Monday, May 28, 2007


hahahahahaha. And I"m sure no one is gonna look at this now. lol.

Nothing much is going on... my brother just turned 3... :-O I know. hahahahahaha.

God has been good! He is continually growing me even though its hard... I've really been strugglign with the fact that I wasn't able to go to NA this year, but I am learning to be content with where God has me.

So, how's everyone else been doing? Let me know!! =D.



me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
me said...

whoa it deleted.
anyways, i was just saying.
dell, youre swell.

oh its kara, the sczebels friend by the way.

delian said...

Hey the Sczebels friend!! Kara ;-)
Glad to see that you have found my long lost blog... I had a hard time finding it. lol.

joy said...

I was just checking to see if you updated. Nice post.

joel sczebel said...

i didn't go to NA either.
too busy. oh well. next year.
by the way... the first comment was mine... but now its gone... i don't remember deleting it.

delian said...

if it makes you feel better I didn't delete it either... I just figured it was Kara since the first one was at 10:53 and hers was at 10:54... =D.
ps. Did you go last year to NA?

joel sczebel said...

i went last year, and it was amazing, but with the recording stuff that i'm doing right now i had no time this year.

Elizabeth said...

ya he did.

i can't go for a while.. i have to do the math... i am not sure.

someone who walks on the moon said...

pretty cool pic

mattea said...

so happy you updated! Gabriel is getting so big! And so is, kids grow up to fast sometimes.