Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So today is a rainy day which fills me with sadness :-(. I'm cold like all the time! I'm wearing gloves and I'm inside plus I think the heat is on (just trying to prove my point).
I have an interesting story though ;-)
Around 3:30 pm this afternoon I was completely bored! I could have fallen asleep standing where I was, so, when I'm bored I go to the garage to play my keyboard which is mad fun if you've been bored for hours like I had been. So, I walked into the garage, it was dark so I quicky turned on the light which was behind the door. I thought I might have heard something but wasn't sure so I just walked through the small walkway we have through the junk and made my way towards my keyboard. My thoughts were entirely focused on getting to the keyboard without falling over anything and trying to keep my hands warm. I reached to turn on another light which is right about the keyboard when I saw.... AN ALIEN! Actually, it wasn't an alien, it was Adam, he was hiding in the closet and he jumped out at me right when I saw him and I nearly screamed! And I almost fell over which would have been a disaster ;-). We laughed about it... then my boredom continued after he went back inside.
Hope you had fun reading this!
Out and over!
the dell


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dell... this is Anonymous. I enjoyed reading your "blog" but it was especially great to see how much you mentioned GOD in it.... awesome!!!! Another thing, I am slightly annoyed at myself, becaaaause I am not using your slang! ALAS!!! see.....
have fun. I can tell you mostly write in your blog when you're bored. bye.
love ya grl.
Lynne (alias... KK)

Anonymous said...

we just had a sock war. It was mad fun.

damaris said...

Hey Dell!!
funny story...that's crazy. I'm always hot...which makes me think I wasn't meant to live in florida.

still haven't seen/heard that song :)

Delian said...

Dude, that Sock War rocked!! It was INTENSE!

Delian said...

Damaris, your supposed to be right where God put you... um, which happens to be, well, FLORIDA! lol. Talk to you latta!

Anonymous said...

funny..........Suspense and thrill locked me when yu utter "Alien" and great breeze of smile just unlocked when "alien" is your brother......funny but thrill