Saturday, October 29, 2005

My life lately... wow. Give me a minute to think about it lol. Thursday night we had Whitney and KK over for dessert and a movie and a SOCK WAR! That was brutal, but mad fun ;-). We set up our two fortresses, picked teams (Adam, Neeki, Demory and I verses Jarred KK, Whit, and Gideon). Our team won the most games (cough *battles* cough). Then alas, I was sick all day Friday, but now I'm better! Last night we watched King Arthur (which is what I watched the last time I was sick), Mike and Chris came over for most of it, then Adam came over for a little bit of it, but they made me happier :-). I talked to dad last night which was nice, (Hugs dad!! Missed you tons!).
Well, today has literally been full of nothingness lol. Gid is watching Star Wars (this doesn't surprise anyone... I know). Adam taught me to play Halo 2 better (I can finally move without running into everything!). And now I'm updating my blog!
Well shout out to you all who have left me comments! (Not very many!)
Well later!!!


The Anointing said...

God Bless You!!

damaris said...

your life sounds like business. sick is not fun. hope your better soonish. :)

"mad fun" hahahaha love it. your emails soudn the same as your posts!!

Delian said...

Yeah, we've all got to love it!! lol. Yeah, peoples say that when they read anything I send them they can hear me speaking inside their heads... it's weird, but still cool!

Alex said...

Delian I'm so glad your feeling better this means you can be at the best place their is to be on sunday CHURCH!!!!!! see you tommarrow!

Delian said...

AAHH I'm sooo excited! Church is tomorrow!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! Oh and so is daylight savings so we get another extra hour to sleep (or to stay up, it's all percpective ;-).