Thursday, March 30, 2006

Unseen Horror
There is this darkness creeping about
There is this silence lifting a shout
I cannot bear this unseen horror
My heart is overtaken by this power

This fear slips into my soul
It’s utterly black and completely cold
I shiver and then I can’t stop
What is unseen is now on top

It takes me and pulls me under
To catch it is like holding thunder
I am slowly over taken by this fear
All I can do is hide and I shed a tear

Then there is no place to hide
Then there is no place to abide
I stand still, completely in despair
And then I realize… no one is there

So yes, life has been going on... the weather is beautiful!! Oh I love 70 degree weather!! 90 would be better, but I can fly with this ;).
God has been faithful! Even through all my mistakes... believe me there are many! And though I am a complete sinner... I have a complete Savior!! I am so completely blessed!!
We played Ultimate Frisbee yesterday (my team won... yipee) and that was fun! However I have a huge bruise on my arm from (name shall go unmentioned) and I'm not all about that, lol. Peaches 'n Cream opens tomorrow!! YAY!! I had to work today, that was fun (haha... um, not) but God is still good! Yeah, I can say that whenever and however I feel and it'd always be true!
Today I memorized Proverbs 3:1-9 I believe. Great passage!! I've been struggling with trusting in God with everything (God has been faithful adn I have been growing in this specefic area, which had been encouraging, however, I still could use some prayer ;-).
It has been so amazing that through all my trials God has been there for me! He has never changed (even through my everchanging feelings) and He has always been drawing me to Him!! His faithfulness truly amazes me!!

May my focus always be on Him!!!


Brittany said...

Where do you work?

Delian said...

Old World Cafe on Market Street (just a small cafe).

Tai said...

I'm glad you're so honest, Dell! I've been struggling with the same thing- surrendering EVERYTHING to God. What's really cool is, like a week ago, a guy from my dad's work left for another state and left a bunch of his stuff with us. Included in that "stuff" was a complete set of messages from Creation 2004. In that set of messages, there was one that really spoke to me. It was by Joshua Harris (surprise, surprise!) and it was a meditation on Psalms 73 I think. It was all about giving God my all - EVERYTHING - and being content - TRULY content - in Him. It was very good indeed and really connected with me in this time I am in.


I will be praying for you - I know I always hope someone is praying for me, so the least I can do, is do unto others as I would have them do unto me!

Delian said...

Dude! I'm so glad that you found that message (speaking of which can I totally borrow it? Maybe we could do a sort of study on it... that would be sweet!) Anyhow... thank you for praying for me! I will be praying for you as well!!
God is good!!!!

joyful said...

Nice post Dell. Same hear, I have a hard time with that.