Thursday, July 29, 2010

My life in a nutshell:

Watching the kids since mum and Gideon are off in Baltimore.
(a) Gideon is doing very well! He has a blog up for those who want to check it out!
(b) Gabriel and DJ are doing pretty well, I mean they're little boys, so ya know! They can be a little crazy, even though they like to get cuddly with me so that they can watch a movie ;). Lol, actually that's not true, all I have to do is ask and they pretty much cuddle with me no matter what.
(c) Neeki has been top shelf! She's been great at watching the kids, helping cleaning, cooking and laundry! Huge props to her awesomeness!

I've also been working at the o'l HCUP
(a) I have almost ever saturday off until September!!! I have no idea how Ary did that but I totally love her for it!
(b) Espresso has been coming out amazingly the last few days.
(c) I'm pretty sure that if I have another creepy dream with Andy beating up people I'll have to beat him up.
(d) Ary is headed off on a missions trip to Prague for 10ish days! I'm so excited for her and praying that God uses that time for some really amazing growing!
(e) organic milk steams better than all other milk.

The boyfriend
(a) Josh is amazing. I'm not trying to be sappy, I'm saying this straightup. I can be a straight up B*@# to him and he's still there, loving me, being stern, telling me that I need to grow (he's learning that the only way I really listen is if he tells me I hurt him, otherwise I push it aside pretty easily), but he's still loving me everystep. He's my bestfriend with a couple of extra plus's ;). Like he can cuddle with me and watch amovie, and he can get me water and a blanket, or when I'm sick he makes sure I'm ok. He helps me with my relationship with God more than anyone! He's helping me more and more everyday to love God, and begin to really start loving other people too. And helping me to learn how to trust.
(b) he still needs to get abs ;). hahahaha just for you josh!

Extra Stuff
(a) Gardening
(b) Pickling Cucumbers. It's my first time doing anything like this before! It's going well so far minus the fact I ran out of vinegar lol.
(c) Painted some again
(d) hopefully going to do a photoshoot with Molly soon! <3 <3
(e) tomorrow I hang out with Jess before she finally gets to go to her hubby and start her new life! <3 <3

(a) Muse
(b) Rise Again
(c) Anberlin
(d) Paramore some
(e) Radiohead!
(f) Metric
(g) Staind
(h) a bunch of other random stuff. Mostly Muse right now. :) :)

ok. that's all!
I'm out
~Delian Jayce

PS Jim (the guy who is going to be putting together my modeling portfolio) is planning on coming to 'shoot' me soon! As soon as he gets senior pictures out of the way! I'm so excited, and really nervous! But It'll be great!!!


mattea k said...

I will be RIGHT over to cuddle with DJ and Gabes! I wish Sanna were more cuddley! ha ha

Neeki's been "top shelf"? lol....never heard that expression, but I'm sure it is very fitting :). Neeks is always so helpful.

And I agree, Josh is amazing :)

Enjoy making pickles!!! And tell me when you get your model thing scheduled...I'll be praying...You rock! I know you can do it!!

Delian said...

hahahaha you can come cuddle (and babysit) them anytime time! lol.

Top Shelf...idk where I got that, but it = amazing. :)

Josh is top shelf ;)

and they turned out really well!! I actually LIKE them! WOW! YAY! :) :)
and I don't rock lol. I just roll with it ;) I wish I rocked more :P :P
and thank you for your prayers! God knows I need them :P

Schwa said...

I finally figured out how to post on this crazy blog! I know this post was forever ago...oh well I guess. I'm sure DJ and gabes will grow up to be great cuddlers and very strong protectors, they're good guys.

Neeki is def top shelf, great sister, good talker, and weird like the rest of us.

For me, I'll be amazing as much as I can...

Praying God does whatever he wants to with leading you to modeling :)


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