Thursday, July 13, 2006

Last night we had Y S.O.S (Youth Seeing Our Savior). It started out with scary stories of people having the dogs down the street chase their cars and Nicole had something happen to her car (i'm not exactly sure, but we have a big peice of their car in our van). Then we played Taboo (guys against girls). My team won ;-). Jarred then led us in worship (which was amazing!) We sang 'Haven't You Been Good' 'You Are My King' and 'Light Of The World' (one of my favoritest songs ever). Then group discussion! We read Chapter 11 for In Light Of Eternity... it was really tear wrenchign (I can't say sad really...). But it was about Randy Alcorn and a friend of his, Jerry, and how they grew up together and how they were inseperable, then Jerry got cancer and it was just a great story of how death isn't the end for our friendships but just an interruption... it was great. Anyhow, here are some of my notes. And we also talked about what we thought about our lives and what we'd be doing with our lives since in the chapter Randy talked about 'dreaming loftier dreams'.

In light of Eternity. Chapter 11.
He calls us to be apart of what He’s doing. To live lives according to His purposes. Passionately strive for that. Get a vision for God’s purposes in life. Our dreams should line up with His plan.
We can do anything honorable for the glory of God
Our hearts should burn for doing what God wants
It’s amazing… He wants to use our lives.
We need to dream loftier dreams. Our desires should glorify God. If we trust in God with our lives, we will bear fruit of growth.
“When I think of my life – what goes through my mind?”
No matter what we do in life, we can honor God with all we do.
Dream – whatever that looks like – connect it to and motivate it by the glory of God.
Serving Jesus is the greatest thing on earth.
What are we looking forward to about Heaven?
Friendships that go on forever… for us, death is only an interruption… in Heaven our friendships will last for eternity. We are brothers in an eternal sense.
Do I fear death? I can’t wait to see Jesus.

Then, everybody sang happy birthday for the July b-days (Mrs. Rawliegh, Beth, Jarred, Tiffany (Nicole's sister), and me). CAKE (actually, I just got icecream, chocolate!). Then we ran around looking at the Polczynski's house (which is incredible, Tai, you've spent the night here so next time it's at your house! ;-). Nicole talked about one time when Chris called from a bus station when they were on their way to Colorado and how he said there were gangsters there and that they were scared... it was funny (for us at least).

Then we talked about youth camp!!!! Oh I cannot wait! 20 days! Then we pretty much headed home. I was really tired and fell asleep then came home walked into the house, then downstairs to my room... then I went to sleep in my clothes (I was to tired to change into my pajamas).
THE END. Hope yall enjoyed!


joel sczebel said...

Wow. Sounds like you did an awful lot.

Tai said...

Yesssssss...YSOS at our house!!! Wooohoooo!

Yeah...I dispise that dog...and I am generally THE animal lover of all animal lovers!!!

Haha - yes Dell - next sleepover at my !

Mad fun...I just wish I could remember as much as you! We'll have to start remembering more now that the Woody boys are "hooked up" so we can share with them what's been going on - eh?!

Well, TTFN - Can't wait for Youth Camp!!! YAY!


BeckyJoie said...

I understand the too tired for pj thing. Last weekend on Friday was our youth lock-in (first ever). Not much sleep happened; In fact, I got none. LOL. Saturday afternoon at 2:30 the last kids left to go home and I slept-drove home and fell asleep until Sunday morning at 8 am. Uh, just in time to get ready for church. I think I stayed awake for the whole sermon, LOL.

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massacre said...

that ysos was preety kool i think

massacre said...

the cake taste preety good

Anonymous said...


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