Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is something I snagged from another young lady's post although I have added and taken out a few things! I hope you enjoy!
Dear Men,

Teacups. Treat women as if we are priceless and rare treasures. Treat us with gentility and care. Walk us to our cars. Offer us your chairs. Open doors for us. Guard our hearts. It is so refreshing for a young lady to have male friends who treat us like ladies and are making an effort to protect our tender hearts through Biblically based relationships. Encourage us in femininity! And please be patient if it takes us a little while to get used to chivalry--I still feel kind of bad when I accept a chair offered me by a young man, knowing he will now have to stand (nevertheless, thank you so much, I am truly humbled by all the times a man (any age) offers me his chair and has to stand...) It's not always easy for us to play the role of a Biblical women, so do what you can to make it easy for us! Initiate conversation with us (especially that of a Biblical nature)--that is a real blessing! You be the first to make the move, whether it be toward platonic friendship or marriage: we like that.

Small Things. The small things really matter to us. We love it when you notice our new haircut or shoes. Even something as simple as, "Did you get your hair cut?" lets us know that you care--and it's not too forward, either (as long as you don't mention something like that every time you see us... but we do enjoy it if guys notice our hair, clothes shoes... and if you don't like it... well, it's your pick whether or not to tell us (I think the closer the friendship the easier it is to tell the other that those shoes really do look awful hahaha.).
Be A Man. We like men to be exactly that: MEN! Serve us through leadership (we won't expect you to lead perfectly if you don't expect us to follow perfectly!). Try to fix things. Be strong (emotionally or physically) for us when we cannot. But at the same time, don't be afraid to cry. Take your God given role as a provider and protector seriously. Laugh with us, and make us laugh! Seek God with your whole being! Be an unquenchable worshipper!

Friends You have no idea how appreciated it is when you are only a friend to girls!!! Girls like it sooo much more then you trying to get their attention or ignoring them. Friends. Sweet and simple. Talk about things that are worth talking about... I am so encouraged when a guy initiates a conversation with a group of people (or even just a couple people) and we are able to discuss things worthwhile (mainly God, questions, Heaven, and ways we need to grow as friends).

Dear Girls,

Tincups. Don't expect men to be like us! They're not, it's a good thing even though we don't always believe that. Rejoice in their God given differences! Encourage them in masculinity and leadership. Let them try to fix your car's lights and radio--even if they break it further-- or trying to lead the caravan and they get lost...thank God for the care they are showing (By the way, thanks PJ, Jesse and Shwa)! Let them grunt loudly during the football game--or whatever odd little manly things they may do. Don't be offended if they don't show the same emotional ups and downs as we do--it doesn't mean they aren't affected. Let them be men.

Small Things. Girls, get it out of your head that the guy who complemented on your dress yesterday wants to walk down "The Aisle" with you. Enjoy the male friends you have...and remember, they're just friends. Someday a guy will probably pursue you, but why worry about it until that day comes? For now, enjoy singleness and the benefits of having Godly men as friends. Friends are wonderful. (Let's see how many times Savannah can use the word "friends" in a single paragraph!)
Be A Woman. Embrace femininity! Embrace your Biblical role as a woman! Why should we expect men to be gentlemen if we refuse to be ladies? Dress modestly. Be gentle in spirit. Laugh! Thank God that you are a woman fearfully made! Accept that offered chair. Smile and be grateful when that door is opened for you. Thank them when they offer to carry your books/bag/whatever, and then let them. Do what you can to make it easy for the men in your life to be men. The rewards are boundless!

Friends. BE FRIENDS... and if the guy is being your friend... DON'T TAKE IT AS ANYTHING ELSE! All guys in Christ are our brothers. Treat them with respect and friendliness. And be patient... let guys lead. If they want to talk to you and be friends, they will. Let the guys be leaders... don't take their position! Laugh... be serious... mature... think of them more highly then yourself (even if they are tincups, they still have precious hearts... make sure you ask yourself if you find that you're leading a guy on ''would I feel okay being at his wedding if he was marrying someone else? Would it be awkward?'')

To all of my friends here and Corning (and a few more!) I just wanted to let you know how blessed I am with you're example in this area. I can honestly say that the guys in our youthgroup and Cross culture excel at this, as do the girls! Thanks so much!!!!


beth said...

Delian, sorry this has nothing to do with your post, i just wanted to sincerely thank you for all your prayers for ian and his family... it's such a blessing!

joel sczebel said...

I wonder if anyone will dare to comment about the post......



Nope. not me.

I have nothing to add anyhow. It was good.

I think you might've taken some ideas from ricky, eh?

dell said...

idea... ricky... hmmm... yes! hahaha.

I've had a few people comment on my xanga about it... I think you guys are all hosers ;-). hahaha.

Well, I'm glad you thought it was good. lol. Nothing new I suppose. And I suppose you're already an expert on being a 'man' :-).

joel sczebel said...

hahahahahahaha. ///nice.

it's not true. not even close.

but you're right. nothing new, but lots to work on I guess. guys could be better at listening to what gals do tell them, and actually trying to change, rather than just going on in their dumb manly ways. ( I put myself in that group too...).


Amber said...

Bravo! Excellent post - very convicting. Whoever the author is did an amazing job. What an encouragement to all of us! By the way, I'm a friend of Dams, Als and Joe just in case you're wondering who on earth I am!

joel sczebel said...

oh good. someone else comments. thanks amber.

dell said...

well I sure was wondering!! hhehehe.. thanks for the comment! However, how on earth am I supposed to get to your site?

Mattea K. said...

yes very good post. Reminds me of the time at YC that we got to hear a messege on biblical masculinity...he he good times