Monday, April 09, 2007

Jess and Jesse are engaged!

PJ and Emily are courting!

Nicole is pregnant!

And I had an interview with Heavenly Cup on Friday and I think I got the job! (I'll find out either today, tomorrow, or the next tomorrow) =D.

The snow is gone... but yesterday, it was here. I wore a white dress to church for Easter (it was one I bought last year that was pretty expesive, but I fell in love with it). That was the first time I wore a dress to church in ages! Literally years. Got a couple of compliments, I just wished I had white flowers up in my hair, hahahaha.

Well, we were going to have Easter dinner at my nana and papa's but some of the kids were sorta sick, and I had this terrible headache (don't ask me were it came from, but I haven't had a headache like that in a long time). So I took a long nap, then we stayed up late, then I went to bed. =D.

I'm hoping it goes back up to like 70 this week, how nice would that be! Football, basketball, frisbee!! Ooohhh.

Well, I hope your breath doesn't smell as bad as mine!


joel sczebel said...

sounds like the weather where you are is similar to the weather over here in the west. last week we had snow on monday, and then it was 70 on friday. now it's cold, wet, and windy.

dell said...

Yeah, I'm waiting for the high of 75. =D.

dams said...

"we were talking together, i said what's up with this weather..."

sorry. that phrase always triggers the rk song.

it's cool, wet and breezy down here too. we had a 40 degree easter morning. it's still in the 50s/60s (sweetness) and raining. but we need it so i'm enjoying the winterness.(surprise, eh) since we didn't have it in winter.

way too many people are getting engaged. and married. and the ones that got married are now pregnant. it's like a disease...will i have any single friends in 2 years...


mattea said...

I still can't beleive that J2 are actually getting married...


we are getting so old!!

mattea said...


Andrew said...

no, actually I decieded not to on my own... I wasn't grounded.