Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear World.

Summer is arriving! Finally! It makes me happy to know that the sunshine is going to be here for a little while!

I painted my nails greenish the other day...I thought it was...'watery'

I read about Esther this morning...she inspires me SO much! I mean, for real, she gets to the harem (where she has to go through 'beautifying' for 12 months!) and when she gets there the 'head guy' is like "wow! this chic is awesome!" and she wins favor with him for being such an awesome person! And then she is liked by everyone! Then the KING finds favor with her (after she takes the advice of the 'headguy') and she then finds favor with him two more times when she makes him dinner (seriously, making good food will...make a king give you half of his kingdom which happens to stretch as far as ASIA?!) Plus she makes her ARCH enemy HAMAN like her! Seriously what was this girl about?!
I have a feeling she was optimistic! Open to others advice (willing to listen). Humble (I mean you have to be if you're willing to listen to other people). I have a feeling she was able to look at the bright side of things. (PLUS she probably could cook, or at least had some great hospitality skills!) Including her bravery in the face of possible death (after having the strength to fast from food and drink for 3 days!) which also speaks amazingly of her prayer life! Not to mention her ability to lead by example since she had her maidens and friends also fast and pray!

A lot to be inspired by!
I hope that God makes me into a modern day Esther :) :)


mattea k said...

Well THAT is a reason to learn how to cook really well! lol

Have you ever read "For Such A Time as This" by Lisa Ryan? Its obviously about Esther.....and I found that I already knew most of what it was teaching (like sutff on modesty, obeying you parents, not conforming, etc....the basics)....but it was fun and interesting to dig a little more into Esther's life, and find out how to become like Esther myself :)

Delian said...

YES I do believe I HAVE read that book...although is it like a devotional?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps among Esther's qualities was the ability to relinquish all her own desires for God's will.

To be pliable in His hands...

mk said...

Yes it is a devo type of book.