Sunday, January 06, 2008

don't bet that I haven't updated kk?
hey yall
once again its been a while. Does anyone here have a facebook?

So yes. To answer Damaris. I would love to e-mail you...and i believe i have your e-mail. i shall have to check!
and two. Courtney and Damaris I am desiring to go to NA... I still have to talk to daddy about it. =D!
and...if you have anything you desperatly need to tell me...via blog would not be very quick. sorry yall!
So yes...
life goes on! God is amazing!
and hopefully I talk to everyone sometime!
love yall


Mattea K. said...

hahaha...I bet you I won't be betting

yeah so
that is cool that you updated again!
If you go to NA be sure to take me along

josiah said...

if you go to NA, you'll get to see my insane older sister. oh joy. ;p

Glad to have you back del!!

damaris said...

maybe not. insane older sister is still debating.

Mattea K. said...

I was just thinking how much I like that pic of you and DJ....very sweet=)

Mattea K. said...

I LOVE YOU DELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mattea K. said...

you know, I am seriously considering hacking into your blog and updateing for you.

the only problem: I don't know how to hack

Mattea K. said...

I don't know what is wrong with me but I am consistently checking this blog several times a week in hopes that you may have updated

Mattea K. said...

for old times sake...plz update!