Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tomorrow is Sunday!!! Yay!! I think of all the people who think of Sunday as just 'part of the weekend' and nothing more then a Saturday... oh how boring!!! I'm so glad that we have been blessed with such a special day that arrives every week!!!

~Joy in Life~

Verse 1
What righteousness
What amazing love
I am full of sinfulness
Yet because of Christ
I will someday see His face
Because of His loving grace

So I will worship and praise Him
Who is mighty and holy
Who gives me peace at night
And joy in life
I will lift my voice to You!

Verse 2
Dead in sin
Now hope in Christ
He bore God's wrath
He bore my guilt
I am forever filled with gratitude
For He saved me He raised me
And I will live for Him

And once again I lay down my burdens
And once again I pour out my life
And You pull back the curtains
Of Your glory and might!


joyful said...

Nice song. Plaese pray for me

Talk tomorrow


Brittany said...

I'll pray for you too!

Anonymous said...

Delian, that was a really good song...I'm glad we could get 2gether on Sunday...sweet stuff...

luv ya gurl!

Anonymous said...

Delian, I'm glad you let me