Saturday, November 10, 2007

sorry my blog world!

Its been a long time

and a lot has happened.......
: ).
how is everyone?


Courtney said...

I'm wonderful. Glad to see you on here :) You must come visit me in the near future. Hey you planning on going to the next Clash? or possibly even NA '08?

Little Miracle said...

Hey Dell, Miss you girl. We should do something sometime.

~Joya~ aka Joy

Sherlock said...

Del! So glad to see you back! I had heard rumors of your demise....

I was in N.Y for like, 3 months during the summer. too bad we didn't get to c ya guys again.

Andrew said...

awwww... nice... I thought you had completely abandoned blogger.

so yeah... nice picture : )

damaris said...

yeah i'm glad to hear from you. :)
i'm good. God is good. life is pretty much the same as it was at the clash. except beks is courting. (CRAZY world)
what about you? (personal opinion here) i think you should come to NA 08. i'm not even sure if i'm going yet but hey. maybe you'll help me decide. haha.
love you girl. emial me anytime you want, 'k?

Mattea K. said...

Whoa...I was just on the way to your blog and as it is loading I say to Isaac "I bet all my money she hasn't updated since last I came"

And then "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" she DID infact could have lost all my there...

Mattea K. said...

*my money there

joel sczebel said...

sometimes you just need a blogger break. i decided to kill my blog a month or two ago and then randomly decided to revive it the other day.


Anonymous said...

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