Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How does one cut themselves on a toaster?

Um... for 1. If they are named Del,
2. If they are a girl
3. They are blonde
4. If they have a record for getting hurt for the most random reasons
5. Four was enough.
and I fall under all of those catagories.

At work today, I cut myself on the toaster... don't ask, I still don't know how its possible. Lauren got a kick out of it. As she did with a bunch of other things I did. She and Mike are the only ones (from work) that truly know how blonde I am, the plan is to keep it that way =D. hahahahaa. Oh well, we have blast.

So yeah, officially, I like Runaway Bride. I'm wearing a silk dress to Jess's wedding. I need work shoes. My hair is a poofy mess :(. My shoulders ache. I need to learn how to cook. Adam wants me to listen to some British band. I need a new Bible... as much as I hate to say that... I love my Bible. I've marked up so much stuff, and I know exactly how everything in it is. *sniff*.

Um... I have an update.



joel sczebel said...

if the british band is keane...

good melodies / terrible lyrics / terrible drums...

don't worry. people have cut themselves in far more dumb ways.

I, for example, was blending something... i think it was a smoothy.... and something was jammed in the blade. i took the blade (or whatever it is) out of the blender and set it on the counter, and started to look for what was messing up my smoothie. in the process of doing so i knocked the blade off the counter and although most people would let it fall, this genius decided to catch it. my cut needed seven stiches and there was a bit of pain involved, but the good story and the cool scar on my hand make up for them.

someone who walks on the moon said...

I cut myself. it hurts alot

damaris said...

that's not as bad as insane splinters...
while nannying, a long sliver of wood sliced INTO the joint of my right finger. no lie, straight in. i ignored it in the process of getting 3 little girls to my car. (we were at a park) while trying to buckle livi in i noticed 1.a generous amount of blood on my hand & 2. that i could't bend my finger an inth, as the splinter inhibited my joint.In God's mercy, there were random fire-fighters hanging out by my car; & by more of His grace I asked one if he'd mind trying to remove it so i could drive; as by this point my entire hand was shaking & the nerves were talking louder. {i won't go into details of extraction involving none-to-gentle hands & a blunt pair of tweezers digging a hole to find it...}

of course, this being me; less than 24 hrs later i was driving to NA. so next time you do something blonde, imagine me with a finger swollen 2x it's size stuck in a splint, answering questions with "i got a splinter".
talk about growing in humility.

joel sczebel said...

i had a splinter (we actually call them slivers in canada) in my foot that had to be surgically removed cause it was so big. but a firefighter didnt perform the surgury, so you've still got me beat dams.

Sherlock said...

Wow del your the first person who has cut themselves with a toaster in human history!

dams said...

i have you beat? now that's a first.

i would've preferred surgery had it been an option...there's nothing quite as confidence-inspiring as hearing somebody mutter about how they 'really need a knife or something' as they dig a hole in your hand...

{i feel like i'm in kindergarden and we're all around the playground comparing scars at recess...;) }

joel sczebel said...

good point.

damaris said...

you did't clarify which point was good.


sry. i am in that mood.