that was a really long post.

joyful said...

good times it sounds like.

dams said...

sounds like canada.
okay. that was really mean. and untrue. ((partially...))

since i'm forever singing vancouver's praises, i couldn't pass up a chance to diss it. once.

hi dell. don't let brooke slack steal all your tic tacs. cause she will!

Delian said...

that is a truly horrible thing to say... oh, but it was funny! ;-).

hahaha. Is brooke the younger one? Both of them (once they found out I knew you) never wanted to leave my side, it was adorable (and, I don't usually have tic tacs. but thanks for the note!).