Monday, October 23, 2006

My dear friend Anna! How I have watched you grow! How I have loved being your friend! How I pray for you every day!!! Anna, God has blessed you with so many things! Grace, beauty, creativity, writing, love for others, a love FOR HIM! CONTINUE to grow! I love you so much! Embrace what God would have for you, and don't ever take your eyes from the power of the cross. Don't look to this world, look to His love for you and desire Him! He loves you, A MILLION times more then I do... and I love you a lot!

My brother Jarred!!! You and me, best pals! You have grown soo much! You are much much taller then me, and in many ways I am sure, much more mature then me! You are becoming such a man of God it's so amazing! I love being around you, watching you grow watching you worship! God is going to do great things through you I believe through your example of humility and biblical masculinity! I love being your sister and I pray that God would keep you strong for every day you face! Thanks so much for being such a great big brother!!

Cass and Jesse, two of a kind! Two that serve faithfully and that have served in so many ways. Cassie... there isn't anyone I know besides my mom who is more beautiful then you! Your example and love for me has touched me in ways I cannot express (and hopefully will be able to do in a more precise way in Heaven). I love you, I love the time you have invested in me who truly does not deserve a friend like you! (Jesse, your actually kind of in here by default, this is one of my favorite pictures of Cass, so I decided to add you too Jesse to see God working in your life is truly amazing. To see your joy in serving behind the scenes shows just how much you is desire God first in your life! Your example of brotherly love to your sisters Tanya and Cass truly astounds me and has been an example to me of how I can pray for my own brother! You two are truly a HUGE blessing to this church and to me! Thanks so much for listening to God's call!

Tai!!! Hey, just to let you know, you rock my world! God has blessed you in so many ways that I can only pray that He will grow me in! Your patience, your continuing desire for growth, your love for God, your happiness and smile! I can't wait to see how much God's going to do through you... especially when you're a mom! Thanks so much for allowing me to be your friend even though I know I don't deserve it! I think God would just want to let you know that He loves you very much, He wouldn't let things happen if He wasn't thinking of you and for your good! Everything that happens to you... He's got it all figured out! AND GUESS WHAT!?!?! It's for your best!!!! OUR GOD IS SO AMAZING. I'm praying for you, He's working in you and He will continue to bring the work He began in you to completion until the day of Jesus Christ! Once again, thanks so much for letting me be your friend, I know I don't deserve it at all!
And to all you others... I'll get to you someday!
Our God is amazing and I love Him!

ps. okay, the other two pictures are not working, if you wish to see them, simply click here.

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