Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today will go down in history as the day that I beat Bethany Rawleigh at DDR!!!! YAY!! hahahaha. I won during the song 'Can't stop Loving' I think. somthing random like that. (It shall also be mentioned as a side note that I won several other times after that... but the first time is what really matters. lol).

Well, I went driving again today... someday this is gonna get old, but until then, i do really like learning how to drive. . Maybe when I grow up I'll be really good and actually know where the lights are! And when I accidentally turn on the windshield wipers, that I'll know how to turn them off. haha. (*quick thought* hope nobody makes fun of me for that, lol).

Sunday night we had a campfire with our caregroup and some caregroup wannabe's, hehe. It was such a great time! Alex Jarred and I were gonna do an Indian Tribal dance around the fire, but we never got around to it, someday though! We played football, my team won... techinically... hmm, yeah. But it was really neat, cause we were all there and it felt like we were family... all of us just chillin out, watching for shooting stars. talking about the future, toasting marshmellows, making fire!!! Telling jokes, and just enjoying one another's company! It was great!! Going down in history as one of the most memorable nights ever for Delian Jayce Cornfield!

Someday though, we are going to do an Indian Tribal dance around a fire!

Well, I've got to go work out tomorrow (early) then these two Corning wannabe's are coming to my house so i've got to clean it all up... hehe, I'm okay with that (MAYBE). So, off to bed I go!

Have a great night everyone. If you read this, I just prayed for you! May your thoughts be glorifying to God!


ps. La Abuela is now leaving our driveway. I hear her making funny noises... haha.


Nicole said...

Glad you had a great time Sunday night.

You'll get the whole driving thing down. When I first got my license I was PETRIFIED of pulling up to a gas station. I guess I thought I'd pull up out of control or something and ram right into a pump. Thankfully, that has yet to happen.

Enjoy your visitors! I miss being close to Philly! :)

Peace out.

Mattea K. said...

Who are your visitors?
Also just because we crashed your care group bonfire doesn't mean we want to be in your care group...
JK...I really do love you guys:o) And that sounded wierd if you know what I mean;-D.

And "technically" PJ's team/my team won. No hard feeling, Ay?

Delian said...

Dude, i was on PJ's team. the visitors are Core and Jared blake.

Andrew said...

Haha, I did that once. : )

damaris said...

well that was an interesting post.

ps. the slacks have moved. just so ya know.

or wait. they might be taking a vacation first...

gosh i don't know!