Monday, June 11, 2007


The boys were blasting their crazy music in the garage. I run over to Rachael, Anna (R) close behind.

"We should make a fire!" Dell does huge hand motions to make her point. Rachael's eyes get real big and Anna (R) nods.

"YES!" Rachael said smiling big and cheesy like. Off the three of us run to start a fire. *A campfire*. We get there and there are some pine branches in the fire pit and a lot of dried grass. Dell instinctively grabs... two sticks, that are green. We want a fire, so how do we get it? Duh, rub sticks together! So I did it!

Then... Anna (R) will have the picture of the fire after I... um... well, after the fire got started! =D. hehehehehe.

So, we had a blast. We played Frisbee. Had a great time of worship and reflection. I still can remember when I heard about Emma and totally not understanding why God would let this happen. That was my deal. I didn't understand... I couldn't. I questioned God in His sovereignty. How good God is though, that even in my sinful distrust He worked this out in His perfect plan! Everything was taken care of! It was amazing remembering His faithfulness!

Then we played some more Frisbee... that was a good game! Then, the guys jammed. Abe played a marvelous song! I wish that I could go more indepth with how God moved me during those few moments, but I will say this, it was amazing to see how God gave someone such an amazing gift, and that God's grace has made his heart want to use that gift to glorify God!

Then campfire ^. And then go-cart with Brooke... allergies... basketball... lots of fun!!!!
Anyway, comments are appreciated! =D



joel sczebel said...

you made a fire by rubbing sticks together...? or was that just a joke?

i doubt i would have the patience.

Anna said... was a joke....someone threw a match in for her...and voolah. That's how the fire came to be. lol

joel sczebel said...

i must not have been reading very closely...

then again, i have witnessed people make fire with sticks before... on tv.

delian said...

did you watch teh video?
It was some good times!

joel sczebel said...

i didn't watch the video.

i'll do that later.

Joy said...

sounds like fun.

Mattea K. said...

I really like the green color

Mattea K. said...

I really like the green color

Sherlock said...

That is funny. Though the video is a little bit like watching 3 silly girls trying to be cavemen... OH WAIT! that IS what the video is!! ;P

damaris said...

alright. i wasn't going to say this.

but that seriously makes me think of when i was 14/15. not to sound all old, cause i'm not. but we don't have time for stuff like that anymore.

have fun.

joel sczebel said...


dell said...

hahahah... you guys are old... admit it. lol. =D