Monday, October 24, 2005


So yesterday I went to the wrestling tournament (we didn't get lost!!). It was really cool! Loads of fun, I'm glad we went! We got there, met up with Corey (who dad was talking to on the phone at the time). We finally found a parking spot, then made our way back to the field house. There was a lot of people let me tell you! But it was cool :-).
Got to meet all the Blakes including Emma who was a bit of a darling, but also someone who wouldn't let you out of her sight ;-). I wore my pink chucks which rocked (random I know). I talked with Corey and Jared for a little while then Corey had his first match (umm, Jared lost his first two matches so he was out already which kind of stunk but I'll get over it :-). Corey won the first match that I saw (I couldn't see very well cause these two people like kept moving RIGHT in the way). Corey was a sight afterwards, he had a nice scar looking scratch right beneath his right eye and I'm sure he had some bruises. Then eternity elapsed before his next match in the meanwhile the Jar(r)eds Caleb, Emma and I went out to play some football (and just to let yall know... it was FREEZING!). So we played football (and I played in my pink chucks). First we played Cornfields against Blakes (Cornfields won) then five other kids came along and we played another game (it was Jared me Emma Caleb and Cody & Jarred and the four other kids). Unfortaunatly Jared's team lost, lol.
Corey had his next match which he lost and I lost almost all of my nails - I bit them when I'm nervous - (ALAS) then he won then he lost so he came in fourth out of a 'million' people. Then the Blakes and Cornfields went out to eat to a restaurant, unfortaunatly it was closed! So we went somewhere else, where Jared and I got onion rings and mild spicy buffalo tuesday tenders and water while the other Jarred and Corey had a million cups of soda! lol. Then we had to say goodbye (alas). Then... Jarred remembered he left his Braves ('Astros') hat in the restaurant which was mad funny! We played duck duck goose, talked and talked (in the FREEZING weather) then we said goodbye (again ALAS). And I got back at 12:30 am in the morning (I slept for the entire time).
My day at the wrestling tournament!
Later peoples!

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