Saturday, September 09, 2006

Okay.... here goes
If you guys could be keeping our pastor's daugther, Jennifer Snapp in your prayers that would be fantastic! Today we all (meaning pretty much the gangmill kids) went up to the Efthimious to play some frisbee, however, before we played some people were playing on the zip line. Jennifer went on it (it was her very first time) and she fell off right after take off. She landed on her back... Mrs. Efthimiou Beth and I (and a few others) were standing right there watching her. It is probably one of the scariest things I've ever seen and me and Beth especially were pretty shaken up. Mrs. Efthimiou (praise God for her!) literally revived Jenn, she had the wind knocked out of her and was in shock and couldn't breath. It was about ten minutes before she came out of it. God was gracious! It was clearly by the grace of God that nothing worse happened to her. But if you could keep praying for her, her back is incredibly bruised and she still can't really walk around much. But, I'm headed over there to have a movie night with her and a few friends! Pray that we would be a blessing to her and that she wouldn't be overwhelmed tomorrow at church! Thanks you guys soooo much!

Don't think I'm going on a zip line... lol.



Andrew said...

Yes, that was pretty bad, and back things like that can tend to have some rather nasty aftermath, so it's definately good if we keep her in our prayers!

Andrew said...

In fact, I hope they do take her to get checked out (which I was kind of shocked they didn't do in the first place) becuase I know of people who have done some really serious injuries to there backs (like my Grandma) and not even realized it until a long time afterwords.